What to do if motorcycle registration paper is lost? Bangla Version
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What to do if motorcycle registration paper is lost?


Riding motorcycle is very enjoyable to all and especially for the young age riders. For our daily needs we use motorcycles and it is very comfortable and affordable to almost everyone. But we must keep in mind that every motor vehicle must have registration number because of the rules and laws of the government system. That’s why motorcycle registration certificate is very important document for riding motorcycles on the roads. Somehow we lost our motorcycle registration paper riding bike without it will be illegal and rider can face problems. There are two steps to get the duplicate registration certificate and both are required for the riders and after completing those two, riders will get the duplicate registration document.
First step is to put on a GD (general diary) at the nearest police station and it is very important to do as early as possible. And the second step is, after making GD at the nearest police station owner must take that copy to that place of BRTA where the bike was registered, and at the same place owner must place an application to have the duplicate registration copy. Except the required office of BRTA, owner cannot submit an application.

Needed belongings for submitting the application for duplicate registration certificate:
To have a duplicate motorcycle registration documents rider must fill up all these papers and must have these belongings and they are-
- Duplicate registration form (completely filled up).
- Ownership from (completely filled up).
- Three passport size pictures of the owner.
- Money deposit form.
- GD (general dairy) copy.
- Traffic clearance copy.
- Tax token and real registration paper photocopy (if possible).

Process of submitting the application:
After the owner will gather all these papers and needed things given above, owner must fill those appropriately. Then the owner has to meet the BRTA officer who will mark the money deposit form and tell about the amount which must be deposited. After that the obligatory money deposited to the suggested bank owner must take the deposit slip. While deposit the money for duplicate registration owner must make sure there are no dues left such as fine or installments. Generally this type of situation takes places for those who used bikes without digital number plates. So if there is any dues left owner must pay them and mark those perfectly at the deposit form. After the payment clearance, traffic clearance is most needed. Suggested traffic office will only give the clearance when that bike will be free from traffic case. After the owner get the traffic clearance he need to take all the papers (GD copy, passport size photos, Bank deposit slip) to BRTA office and submit them.

At last when the papers will be submitted accurately owner job is done. After a certain time BRTA authority will give a message on the provided mobile number of the bike owner and they will inform the next instructions for the registration copy.
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