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Yamaha R15 v3 Thailand Version SM Yeasir Arafat
2018-07-12 Views: 765
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Yamaha R15 v3 Thailand Version SM Yeasir Arafat


My name is S.M. Yeasir Arafat and I live in Maria Khorkhori, Rajshahi. I am done with my education life and now I do outsourcing for my livelihood. In my life motorcycle is another name of love, because of that reason I always have a passion over biking and I also like to watch bike riding. One day I decided to learn bike riding and using a Bajaj 150cc bike I have learned bike riding. After that I purchased my first very own motorcycle named Hero Honda Hunk V2. I always hold a dream to have a racing type motorcycle. So using Hunk for a while I decided to change this bike and bring in a sports bike. After searching for many days I liked Aprillia RS 4 and it also looks like a racing bike. But the problem was there are no showrooms or authorized dealers of this bike in our country. However I came to know that Hafsa Mart placed in Dhaka has these bikes but they are not authorized so changed my mind and decided to go for other bike. Because if any bad incidents occurs than I am not getting the body parts or I have to order them and it will took long time.

My second choice was Yamaha R15 V3 and I made my mind to own it. Another problem rose that time because that bike wasn’t launched on that time in our country. But at this time Hafsa Mart helped me because they had the dealership so I can buy that bike from there. One of the main reasons behind having this bike was my elder brother likes R15 series so much and he always wanted to have this bike. So without wasting any time I bought this bike. But Hafsa Mart didn’t provide me the papers of my bike, they told me that they will deliver the papers as soon as possible but they didn’t. After requesting them for many times they provided. So I will recommend buying bikes from their authorized showrooms not from the dealers or any other personal importers. Now let us com to the real story. No big reason was there to buy this bike as I said only one was their but I need a stylish and user-friendly vehicle for my transportation because my home was little bit far from Rajshahi city and I have to visit the city almost every day. Along with that as I said this bike is for my passion and my big brothers choice. Four months passed away with my R15 V3 and I have completed around six thousand kilometers ride with this bike.


Now I want to start talking about the performance of this bike and I will start with the engine. In one word this bike holds an excellent engine, after riding for a long time it doesn’t get over heated or any kind of bad noise is found. Excellent power and acceleration is also offered from this engine.

Design: Nothing to say about the design I because I am speechless I have no complaints with the design it is more than perfect. Overall looks, body kits and plastics all are most alike a racing bike. It really revs my heart. Not only that the body parts are very strong as well, because one day I have an accident and the bike was fallen badly but not damage was found accept few scratches.

I think the riding seat and the pillion seat both are standard but not that much comfortable because they are harder. I don’t like them personally. Another problem is the set height, it is higher and I cannot touch my both feet properly at the ground and I think it is not also perfect for all kind of riders. After I bought this bike from Dhaka I couldn’t find a way to parcel this bike from their because of some problems, so I decided to drive my way. I filled up the tanker and started to ride from Dhaka. After riding this kind of path I didn’t feel tired or any kind of back or wrist pain was found. I have found 135 KM/H speed till now and I can guarantee it will be more if I try. One thing is good about this bike is no shaking or any problems were seen on this kind of speed. Electrical switches of this bike are very comfortable to use and they are also very good looking. Talking about the electrical I must say the headlamp power is good but not enough for the highways riding especially at the night time. I think it could be better. In one day I traveled for almost 275 Kilometers and I am satisfied with that journey, no complaints. This bike contains excellent braking system and tyre gripping only once the tyres skidded but I never faced any problem with these two sides of my bike. Talking about the suspensions I must admire these are perfect for city roads and I can have excellent cornering experiences because of them but at the off type of roads I feel shaking a little bit.

The way this bike is performing for me I think the price of it is perfect and I am satisfied. But few think I disliked about this bike and I have already said about them, such as the riding seat is harder, headlamp might contain more power, right looking glass is not that much effective etc.

I would like to request and suggest the manufacturing company to solve this kind of problem from this excellent bike. And most importantly please make the body parts always available around the whole country because if any problem occurs then I can fix them anywhere, like the body kits or plastics or other technical parts. One thing I want personally in this bike and that is GPS tracker so we the riders can prevent bike theft.
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