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Honda CB Shine 125 user review by Muntaj Ali
2018-06-19 Views: 3047
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Honda CB Shine 125 user review by Muntaj Ali


Those who live in the village or in the rural parts, it becomes hard for them to communicate easily why road transport in those areas are not like the urban parts. This imbalance force me to think about a bike of my own by which I can ignore the matter of road transport whatever the road condition is. It was very tough for me to choose the right one that go with me from all the sides including look, price,durability, match with the difficult conditions and so on. In a word, I was in a serious trouble when I made my decision to have a bike. Right then, my cousin advice me to choose “Honda Shine” and by the first look, this bike got my attention very closely and I can't help but to go with this one.

My name is MD. Muntaj Ali and currently I am using “Honda Shine”. It is better to mention that professionally I am a businessman. This bike support me mostly to manage my business properly. Before purchasing this one, I have visited so many showroom near by me but non of them can attract me as this one. I just made my decision to have it by only a look and from the last 2 years I have been using this one. I think this motorcycle is going to suit with all class of bikers.

Its look is really nice but I choose this one considering its design at first. I learned to ride bike just after purchasing my bike and it does not take long time. But I fall on the ground twice when I was in the learning period. But I could not notice any damage in my bike. Then I come to realize the strong build quality of my bike and the plastics over it. Same time, I have measured the power of the Engine of my bike why because I can't sense any problem even with 2 pillions with me. Meanwhile, I can't feel any major problem in the Engine so far even the sound is pretty smooth and clear. It does not become over heat even after long ride. To make the whole thing in a word, Engine performance is really good.


To be frank about the matter of choosing this one? Mileage was also in the top when I decide to have this one. I am happy to uphold the matter that I am pretty happy from this matter that my bike serving the exact mileage even now which was informed me from the showroom when I am to purchase this bike. I am happy because the company keep their words even after 2 years.

As because the seating position of this bike is pretty good and for this reason, I never feel any irritation to ride this bike even with 2 pillions. I don't even feel any tiredness to hold on the handlebar from the seating position. I often travel Puthia, Rajshahi – Bogura for my business purpose and this is the longest ride of me in a day, probably 80 kilometer. I don't feel any irritation while traveling such distance. I have picked the high speed of 90 kilometer per hour on the highway. In this part, I felt irritation in my hands while over 80 kilometer per hour. As I have to travel in the night very often and I sensed that its headlamp light is powerful enough to have the clear view of the front. Light was damaged once and I served it from the local mechanic. Switches on the handlebar are so beautiful and those never put me in any type of trouble. I have to go over in difficult conditions when I am on the local roads of my area and from this point of view, I think there is a problem in the performance of the suspensions. But I think this is not a serious matter and I am happy with my bike. I can control my bike anytime whatever the situation is. But chain set often emerge irritating noise.

As my bike fall while I was trying ride bike, it dropping mobil from a side. I took my bike to the servicing center and they serve me immediately then no problem till now. I have took a look of the whole servicing center and they are quite good in their working even the environment of there is really special.

Same time, I past some time to watch their other woks and so far I can measure them, they are really good their working and well adapted.

One thing is hurt me badly and it is its price which in my view is very high from the current bike market. I think its price could be less as a 125cc bike. One of my friend purchase the same bike with my advice and he claims the same complain of this one. I think company would have better selling rate if they re consider the price.

Good sides:
- Design is very nice
- Mileage is fine enough
- Engine performance is good enough
- Break system is really charming
- No problem to use the switches
- Seating position is pretty comfortable

Negative sides:
- Price is high
- Suspensions are not up to the mark
- Bad noise from the chain set

At the last I want to say that, the whole description is just enough for you to make the final choice. You can guess easily what is the actual quality of “Honda Shine – 125cc”.
Thanks to all.

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