Chain Lube Or Gear Oil? Which One Is Better


Chain Lube Or Gear Oil? Which One Is Better

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Just like engine, there are some other parts in our bike which needs to lubricate itself, like fork, bearings and drive chain which is one of the major important parts for our bikes, it has a role in term of bikes performance, so we should maintain drive chain properly and lubricate it once in a week, though there is no specific lubricate for chain but many of us use drained engine oil, the extra engine oil after use, some of us use gear oil which is also recommended by some local mechanics, but lubricant manufacturer has made a lubricant which is specific for drive chain. Today we will discuss about which is better for chain, chain lube or gear oil?

Chain lube:

• Chain lube is specifically made for chain use only and its manufacturing by the lubricant companies.
• It’s much effective for chain use and it is a costly product for chain maintenance.
• It is a thin lube and that’s why easy to mix with chain and lubricate properly.
• There is no issue of lube spread away from the chain, so it lasts long.
• Chain lube keeps the chain clean from dust and dart and also it’s anti-rust.
• Enhanced chain work life, performance and makes chain less friction.
• Suitable for sports and premium bikes also can be uses in kind of bikes but then there will be much cost for a commuter bike maintenance, that’s why its recommended for sports bike use.

Gear Oil:

• It’s not a specific lubricant for chain, it made for those vehicles which need different lubricant for engine and gear box.
• It works well also price is much less than chain lube and it keeps the chain work smoothly that’s why mechanics recommends gear oil for use in chain.
• It has verities of grade you can choose it by your usage, but it’s thicker than chain lube just like engine oil.
• There is an issue of spread out from the chain to other body parts and it’s much effective for commuter bikes which have a chain guard to protect itself from dust.
• It also keeps away from friction and rust, as an oily texture there will be no rusting, also chain performs well in long run.
• As compare to chain lube it didn’t lasts that much long but you can use once a week which is good enough.
• Much suitable for commuter bikes but also can be uses in sports and premium bikes but then there will be a spread out issue.

So that was our recommendation about chain lube and gear oil, we mention all the facts about this now it’s your decision to use one, keep the chain clean before you lube chain, it will be a good decision to use chain lube in premium sports and use gear oil in commuter bikes.
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