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Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

Yamaha FZS Fi user review by Faisal Ahmed


Its been a long since about 10 months or so to have my dream bike and according to that it just run around 6000 kilometers which is never a less in quantity when I wish to seat on it all day long. Its more one year of hesitation to choose a bike which one is going to fit for me. I just want to say that one year was right for me to invest to think about a perfect bike as found all the quality I was looking in the “Yamaha FZS FI v2”


At first lets talk about the look and this bike is going to grab anyones eyes whoever it is. I presented this bikes 4 color in the 42” display to my whole family and I frustrate because each of them choose different colors. At the last Ma suggest me that “I should take that one which I prefer most”. When I took my bike at home, the most interesting comment is uttered by my Ma is “your bike is look like an Airplane from the back” (may be for the aluminum part)


Break-in period
As the Cantonment area is very restricted for all the time and I always follow the rules of it and maintain the break in period so that my bike can serve better performance later. First 400 kilometers CNG took me over that means I never ride more then 50 kilometers per hour on that time. After the first service I change the Mobil (Havoline 20-40) and made a tour to Maoya. Average speed was 50-60KMPH and very rarely more then 70KMPH just on the time of overtake. In this time I feel some disturbing noise in the bike. In this way I crossed 1000 kilometers in the city by maintaining 45-50KMPH. Next Mobil is also Havoline and I changed the filter same time and manage a tour in the Sylhet. I increase the speed slowly, most of the time I tried to maintain 65-70 kilometers per hour. When 1200 kilometers just crossed I never think about the break in period on the road. I ridden more then 800 kilometers in those 3 days and when I was on my way back the top speed of my bike I recorded 108 KLPH which can be increased easily.


Balance and comfort
This bike is a perfect blend of two segment of sports and commuter. Anyone can feel this one as a sport bike whoever seat on it once but you never can feel the back or shoulder pain. Riding seat is somehow hard according to the others bike but pillion always feels comfort for the spit seat. There is a little gap between the rider and the pillion and thats why they never come so close as like body to body. As its tyres are wide by which I never feel any shake on the bad road.
Lets make the matter of balance more clear, I successfully control the bike in the speed of 100KMPH and the pillion was in my back in the same time.

Actually I'm a rider of city and never in the mood of race and thats why I have no headache or complain about the acceleration. Which I know that, when I stuck in the traffic and its time to go then I have to hold it and move my bike. When its necessary, I have to control my bike from 80KMPH to 20KMPH. I never face any trouble during over taking in the road as this bike is FI and here is the key fact of this FI.

When the bike odo is 3600 then made a ride of 1000 kilometers then I found the best mileage of 53KMPL. Right now it reduced to 40KMPL. When I took my bike out of my home, its engine remain start around 4-5 minutes. In this time I pass with unlocking the key, clean the bike, opening the door lock, and the first 2 kilometers I never ride the bike normal way. Speed in the lower level and let the engine hot. Actually, I never think about the mileage and whatever I found on this bike I'm just happy with it (Al hamdulillah)

Top speed
I found maximum 118 after using Motul 10w-40 7100 V.


After running of 1000 kilometers when the speed is somehow 70-80 KMPH, its vibrate and very disturbingly handle bar and looking glass vibrates unnecessarily but it gets normal after 5-10 minutes. This problem I faced very often, when the engine got hot, the comfort level reduced in a serious way. There is irritation sound come from the engine as well. After the third servicing I don't notice that sound yet.

As the turning of the handle bar is very low, I found some difficulty to ride in the city as it takes a extra space to turn. This thing goes very disturbing when I stuck in the jam and I have turn my bike in a very little space.

According to the others bike the sound of the horn is something like lower to me, although, its enough for me why because I hardly use the horn as because I don't want to make any sound pollution.


Till now I tight the chain 4 times and 3 of them in the servicing.

In the time of winter when I was in Jokiganj, Sylhet my bike is cold like ice and it just take one self start in the morning and I never have to use the kick again.

After having 5 Havoline now I'm using Motul. Motul makes its performance better then ever it is and same time its smoothness as well. In the high R.P.M I feel like I'm riding in the 4/5 RPM. Just the touch in the acceleration and the bike is something like bullet.

Believe it or not, after riding 6000 kilometers tyres are not punctured yet. And for this reason I always maintain some rules as like I never follow the last edge of the left side as the most of the dust and others things that hampers the tyres most hidden inside of it. When riding in the local areas, I have to keep my eyes and ears open.

- First Mobil change in 400 kilometer
- First servicing in 400 kilometers (Talky) good to say
- Mobil and filter changed in 900 kilometers
- Long tour of 800 kilometers after first 900 kilometers.
- 3rd engine oil changed in 1900 kilometers. Oil don't reduce and very lightly red was in color.
- Coxbazar tour 3600 kilometer and before starting the journey I changed engine oil and oil filter. When I came back and found that engine oil and Mobil reduce something like 400ML. This is better to mention that, in the way on Chittagong-Feni bike speed was more then 100 kilometer.
- Back in Dhaka and 2nd servicing (Toky)
- Full synthetic Motul 10w-40 in 5100.
- 300+ kilometer riding in which I found 118KMPH in 5300.
- 3rd servicing in 5700 kilometers (Toky) first adjustment of the fuel injector clean and topid.

Please be safe everyone and ride safe
Happy biking
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