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Yamaha Fazer Fi v2 user review by Oli Ahad Khan Bangla Version
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Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Yamaha Fazer Fi v2 user review by Oli Ahad Khan


Today I am here to share some words about my bike with you all but before that I have to tell a short tale first. I will hope you guys will forgive me if any mistakes are seen.

Though I learned bike riding with Bajaj CT 100 but my very own first motorcycle was Bajaj Pulsar. After using that bike for 16000 kilometers I bought my present motorcycle named Yamaha Fazer Version-2. Yamaha Fazer was my childhood crush. Though on that time version-2 was not available but the same wider tyres, large size twin headlamp and muscular body attracted me so much. On that time I don’t have that ability to buy but at the year 2017 all goes right and I bought my dream bike Fazer Version-2.

Fazer version-2 contains fuel injection (FI) system and for that reason this bike can be started at any weather and I can have excellent mileage as well. Without that this bike has blue core and many other new added features too. Among those features automatic engine off system is included.

Mainly I didn’t think twice before I bought this bike, I have to buy Fazer so I pay the money. But after I bring her home I make my own things with it, I mean to say I made few modifications, I decorated the bike, those which were problems I solved them etc.

First let me start with the problem. I have faced chain problem with my bike and ACI solved that problem. Because this bike comes with mandatory AHO system and people used to say brother turn off the headlamp when I ride at the city roads but there was no options to turn it off, so I placed a switch like the previous model and now my headlamp can be turned off. And both the lights can be turned on and off in one time, both upper and deeper.

The engine used to heat up very early and I faced this problem from the very beginning but after I switched the engine oil into Shell Ultra 10W40 then this problem was gone luckily. Even I didn’t like the sound of this bike so I placed a holler by my own.


Modifications I made: Like the others I also like a sports category bike, and I personally like decent type sports bike not that much naked. For making my bike little bit sportier I rise up the back side of my bike and low down the riding seat. Not only that I also changed the handle bar and I also converted the rear tyre into 150/60/-17 which gives this bike more sporty posture. Without these Bricks plug, engine gourd, CYT light, extra cri light and an extra tyre gourd is also put in to my bike.

Now you guy may ask me if I am having any problem while riding after I risen the seat but I will say no. as I am a fatty guy so if the back portion remains the same then I might have problems. After changing the handle bar this bike has now a sporty look because of it. I have to ride the bike downwards so while braking the front portion gets pressed so I get good confidence on the braking time. But after oiling the handle bar it creates problem while moving it. Because of the bricks plug this bike can accelerate 0-60 KM/H very fast.

The rear 150 tyre offer me excellent controlling and I can have good confidence while cornering and braking. Like my kind of Fazer CYT lights are very important I guess. I also colored the alloy rims and make it look like I wanted but May the others don’t like.

Now let us talk about the build things of this bike.
This bike is 10000 kilometers old at present. Till now I am not disappointed with it. At the city roads I am getting 40-42 KM/L and at the highways I am getting 45 KM/L mileage. For my own need I have to travel at the highways mostly and till now I have got 121 KM/H top speed from this bike. If I try may the speed will increase more but I am pleased with the speed I get. Because it is we all know that speed kills. So I didn’t tried that much. In Bangladesh I really like the braking and balance most of the Fazer among all.
This bike didn’t have LED bulb with it but the indicator lights are flexible and for that no reason to worry about breaking.

The color combination of the Version-2 is better than version-1. But one think is not better and that is the kits, they are not that much durable like the previous model.

This bike has full digital meter panel and there I can have fuel gauge, Trip meter, Speedo meter, RPM meter but there is no top speed recorder and mileage recorder.

I don’t have to talk about the suspensions of this bike because in one word it is awesome.
This bike contains aerodynamic body shape which is not similar with the previous model though. Even the riding seat and pillion seat is comfortable and different than the past model.

There is no place to put in a hook to carry things. But the grab rails can do the same thing.
Finally I would like to say everything comes with few problems and good sides if you can solve the problems for you own need than you can easily go for this bike and this bike will perform its best for you.

Thanks for staying with me.
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