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Steps you should follow when you are purchasing a motorcycle


Those who want to purchase a bike or thinking so, this article is for them. I am from my experience and from the experts advice, here I upholding some maintenance tips and some topics as well which I think will be helpful for you to find some answers of your questions as a new biker.

Before purchasing a motorcycle

1. Always try to choose the bike you like most, you better don't wait for the advice of the others or any opinion. This is pretty normal to have different 10 opinions from different 10 persons. Always try to follow your choice.

2. Now I am going to mention a advice that I have not done either by which I have burn in regression now. If you don't have your driving license before purchasing your bike, then you better apply for it at first. By this you will have your driving just after purchasing your bike and you don't have to face anything negative to use it.

3. Make a inquiry about the availability of the spare parts and also about the service of the servicing center.

In the time of purchasing a motorcycle

1. Purchase your bike from a reliable and well reputed showroom. Check out the bikes nut bolt, each of the parts and its condition, tyres condition when you made your decision on a bike. Make a test drive for better measurement. If you see anything negative then complain about this to the showroom.

2. Acknowledge the papers which need to make the number plate with required number of money. Usually this money's demand is different in the different showroom but this is generally available in the range of 1000-2000 taka. If you made the number from the showroom then they will add the money with the same receipt copy and if you want made the number plate then you have to submit that paper in BRTA (must keep a photocopy of it)

3. Acknowledge the papers of service manual, bikes manual and service token. They will not serve you in free if you don't have the service token. You will have 3-4 free servicing. Some people consider bikes manual very awful and later we are coming in details about this matter.

After purchasing a motorcycle

1. Now you are returning home with a new bike and your excitement is on the top to ride it and to show it to your friends. But a little carelessness can be harmful for you and your bike and this may make you suffer your whole lifetime. If you are living in the Dhaka or any other Metro cities then you better don't ride your bike whatever happens until you don't have number plate. Our law does not support any vehicle on the road which don't have the number plate. Police will take legal action against you if you caught in their hands with such vehicle same time, case will be available of don't having required papers. Their is a possibility of loosing your bike forever. By having all in your mind, you better wait till the papers in your hand. Generally, number is available in 1 month.

2. Complete the Insurance process. You can complete it by the engine number and chassis number. If you don't have the insurance then ready to count 2000 taka as punishment. 250-300 taka is enough to complete the insurance.

3. Read the whole manual of the bike. This will be helpful for you in a lot number and you will have answers of many questions even without asking. Tyre pressure, break in period, periodic maintenance, engine oil grade and so many things are on the user manual. Once you read the manual carefully, then you don't have to post or ask people for any little problem of your bike. This manual is often considered as the “Bible” of the bike.

4. Try to follow the break in period according to the manual. First half of the break in period try to ride your bike in 4500 RPM. Next half is maximum 6500 RPM. Never ride it rough in the break in period. Speed up slowly.

5. Change the engine oil very quickly in the new condition in the distance of 300 – 400 kilometers. As it is a bike, you can use Mineral or Synthetic engine oil on your wish. Most of the people suggest Mineral engine oil in the break in period as its price is lighter then the Synthetic engine oil. But there is nothing like you can not use synthetic engine oil in the break in period. You use use synthetic engine oil from the beginning. People suggest mineral because we have change it frequently in the break in period and synthetic engine oil is costly to do so. There is no specific rule to use only the mineral engine oil. I will change my system if I find anything like so.

6. When the break in period is over then slowly pick up the RPM in higher and you will feel the bike lighter and the real amaze of riding. Serve your bike according to the service manual. You can do it from the showroom or wherever you want to but check out the performance of your bike before and after servicing, it is OK or not. If you feel anything negative then let it know to the Engineer.

7. Don't ever open the engine head until you ride it 8000 kilometer if it not emergency. If the valve or tappet got loose then the engine will make a disturbing noise but there nothing to worry. New bikes engine means a new born baby. Its the same matter to operate the belly of its both. If you sense the sound is irritating, tolerate it until 8000 kilometer. You can expect that after 5000 – 6000 kilometer, sound will be fine and that is why, you never have to worry about this matter.

8. When the break in is over, change the engine oil timely. If you are using mineral then change it after 500 – 600 kilometer and if you are using synthetic then change it after 2000 kilometer. If you are shifting synthetic from mineral then the engine will be hot in first 500 – 600 kilometers just to adjust with the new one. It is better to change first synthetic oil in 1400 – 1500 kilometer. Always follow the engine oil grade as mentioned in the bike manual.

9. Gris in clutch cable, brake lever and gear lever. If you don't do so then these parts will be decay quickly and jammed.

10. Lube the chain regularly. You can lube with burned Mobil, gear oil, chain lube, stitch machine oil. Some are advice to not use burned Mobil as that is polluted but there nothing to harm to use burned Mobil. Me and others are using it frequently without any problem.

11. Clean the chain at least for once in a month. Kerosene is a well reputed chain cleaner. At first clean the whole chain with a dry cloth then use kerosene on it. Use brush to get better result. When it began to shine then use another dry cloth to wash then lube it.

12. Don't wash your bike more once in a month.

13. Keep the tyre pressure according to the manual book and check it out once or twice in a week.

14. the most important word is, if you want a healthy and good service from your bike then follow these steps. These are very bitter to listen and that is why many relation broke. You can understand what I am trying to say. Yes, you better understand. New bike expert/ a reliable person/ a good rider who understand, without these category people don't let your bike to ride anyone even not to your friends. Because they will not understand the value of your bike. They will ride it at their own will and damage it. Which you never expect actually? If your friend ask you for your to make a test ride? Don't let your bike to him if he is not an expert rider. By this, your friend will take you negatively and neglect you in the same time, but you know why you have done this. I hope you are understand what I Mean to say. This may damage your friendship but your bike will be safe and clean.

Today no more. I already have mentioned so many things in few words. If there is any mistake then please see it in forgiven eye. I am still learning.

Thank you.

Writer: Rakib Mahmud Ovee, Moderator, FI Club Bangladesh FCB.

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