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Yamaha Fazer Fi user review by Akash Rahman
2018-10-06 Views: 402
Owned for 1year+   []   Ridden for 10000km+

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Yamaha Fazer Fi user review by Akash Rahman


My name is Akash Rahman and I am a student at first. I from Banesshor of Rajshahi. It is something like an addiction of me to the bikes since my childhood and from this point of view, I made my decision to have a bike of my own and it is better to mention in the same time that I learned to riding bike through Hero Hunk. I have ridden this bike around 7 years. Very commonly I feel the need to change my bike as because that one become so old in my hand. My elder brother has his bike as well. So I made my decision by discussing with him and both of us chosen after a long searching “Yamaha Fazer V2”. Then we let our parents know that we made chosen “Yamaha Fazer V2” and they agreed with a smile with our choice. At the last I took this one as mine in my home. As to say about the reason to purchase this bike? There is nothing special behind it rather just fill up my hobby. It already been 1.5 years since I am using this one and I have ridden 16000 kilometers in this period of time.

This bikes engine is so good in my view and I think nothing can be good as like the Engine Fazer V2 has. Its been a long time since I am using this one and I am happy to mention that I never feel any over heating in short time, never can sense any bad noise even this bikes engine take a very short time to pick up the exact speed in short time.

If I have to talk about the Design of my bike then I must have to say that this one has an extra ordinary design which hardly any has. Its look is almost like a racing bike which just charmed my heart with excellent feelings. Plastics over its body are good in my view but I think these are not going to support for a long time even those will broke by a simple clash in my point of view why because I have seen so many people who is a user of Fazer V2, they already faced broken plastics parts in their bike.

Seating position of my bike is just fine enough to praise highly why because I feel the exact comfort of riding a bike while sitting over the seating position. Seating positions height is just perfect with the shape of the bike and I never feel any problem to put my foot on the ground from the seating position. I have ridden my bike Banesshor to Isshordi and the distance was 130 kilometers and I didn't feel any irritation in my hand but I felt pain in my waist. Switches this bike has are good enough to say but the headlamp switch is no way good in my view. As I have to ride my bike in the night frequently that is why headlamps light is very much important to have the quantity of having the exact view of the front. Headlamps light is good to say but would have been better then as it is. Breaking system of a bike is one of the burning question of a bike why because breaking system is the first thing to have proper control over a bike otherwise, the breaking system would have been the killing reason for a biker. My bikes breaking system is pretty good enough in my opinion and I never feel any skidding in the tyres even on the emergency breaking. So the tyres grip is also very good in this point of view. I have to ride my bike on the rough road condition as well where I merely feel any shaking due to the lack of suspension performance which is a clear sign of the quality of suspensions. Suspensions make me feel that I am riding a world class brand lie Yamaha.

When I am to purchase this bike from the showroom they informed the range of mileage around 50+ kilometers and I am having exactly the same mileage range of 50+ kilometers per liter by which I am really very happy with the mileage range of my bike.

As the performance I am having from this bike and from this matter, I think its price is little bit high and it would be better if the price range is little low from the current range.

Some of the part of my bike is negative in my view as like bikes chain function is not good at all and the most horrible thing is, I faced broken chain while I am on the road. I strongly suggest the company to be serious on this matter. Plastics and parts over its body are not good as it should be as a brand like Yamaha. Headlamps switch would have been far better.

My advice to the company is to pay attention on the negative sides of this motorcycle and reconsider the price range by reducing and same time, I think company can surely reduce the price range.

Thats all for today, Thanks to all for staying so long.

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