Mileage of Popular 150cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh Motorbike review. Motorcycle Bangladesh

Mileage of Popular 150cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh
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Mileage of Popular 150cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh

Bajaj PulsarAt present world different types of vehicles are existing for better and faster communication. For this reason vehicles have become a part of our daily life. Surrounded by these vehicles two wheeler vehicles or motorbikes are at the top of the list. Nowadays in Bangladesh popularity of motorcycles are also increasing day after day. Coming to the point when we talk about motorcycles there are two vital things which a rider searches for besides the outlooks and features of a motorcycle, and they are top speed and mileage. Among these two, today we will discuss about the mileage. Because 150cc motorcycles are very popular in our country we will start with this segment. From bellow the lines we will be able to know about the mileage of popular 150cc motorcycles in Bangladesh.


Bajaj pulsar 150: Bajaj pulsar 150 is one of the best and highest selling motorcycle at the 150 segment in Bangladesh. This popular motorcycle from Bajaj can give a mileage of 45 KM/L.

Hero Hunk:This motorbike has a great demand in our local market also. Hero Hunk is one of the most stylish and powerful motorcycle from Hero motor corp. Mileage of this demandable motorbike is 40 KM/L.

Suzuki Gixxer:Suzuki Gixxer is the latest creation of Suzuki motor company. The mileage of this motorcycle is near about 35 KM/L.

Suzuki Gixxer SF:Suzuki Gixxer SF is the upgraded version of Suzuki Gixxer. This newest sporty motorcycle will give a mileage of 45 KM/L.

Hero Xtreme:Hero Xtreme is the latest version of CBZ Xtreme. Hero Company has upgraded this motorcycle and gives this motorcycle a new outlook. This bike will give a mileage of 45 KM/L.

Hero Xtreme Sports: Hero Xtreme and Xtreme Sports are all most the same at the outlooks but the differences between them are their features. Mileage of this latest sporty motorcycle is near about 40 KM/L

Apache RTR:This sporty motorcycle belongs to TVS motor Company India. At the sports category Apache RTR motorcycle is one of the premium creation. The approximate mileage of this bike is about 45 KM/L.

Yamaha FZ-S FI V2.0: Yamaha FZ-S FI V2.0 is the most recent model from Yamaha. This motorcycle is made up with latest fuel injunction technology. The mileage of this latest motorcycle from Yamaha is around 40-45 KM/L.

Yamaha FZ-S:Yamaha FZ-S FI V2.0 is the upgraded version of Yamaha FZ-S. Yamaha FZ-S is also a finest creation of Yamaha. The approximate mileage of this motorcycle is 35 KM/L.

Yamaha Fazer:Yamaha Fazer is one of the most stylish and configured motorbike from Yamaha. Approx mileage of this motorcycle is near about 30-35 KM/L.

Yamaha R15:At the 150cc segment Yamaha R-15 is the best creation of Yamaha motor company. The fairly accurate mileage of this sporty motorcycle is around 30 KM/L

Honda CBR150R: At the outlooks Honda CBR 150R is a pure sports bike and the configurations are also alike the sports bike. So we can say this motorcycle is one of the finest inventions of Honda. Approx mileage of this stylish motorcycle is near about 30-35 KM/L.

For enhanced information it is god to know that mileage of a motorcycle may vary at different situation and conditions. Such as what type of types of road a rider will ride at, condition of engine, engine oil, how much weight does the motor bike carries on it etc.

Drive safe.


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