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Yamaha Fazer Vs Suzuki Gixxer SF


Yamaha Fazer Vs Suzuki Gixxer SF

At the motorcycle market two big names will be found as a brand. And they are Yamaha and Suzuki. These two Japanese motorcycle companies produce high class motorcycles for the bike riders. There are different categories and segments of motorcycles which these two company offers to the local market. For Bangladeshi motorcycle lovers they also imports stylish and configured motorcycles. Among those Yamaha Fazer and Suzuki Gixxer SF. Both these motorcycles from different companies are made with sporty outlooks and good features. But sometimes riders became confused about these to motorbike, because they can’t decide which one is better to use. Actually it depends on the rider’s choice but sometimes it also depends on the motorbikes features. Now from bellow the   line let’s compare their features from different sides which will be helpful for the riders to decide which is good for use.

Looks and dimension: Outlooks and good dimensions are very important to attract the riders and at this side both these motorcycles are built with perfectness. Both Suzuki Gixxer SF and Yamaha Fazer are made with attractive decent land sporty outlooks which can satisfy a rider as a 150cc motorcycle. Some people like Gixxer SF more than Fazer because it is sportier than Fazer at the outlooks. At the dimension there are some differences between these motorcycles. Yamaha Fazer has a dimension of 1,975mm length, 770mm width, and 1,045mm height. It has a ground clearance of 160mm and a god wheelbase of 1,335mm. The kerb weight of this stylish bike is about 140 KG. On the other side dimension of Gixxer SF are 2050mm length, 785mm width, and 1085 height. At the wheel base, ground clearance and kerb weight. Both these bikes are the same.

Engine side: Engine side is one of the most important side o every vehicle. At this side these two Japanese companies does not makes any mistakes with their product. Yamaha Fazer contains a engine of Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve153cc engine. This engine can create a max power of 14PS / 7500 rpm and 14 Nm / 6000 rpm max torque. Without these the other features of the engine are also well made. With this type of engine rider can reach a top speed of 140 KM/H (approximate) and it will give mileage of 35 KM/L (approximate). On the other side Gixxer SF is built up with 154.9cc 4 -Stroke,1-Cylinder, Air cooled engine this engine can produce 14.6 BHP @ 8000 rpm max power and 14 NM @ 6000 rpm max torque, which are almost same as Fazer so the performance will be almost alike. This engine will give a top speed of 130 KM/H and the mileage of this bike is better than Fazer and that is 47 KM/L. so at the engine side both are well featured but Fazer is one step ahead.

Brakes and suspension: These two things are the safety gears of a vehicle so it has to be good. And both these motorcycles contain good braking and suspensions. At the braking both these motorcycles contains the combination of Disc and Drum braking system which is perfect for our country road. Because of wide tires Fazer produce good grip with the roads that’s why it’s braking system is very good. At the suspensions Yamaha Fazer has Telescopic suspension at the front and Swing arm, Monosock suspension at the rear side. On the other hand Gixxer SF has Telescopic suspension at the front and Mono Suspension. 7-step adjustable suspension at the rear side. This suspension will give a more comfortable journey than Fazer.

So at last we can say both these bikes are well configured. Some side of Yamaha Fazer is good and some side of Gixxer SF is good. So now it is up to the riders to choose which is better for them.

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