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Reason behind Hard Gear Shifting in bikes


Reason behind Hard Gear Shifting in bikes


Clutch, Brake, Gear, Accelerator etc. are some of the important things in riding a bike, and through all these the bike is run, and only if these all give good service then we feel comfortable riding the bike, if any of them have problems. Our riding experience is not good, today we will discuss the causes of gear stiffness in your bike and how to solve it.
First of all it can be in case of new bike because its engine is not free and smooth in the first state and is a bit rough and jammed, so every part of it rubs against each other slowly it becomes smooth and free, so in the case of new bike in the first state It is normal if the gear shifting is hard, it gets fixed with time.

*The gear shifter is in direct contact with the engine oil, because the gear is smooth and hard due to the lubrication of the engine oil, so the type of engine oil you are using is very important in this case, i.e. if you are using mineral type engine oil, synthetic or semi -Get harder gear shifting than synthetic, and better gear shifting on synthetic or semi-synthetic.

*Low or high quantity of engine oil plays a big role in this case, because low or high engine oil is not good for the engine, it can cause various engine problems like engine overheating, increased friction and hard gear shifting, Etc. So definitely use the prescribed amount of engine oil in the bike, and check its amount regularly.

*Besides, this can happen due to not servicing the bike for a long time, i.e. not doing regular maintenance and parts replacement of the bike, as a solution, the bike should be serviced and all the necessary parts should be changed.

*Also, the gear shifting of some brands or some models of bikes is tough in manufacturing, in case of these bikes, if you follow all the above rules, you will get a little bit better gear shifting from the bike, but it will not be solved completely, i.e. this problem will remain to some extent.

This was the reason for bike gear shifting hard and its solution, hope you like it, and stay with us for any bike and bike related information, thanks.

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