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Attitude of a real biker


In the 19th century revolutionary change took place in transportation. That invention has become one of the main medium of transport in recent time. Yes dear friends I am talking about Motorcycle, two wheelers vehicles, is popular all around the world due to have stylish look, easy mobility as well as also carry the symbol of freedom. To a group of people motorcycle has become necessity at the same time a certain group made riding as a passion and medium of entertainment. They go for long ride inside and outside the country as well as make heart thrilling effort known as stunt show. Bikers believe “Four wheels drive the body but two wheels move the Soul”. That much emotion sometimes made bikers villain to the society.

This disapproval has been going on since the biker grouped formed in the year 1947 after Second World War. A group of young boys got back from destructive War was looking for some excitement in their life. They were young, had in most cases recently escaped not just a few brushes with death, and felt invincible in the face of danger. They traveled about on two wheels looking for a good time, perhaps looking for a way to bury bad memories, often at the bottom of a bottle. Ones they arranged a small motorcycle rally in a small town rally but became a very big motorcycle rally in a small town. A large alcoholic group spoils the rally and next day print media made headline and state bikers as hooligan to the world.

Time has changed now people know the importance of motorcycle but still as biker we need to be more aware to our attitude. As a citizen of a nation it is our duty to follow the rules and regulation of roads and highways. There are some certain aspect a biker should follow for the betterment of own shelf as well as others of the society. Some of the important matters that a biker must follow to maintain positive attitude is given below.


Safety features
“Safety always comes first” is an ever green sentence for not only the bikers but all. In on average our motorcycle always remains near about 60 to 70 KMPH which is good enough to make serious injury in any short of imbalance. Therefore, rider should ware helmet and shoes. Moreover, it would be better to have hand gloves, knee and elbow protector.

According to the founder of "Dui Chakay Bangladesh" Saleh Ahmed “A biker has to be patriot and a countryman always think about others safety. Therefore, try to convince others to follow the right way as well as a real bike cannot lock the necessary documents at home”.


Rules and regulations
To make the roads and highways safe certain rules and regulation have made by the government. According to the policy laws do differ country to country but motive is same make the path safe and secured for the user. In our country, it is obligatory to have driving license, motorcycle registration paper as well as up to date insurance paper in the time of ride. Moreover, there are several in roads rules need to follow such as road light indication, road side instruction as well as road line and road crossing rules. Matter of concern is that, tendency of breaking rules is very much common among the riders nowadays. As a result number of accidents is increasing day by day. To be safe and made other safe should drive by obeying traffic rules.

One of the renowned motorcycles riding couple Mr. and Mrs. Chowdhury said “A real biker should have proper motorcycle documents which is responsibility as a citizen. They also mention strongly, those biker always speak about speed, actually they are not biker but racer. Real biker speed should not cross 70 KMPH and never make U turn at anywhere of the roads.”


Brother Hood
It is obvious that you may face problem in your journey same as others. As bikers it is our responsibility to help other bikers according to our abilities and try to take him or her out of difficulties. In order to help other need to be conscious because some of miscreants using bike as a medium of criminal activities. In our country there are numerous motorcycle groups are available which give idea about the bond among the bikers.

Founder of "The Survivor" group Md. Rezaul Karim Sabuz said “First of all bikers have to be a good human being. He should go forward to help others biker in critical situation. Most importantly need to think about the welfare of the society first then group and individual. It would be better to work together for the betterment of the community rather than playing blame game in the name of price, brand and cc.”


Long ride
Nowadays, long ride has become fashion to the bikers. They not only riding with the country but also crossing the border occasionally. To make a long ride successful basically depend on preparation as well as instant problem solving ability. Though we can’t say what will happen and what to do but it might help you. In the case of inside the country biker need to dress up properly, installed luggage racks on bike, pack smartly try to avoid unusual stuffs and ride up to comfortable distance in a period.

In order to travel outside the country check following link to get better idea Click Here

According to Shadiqullah June, one of the experienced long riders of Bangladesh said “Before making any tour preparation is very important. Along with necessary motorbike stuffs it is better to service the bike 2 or 3 days before stating day. Moreover should carry obligatory documents and respect the culture and people of that place where you are going because you are not introducing only yourself but also branding your society you country”.


Motorcycle Stunt
Stunt, this word is very much attractive to the riders especially to the young. In our country, there are several stunt groups are performing professionally as well as occasionally. This heart thrilling game could be dangerous for the rider as well as spectator. In general, stunt is not warmly welcome in our country people always think negative. Therefore stunt biker should maintain certain matter. First of all safety gears, it will keep the biker safe in the case unexpected moment. Secondly time and place of stunt is very important to make the event successful without making any troubles to society people. Besides should carry necessary paper as well as follow the traffic rules properly.
A founder member of "rAjShAhI sTuNt rIdErZ" M.A. Hanif Xisan said “Along with good practice need to have proper gears to be safe. Besides, should follow traffic rules and maintain proper documents. Above all have to be well behaving and good human being.”

Biker is not a single word, it represent a group of people. Therefore motorcycle rider must have positive attitude. So that everyone explain biker as “BUDDY IS KNOWN AS EFFICENT RIDER”.
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