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Motorcycle Riding Safety Gears

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Motorcycle Riding Safety Gears

Motorcycle is the symbol of styli to the young generation. Along with furious speed it gives the freedom to the rides but safety is an issue of concern. Country like Bangladesh, where people have to go through cruel summer and winter season as well as road condition is not good, is difficult to ride smoothly. Day by day motor bike riders are increasing and some of them are making long journey. Recently, young bikers are showing interest to the stunt which may look cool but at the same time injurious too. All the rider need to be conscious about the safety. Today we will discuss about the safety gears and there necessity.

Helmet: Most reliable and essential safety gear for the riders is Helmet. Ride without helmet is not only risky but also illegal. Every bike riders should wear helmet before staring the engine. There are several types of helmet are available with different features such as half helmet, full face helmet, open face helmet etc.

Types of motorcycle helmets

Eyewear:Full face helmet may be good enough to protect our eye but in the case of half helmet or open face helpmate, where visor is not given, you got be careful about the protection. Sunglass or goggles can be use as eye protector. It keeps our eye safe from harmful sunray and dust as well as gives stylish look.

Jacket and vest: Stylish jacket made of leather and fabrics can be very useful during summer and winter to protect you from cruel hot and cold. One the other hand vast is a jacket but without hand. Vast is made of lightning materials so that others rider can be seen easily for long way. Both of them are works as important safety gear.

Gloves: Driving during winter cannot imagine without gloves. It protects our hand from cold as well as provides better control. Generally gloves are made of foam, cloth and leather.

Pants:Special types of pants are made for the bike rider. It does provide protection from harmful injury of ours lower part of body.

Footwear: Doing stunt and race cannot be proper without having quality footwear. Unlike ordinary design boot and shoes stunt and racing shoes are made of extra bit of protection and safety features. You always need quality footwear.

Rainwear: In rainy season, rider should use rain coat with head cover. Moreover, special type of footwear, gloves and pants are available to use.

Coldwear: As a bike rider you need to have good protection of your body during winter. In this season, along with cold wind rain may come. So protect the body must use jacket, gloves, goggles and footwear as well as you may found several head wear such as neck tube, mask etc even you can use breath box.

Protective gears: All the above mentions gears are known for general safety gears. Besides regular safety gears some protection gears are available such as Chest Armor, Back Protectors, Elbow Armor, Shoulder Armor, Knee Armor, Hip Armor, Reflective vests etc. All of these gears are used for making safe ride in dangerous road or race as well as doing stunt.

Race suits: This suit is specially made for the bike racer. Along with comfort, stylish look and flexibility emphasis have given to the safety features. This type of suits are basically made of leather and given extra bit of protection at the key part.

Safety always comes fast whether you are riding at a normal speed or in racing track. Use safety gears and make your rid safe and joyful.


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