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Yamaha Fazer Fi v2 user review by Ibne Farhad
2018-08-19 Views: 868
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Yamaha Fazer Fi v2 user review by Ibne Farhad


As salamu Alaikum. My name is Ibne Forhad currently I am using Yamaha's one of the most popular bike of this time “Yamaha Fazer FI”. I have used the same bike of the previous version but the current one is slightly different from the previous one why because this one replete with the modern technology and one of the well known technology of this bike is the EFI. Which means Electric Fuel Injection. We can understand this fact only by noticing closely that there are so many bikes with the carburetor engine but including the Yamaha some others bike company using this technology and representing their bike to the bikers as a modern one. There are so many advantage of this technology and one of the advantage is remarkable mileage and smoothness of the engine. My current bike is praiseworthy on the matter of smoothness of the engine but top speed is not like the previous one. It becomes hard to pick up the speed of 120 kilometers per hour. But this is pretty easy to pick up the speed of 0-80 or 0-90 kilometers per hour. I hardly feel any over heat or any negative feelings even after riding my bike long time. One of the most amazing matter of my bike to me is, its engine seems like becoming more and more smooth with the flow of time. As a bike of Yamaha and as a 150cc bike I will declare that its Engine is perfect one. Performance of the engine is just extra ordinary in a word.

I mainly choose this one by its look. Wherever I see this one whether from the front or back, this one is just look like a giant. Specially the body kits over it and the wide tyres made it look like huge. Same time, combination of double headlight make its front look different from the others. As because the meter console upgraded from the previous one, now I am having the real advantage of riding a premium bike. By considering all the sides, I didn't notice anything negative in the design of this bike. Same time, I have to say that its build quality is not so good as it should as a brand like Yamaha. Different body parts of this bike would have been strong than as it is. Those are not matching with the brand like Yamaha. I am in tension with the build quality of my bike.

As because this bike has the split seating position by which both the rider and the pillion can sit on this bike quite comfortably and never feel anything negative even on the long journey. Seating position is good enough soft and comfortable meanwhile, handlebar is nicely combined with the seating position which let me feel the exact feeling of riding a bike even I don't feel anything bad in long ride. I never feel any short of tense with this bike on the matter of comfort. If anyone ride this bike by whole day long even then this will never let them feel any short of tiredness in my view.

Control is just excellent by the combination of wide tyres, soft and comfortable suspensions and extra ordinary breaking. Same time, Yamaha Fazers control is pretty well known to those who made a ride of it just for once. Wherever I am cities of in the rural parts, its control never let me feel down rather I found this one just perfect all the time. I never tried to pick up the top speed but once I checked the top speed and even then control was excellent enough.

As to say about the Electrical features of this one, it is good one with modern features. Meter console is full digital and here has the all features that a biker need. Handlebar has the kill switch as well as necessary all the switches but I think there lack in the light of the headlight. Headlight has 2 lights inside it even then it can't serve the exact light in the high or low vim as it should be. Headlamps light should be upgraded.

As a 150cc bike, I am having the good enough mileage from this one. I have noticed in others 150cc bikes that those are not able to serve over 40 kilometers but my one serving me over 40 kilometers and I hope I will have better performance in future.

I have been to the servicing center just after purchasing and I cannot be happy with their service. They are not so cordial with their customers even they don't will to listen what problem we are actually facing. The most horrible matter matter I noticed that they are not so adapted with their work by which I lost my eagerness to have their service.

By considering all its features and performance and comparing it to the others 150cc bikes I think its price is high then it should be. I urge to the company that they should reconsider the price and re fix by reducing the price scale.

Good sides:
- Look is just charming
- Control is remarkable
- Wide tyres

Bad sides:
- Speed is not so good
- Build is not up to the mark.

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