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  • Price is high - Honda Livo user Rafid Ahmed
    Honda-Livo-110cc-user-review-by-Rafid-Ahmed My name is MD. Rafid Ahmed and I live in uposhohor Rajshahi and at present I am a student. I live with my full family and when I was a SSC candidate my father told me that if I can carry a good result then he will buy me a bike of my own. I was a man of my word and for that reason I made good result, A+ number. After my results I decided to have a bike from ... English Bangla
  • Lifan KP150 v2 user review by Didarul Alam
    Lifan-KP150-v2-user-review-by-Didarul-Alam Lifan KP150 V2 is nor so popular bike among the bikers even many of the Lifan rider is unknown about this one. Same time, few people made mistake by thinking this one as a KPT although, this is only my Matt Black one. Whatever, I don't want to make you bore with my silly words rather lets move to the real point of view about the Review or Anatomy of my bike. L... English Bangla
  • Honda Dream Neo user review by Rustom Ali
    Honda-Dream-Neo-user-review-by-Rustom-Ali My name is MD. Rustom Ali, professionally I am an employee. My motorbikes name is Honda Dream NEO 110cc and I mainly purchase this one to maintain my job and personal work properly. I purchased this one from “Mithun Honda” of Banesshor bazar. Same time, it is better to mention that this one is the second bike of my life. Before having this one I was used to with... English Bangla
  • H Power Zaara 100cc 30000km ride user review by Shimul
    H-Power-Zaara-100cc-user-review-by-Shimul Motorcycle is one of the favorite thing of most of the people in Bangladesh specially for its excellent service on private journey. Motorcycle is the only vehicle by which one can ride ignoring the matter of traffic and trifling objects of road conditions. Whatever goes, my name is my name is MD. Shimul Hossain and I am businessman. There is no other reason but ... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 150 user review by Rafi Ahmed
    Lifan-KPR-150-user-review-by-Rafi-Ahmed My name is Rafi ahmed Shiblu and I am a student. As I am a student and I am at my young age so I like motorcycles. I think a bike is a part of a human in countries like ours and we need it daily. Places where big vehicles cannot enter, their bikes can easily pass through. But for better and fast movement we have to ensure better controlled, well performing engine and com... English Bangla
  • Honda Shine 44000km ride user review by Joynal Abedin
    Honda-Shine-user-review-by-Joynal-Abedin As to commute our daily travel, there is nothing better then motorcycle both from importance and need of the people. This is very much popular from the others vehicle why because, this one is a single vehicle and very easy to move on with this ignoring the matter of road traffic and obstacle of the roads. I wish to have a bike of my own from my childhood but I can't aff... English Bangla
  • Victor-R V100Link user review by Nojir Shah
    Victor-R-V100Link-user-review-by-Nojir-Shah Directly or indirectly most of the people of Bangladesh love motorcycle for different reasons or its extra ordinary features and fast riding ability ignoring the matter of traffics of the road. My name is Nojir Shah and I am a businessman. As I have to maintain my both business and persona/family in my day to day life and from this point of view, I purchased thi... English Bangla
  • H Power Zaara user review by Montu
    H-Power-Zaara-user-review-by-Montu As we can move easily and quickly with motorcycles for that reason it is getting popular in our country. Not only that decreasing price of motorcycles is making peoples more interested about this vehicle. At the local market varieties of motorcycles are seen these days because everyone doesn’t hold same choice. Based on the cc limitations and features prices of them vary. I am a ... English Bangla
  • TVS Apache RTR 150 user review by Abdur Rahim
    TVS-Apache-RTR-150-user-review-by-Abdur-Rahim I am MD Abdur Rahim and I am a service holder. Besides my job I do business as well. So for better communication and road transportation I have chosen motorcycle as my personal vehicle. Reason behind that was fast movement. The name of my motorcycle is TVS Apache RTR 150. I am using this motorcycle for six month without facing any incidents with it. I have r... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Fazer Fi v2 user review by Oli Ahad Khan
    Yamaha-Fazer-Fi-v2-user-review-by-Oli-Ahad-Khan Today I am here to share some words about my bike with you all but before that I have to tell a short tale first. I will hope you guys will forgive me if any mistakes are seen. Though I learned bike riding with Bajaj CT 100 but my very own first motorcycle was Bajaj Pulsar. After using that bike for 16000 kilometers I bought my present motorcycle nam... English Bangla
  • Yamaha FZS Fi v2 user review by Abdur Rahman
    Yamaha-FZS-Fi-v2-user-review-by-Abdur-Rahman I always have a dream to buy a bike which will be fast and it can take to my destination with in no time. For this reason I have love one of the best 150cc bike named Yamaha FZ-S and I bought this bike for me as well. For two years I am using this motorcycle and within these two years I have crossed 24000 kilometers run with my bike. I am Abdur rahman and I am a... English Bangla
  • Hero Glamour user review by Mahbubur Rahman
    Hero-Glamour-user-review-by-Mahbubur-Rahman It is good to introduce myself at first. My name is MD. Mahbubur Rahman and professionally I am a businessman. I have a weakness through the motorbikes from my childhood even I feel a zeroness inside me when bike is not with me. I mainly purchase my bike to made my way easy and this Hero Glamor 125cc is the 4th bike of my life. Before this one, I was used to with ... English Bangla
  • Hero iSmart user review by Monirul Haque
    Hero-iSmart-user-review-by-Monirul-Haque Today I am going to share my very own experience about my bike and my bike riding. First let me introduce myself, I am MD. Monirul Haque. I am a business person by the profession. At present the motorcycle I am using is named Hero i-smart 110. I am using this bike for two years for fast riding I can have good feeling from this bike and I bought this bike for completin... English Bangla
  • Mahindra Centuro user review by Najim Uddin
    Mahindra-Centuro-user-review-by-Najim-Uddin in the urban place or rural, motorcycle is a vehicle that runs smoothly in all the way. This vehicle save a lot of time by ignoring the traffic of the road as because its tiny size from the others. For all these reasons, motorcycles preferred by time conscious people. My name is MD. Najim Uddin and professionally I am a businessman. I mainly purchase my bike to ma... English Bangla
  • Mahindra Centuro user review by Saiful
    Mahindra-Centuro-user-review-by-Saiful To run fast and easy on the road, there is no alternative of bikes. Wherever we go, we have to see a lot of bikes all around us. I chosen my one from among those. That one is only chosen by myself. I had a bike before this one as well and I sold that because of less mileage. I always dreamt of my own bike from the early of my childhood. As because my economic condition is... English Bangla
  • H Power Zaara 100 user review by Shadhin Ali
    H-Power-Zaara-100-user-review-by-Shadhin-Ali People who don’t like bikes are seen rarely these days. But every man has a dream if a he is a motorcycle lover and I also have a dream from my childhood to have a bike that will provide me satisfactory mileage. For my financial problem I wasn’t able to fulfill that dream of my own but last year my dream comes true. First let me say something about me then... English Bangla
  • Yamaha R15 v2 user review by Al Rifat
    Yamaha-R15-v2-user-review-by-Al-Rifat Hello everyone! I am AL Rifat and I am student. I live in Rajpara, Rajshahi. Besides study I like to ride bike and travel a lot. One of the interesting story of mine is I ride bikes when I was in fifth standard. On that time I wasn’t able to touch my both feet properly at the ground but I used to ride bikes. First bike which I used for riding was my elder brothers Dayang ... English Bangla
  • Mileage of 80cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh
    Runner MotorcycleIn modern world status of two wheeler vehicles are growing day after day because of their reasonable price, comfortness, stylish out looks and also for an enjoyable ride. People of every age who knows motorbike riding are attracted about this vehicle. Nowadays motorbikes are also becoming very popular in Bangladesh. Different types and categories of motorbikes are now available in our country to fulfill the demand of motorbike lovers. Such as sporty motorbikes, cruiser motorbikes, commu... English
  • Mileage of 110cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh
    Mahindra BikeMotorcycles have become an essential part of our day today life. People of every age are using motorcycles for their better and faster communication. Because of smaller size and affordable price this vehicle is getting more popularity day after day. Different companies are manufacturing motorcycles to fulfill the demand of the motorcycle lovers. There are different categories of motorcycles are also available in Bangladesh, such as sporty motorcycles, commuter motorcycles, cruise... English
  • Mileage of 125cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh
    Bajaj MotorcycleIn modern world popularity of two wheeler vehicles are increasing day after day because of their affordable price, comfortness, stylish out looks and as an enjoyable ride. People of every age who knows how to drive a motorbike are interested about this vehicle. Nowadays motorbikes are also becoming very popular in Bangladesh. Different types and categories of motorbikes are now available in our country to fulfill the demand of motorbike lovers. In them we have sporty motorbikes, cruiser mo... English
  • Mileage of Popular 150cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh
    Bajaj PulsarAt present world different types of vehicles are existing for better and faster communication. For this reason vehicles have become a part of our daily life. Surrounded by these vehicles two wheeler vehicles or motorbikes are at the top of the list. Nowadays in Bangladesh popularity of motorcycles are also increasing day after day. Coming to the point when we talk about motorcycles there are two vital things which a rider searches for besides the outlooks and features of a motorcycle... English
  • Mileage of Hero 100cc Motorcycles
    Hero iSMartAcross the worlddifferent types of vehicles are available for better and fastcommunication. In them two wheelers vehicles are now becoming very popular to every country as well as Bangladesh. There are three types of two wheeler vehicles which are available in our country and they are sports bike, commuter bike and scooters. Among these commuter motorcycles are very popular because they are very user friendly to use and these motorbikes are available in reasonable price. One of the best... English
  • Mileage of Popular Scooters in Bangladesh
    HeroIn Bangladesh motorbikes are becoming very popular vehicle day after day. There are three categories of motorbikes available in our country and they are sports category motorcycles, commuter motorcycles and scooters. Besides sporty and commuter motorbikes scooters are also very popular in our country. One of the best reason of there popularity is their mileage side. These small vehicles are very fuel-efficient. So let's see the mileage of popular scooters in our country from bellow the lines. Znen scooters ... English


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