Oil Tips

What is engine flash and how to do it?

Engine has to clean it self by regular maintenance of engine oil, just like oil draining and other things, but in some reason people don’t care about this things and some people use oils more than its drain period and also using local / low quality engine oil can also make trash in engine, the...

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Point where engine oil can be leaked

Engine oil is a necessary thing for a bike and it increase the engine life and lubricate the engine parts, and the engine cover is connected to each other with a gas kit, if engine oil is leaked from a certain part of engine then it might cause a major issue, because your engine oil capacity wil...

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Why Engine oil Grading is Important?

Once upon a time, bike user in Bangladesh was not that much conscious about using engine oil. That is to say, which engine oil or which grade of engine oil should be used and which grade of oil should not be used users would not bother much. From the perspective of Bangladesh still, now users ar...

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Side effect of less or more engine oil in your bike

Engine oil is a necessary and important thing for a bike, and the right quantity of engine oil is needed for all bikes, the amount is decided by the manufacturer, which decides the quantity by many research and development, also the right quantity means that the bike will perform its best, smoot...

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Why We Get Less Engine Oil While Draining

Engine oil is a necessary and very important thing for a bike, It lubricates the entire parts if engine and makes our ride comfortable and smooth, but filling with less or more than oil capacity of oil is harmful for engine, because it effects on the engine and also performance get down after a ...

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When To Change Break Fluid

Brake fluid is one of the necessary Lubricant of bike and it is very important for our ride, but most of us didn’t know the right usage of brake fluid, most of us never change this himself, as a result our breaking performance get down and it can cause major accident, so we should aware about ...

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Uses Of Fork Oil And Its Details

Fork oil is one of the basic necessary lubricants for motorcycle, which is mandatory for a motorcycle shock absorber which helps a bike in off-road riding; normally most of the people don’t have that much knowledge about it, they change the fork oil whenever the fork oil seal is being damage o...

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Point To Keep Mind While Buy A Engine Oil

Many of us buy engine oil by the suggestion of our mechanic, and sometimes even they also don’t know which engine oil is better and which grade engine oil is recommended by the bike manufacturer, they suggest us their favorite brand also sometimes don’t mention the grade of the engine oil, i...

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Chain Lube Or Gear Oil? Which One Is Better

Just like engine, there are some other parts in our bike which needs to lubricate itself, like fork, bearings and drive chain which is one of the major important parts for our bikes, it has a role in term of bikes performance, so we should maintain drive chain properly and lubricate it once in a...

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Uses Of Synthetic Oil In Commuter Bike

A commuter bike is called where we get a good mileage and low maintenance cost from the bike and its pocket friendly also. Normally commuter bike is a lower cc bike which is comfortable to ride, that we can complete our daily basis work with this bike. Now there is some question according to thi...

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Detail About Engine Oil Filter

Just like engine oil, oil filter is also a necessary maintenance for a bike. It filtered dust and dirt which comes out from the old engine oil and the engine. Today we are going to discuss about engine oil filter and its usage. • Now a day’s most of the company bikes has oil filter in ...

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Drain Period Of Engine Oil During Long Tour

Long tour in bike is a trending topic now a day, many of us loves touring with bikes on often time. But we need to maintain some rules during long tour, need a break after a certain period of ride, because engine oil viscosity doesn’t stands same at all temperature, oil gets thinner when it ...

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Uses of Engine Oil During Break-In-Period

Break-in-period is maintenance of some rules for a new bike during a certain kilometer. You have to maintain a RPM and speed limit during this period do not ride with pillion and don’t rev over 4000 RPM. But there is also maintenance for engine oil also. Today we will discuss about use of eng...

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About Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Semi synthetic engine oil is a balance of mineral and synthetic engine oil where 70% is mineral and 30% is synthetic oil. It performs better than minerals and lasts long but slightly less than synthetic engine oil, costs less than synthetic and little more than mineral. • Affordable to an...

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How To Change Engine oil At Home

Engine oil is a very important and necessary element for a bike, on a daily basis we had to change engine oil. Most of us change it to a service center or a mechanic, but in some situations, we couldn't go for a mechanic or a service center. Today we are going to discuss how to change engine oil...

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Best Engine Oil Grade For Summer

Bangladesh is a warm weather country where summer stands for 7 months, so there are some rules for using engine oil, so that your bike provides better performance. • Engine oil grade is named by 4 digit number including a W between them. For an example: 10W40, 10W30, 20W50, and W stand...

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When To Change Bike Engine Oil

To prolong engine life and ensure more efficiency, engine or lubricant plays vital role. There causes a fraction inside of an engine and due to that, little molecules of engine parts get decayed. To prevent this loss and prolong engine efficiency, bike needs engine oil. Not only that, engine oil a...

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