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Sports Motorcycles

Different type, or style of motorcycles are available in our local markets, but how we know, which one is named what? Now problem! Team motorcycle valley has brought to you the different bike style categories. In general, we have Café racer, Dirt, Sports, Moped, scooter, cruiser bikes available. In this page you will find all the Sports available in our local market from different brands.

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Sports Motorcycles

These days modernity has touched all the sectors of the world and at the transportation system new era has started. Different vehicles made our life easier and our transportation smoother. Motorcycles are one of the greatest creations of modern technology. There are different types of bikes which helps our society to have better transportation. Among several categories Sports category motorcycles are one of the most demand full categories all over the world. People purchase these bikes for racing, for passion and to cope up with modernity.

A sports bike is a motorcycle specially made with speed, fast acceleration, braking, and great cornering on smooth roads. Usually these motorcycles are at high in cost of fuel economy and less comfort by comparison with other motorcycles. Because of the body structure it is known for better road grip, braking and handling but fuel economy and comfort are missing. There are certain design elements that most motorcycles of this type contain. First things first sports bikes are mainly build with light weighted than it looks along with powerful engine which can produce speed with in a flash. Body design and the color combination of sports bikes are very glossy and eye-catching. Comparatively high performance engines exist inside a lightweight frame of almost every sports bike. Outstanding braking and because of short wheelbase great cornering ability is one of the main attractive features of sports bike. Because of higher performance brake pads, Disc brakes and multi-piston calipers that compress onto extra-large vented rotors braking performance of sports bikes are enjoyable and very effective. Suspension systems are highly developed in conditions for increased constancy and durability. Most sport bikes have fairings (extra Shell) often completely attached with the engine for the protection and to give the bike style, and effective windscreens that draw away the air at very high speeds, or at least reduce overall air flow from the front for better riding.

Depending on engine displacement, horsepower, prices and planned use sports bikes are usually divided into three, four, or five rough categories. But commonly used types of sports bikes are, light weight, middle weight and superbike.

Light weighted sports bikes are within displacement of 500cc. These bikes are also called entry level, small or beginner bike. Sometimes few two stokes engine bikes within 500cc can give better performance than four stokes and those are in this category.

Middle weighted sports bikes are within displacement of 600.750cc. Midsized, Mid-Level and super sports are the other names of this category bikes. Because of the build quality these bikes are comfortable enough for both roads and racing tracks.

Super bike is also known as liter bike. It is a motorcycle with an engine displacement of 1000cc. Motorcycles with 1000 cc engines are typically fast and due to their engine size they are occasionally called liter bikes. These bikes are constructed with pure racing DNA inside them. Durability, wide tires than the others, enhanced power is the main facilities which make the differences.

Few variations are also there for sports bikes like race replicas, naked bikes or streetfighters, muscle bikes etc.