Counter Steering
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Counter Steering

Counter SteeringIts an excellent tricks to turn your bike quickly. You have to push your bike opposite then where you actually want to take your bike. This is may listen to to odd but you already have performed this many time in your ride if you are a regular biker, its a starting of the process to lean your bike. When you push your bike to the wrong side, this will start the moving and you have use this movement to take your bike on the way you want. This process you only can apply when your bike is in heavy speed. Same time, its a matter of heavy practice and you have to gain experience of riding bike in heavy speed.

One thing you have to keep in your mind always, if you are not an experience rider but you are trying to counter steering then you are going to fall in a death danger. That's why you better practice at first then you can think about the “Counter steering”

Actually counter steering performed to lean the bike perfectly on the heavy speed. If you fail to lean the bike then you never can turn your bike in heavy speed. Here is some discussion about the counter steering in short by which you will have some tips to practice:

At first, relax yourself and hold the handle in relax mood. Your hand have to be parallel according to the road. Never push your handle to the downside to the road. If you do so then you are fighting with your bike.

Secondly, why because you cannot hold your handlebar tightly, that's why you better hold the fuel tank with your knee but don't hold death hard. You just have keep yourself cool on the bike, you also can hold the footrest if you think necessary.

Third rules is, once you have started the process of counter steering then you cannot do anything that's why think before you started your process. Avoid to break your bike while you are thinking about counter steering instead of this, you can apply “delayed apex strategy”

if you want to turn your bike quickly the you must lean your bike. Remember, turn is a part of circle. Once you have entered in the circle with the heavy speed you must have to follow centrifugal and centripetal forces. And for all of these reason you have to lean your bike. But you have to perform it with perfect hand. Four wheeler vehicle also lean with the necessary angle but it made with the system by which driver don't have to feel hesitate as a new biker have to.

If you think you don't have learn counter steering then you are living in a world of fool. Why because, you can turn your bike easily by moving your body with according to the turn of bike. But when you are in the heavy speed what you are going to do?

You must have to follow the rule of the counter steering, yes your body movement is going to help you when you are turning you r bike in the normal speed but in the speed you can't do with the 250kg bike. All these thing you have to perform very keenly.

Just remember, never try to do anything about counter steering unless you don't have any experience of riding bike in heavy speed.

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