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Yamaha FZS Fi v3 Feature Review

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Yamaha FZS Fi v3 Feature Review


Yamaha Always tries to make their users happy and fully satisfied with their product. Following that trend with the Yamaha FZ serveries they set a benchmark for the bikers, it has been the gold standard for the 150cc sporty commuter. For the next level of biking FZ Series started its journey and with the flow of time it has changed its colors, technology and style. Nowadays Yamaha brings the most advanced Blue core concept, Fi engine, muscular size and eye catching color combination in one bike named Yamaha FZ-S Fi V3. Users will have an unmatched experience of Performance and efficiency level with this new version of FZ series. It has all the latest features that a premium category bike needs, so let us not waste time through gossip and straightly look down to the features that Yamaha is offering with the new FZ-S Fi V3 which they also calling Lord of the Streets.


Powerful Fi Engine
The all new FZ-S Fi V3 model is mated with a 149cc Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve single cylinder, fuel- injected “BLUE CORE” engine. This engine can produce 9.7 kW (13.2PS) @ 8,000 RPM max power and 12.8 Nm @ 6,000 RPM max torque. The compression ratio 9.5:1 is set for this bike and constant mesh, 5 speed gear box is placed to run this engine. Only electric starting option is placed to fire up the engine.

Chassis and Dimension
The total body kits and parts of Yamaha FZS Fi V3 is placed over a diamond type chassis. New version of V3 gets a new dimension as well. For this bike 1,990mm length, 780mm width and 1,080mm height is given. The seat height is 790 mm and the wheelbase is 1330 mm. Maximum ground clearance of this bike is 165 mm. With oil & a full fuel tank the overall body weight will be measured as 137 Kg of this bike.


Comfortable Single piece seat
Previous model was introduced with Split seating, but this model has Comfortable Single piece seat but they it is also shaped like two level seats. Larger and wider size with quality Cushioning makes the seat superb fit to provide a steady and comfort for both the rider and pillion.


Chrome Duct Plating
New glossy chrome plating is positioned in selected parts of FZ-S Fi V3, they creates a premium, exclusive image and enhances the street presence of this motorcycle.

Under cowl
Lower engine fairing has been introduced with this new model of FZS for reducing MUD and Dirt splatter. The under cowl has been designed to enhance the sporty look of the bike as well.


Front 1ch ABS & Disc Brake
The new Front Disc with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps in reaching improved braking performance. It also offers better stability to control the bike at all speed along with perfect rear Disc brake of FZ braking system.


Negative LCD Instrument Cluster
The Negative LCD instrument cluster panel has a black background and white print. Digital speedometer, bar-style tachometer above, and a fuel gauge are constantly displayed, along with ABS warning lamp while the odometer, Trip 1, Trip 2, F Trip, clock and others can be selected for display. There is also an ECO indicator to enable more fuel-efficient riding.


LED Headlight and electrical
Robo face new LED headlight provides excellent visibility and eye catching appeal. It has a reflector with ideal light projection, and separate bulbs for high and low beam. Without that 12V, 5W x 1 auxiliary light, 12V,21/5W x 1 tail lamp, 12V, 10W x 2 turning signal light all are seen at this bike. To operate all thee electrical features maintenance free 12V battery is placed.

140mm wide Radial Tire
New FZ-S V3 comes with a 110/80-17 at the front and a 140/60-17 radial tire at the rear side. They offers low rolling resistance and deliver great fuel economy and gripping.

Monocross Suspension
The rear suspension of FZS V3 is light weighted Monocross suspension that contributes to mass centralization and provides 120mm of wheel travel, which is tuned for good balance between the spring rate and damping force. Along with that telescopic front suspension is placed for the front to absorb the unexpected bumps comes from the front.

Advanced Midship muffler cover
The newly designed Midship Muffler protector adds impression to the looks and sharpness of this new model. It has also a few advantages of mass attentiveness, weight reduction and shorter length which gives attractive charm.

The all new FZ-S Fi V3 is introduced with three different colors and they are, Dark Matt Blue, Matt Black and Gray Cyan Blue. After seeing all the features it can be said the next generation of FZ series is here and it is ready to fire up the roads.

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