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Top Speed of Popular Scooter in Bangladesh
2015-12-22 Views: 2642

Top Speed of Popular Scooter in Bangladesh

ZNEN ScooterAt present two wheeler vehicles are very popular to every kind of people, because of its stylish looks, comfortness and reasonable price range. Three categories of two wheeler vehicles are available in Bangladesh and they are sports category motorcycles, commuter motorcycles and the last one is known as scooter. All these three categories of motorbikes are used in different purpose. Among these motorbikes scooters are smaller in size and all of them are made with different designs. Outlooks of scooters are not the same as motorcycles. One of the Important side of scooter is it is also suitable for the female riders. There are many companies are available to provide this stylish scoters to our country. Today we will know about the top speeds of popular scooters from different brands which will help the riders to purchase a speedy scooter.

Znen scooters

Znen Vista : Znen Vista is one of the most stylish and well configured 150cc scooter. This scooter can give a top speed of 90 KM/H.

Znen A9: This 125cc scooter can give an approximate top speed of 120 KM/H.

Znen King: This scooter is one of the most uncommon designed scooter from Znen. This scooter can give around 90 KM/H speed.

Znen T6: This scooter is built with great color combination. And the nearby top speed of this scooter is 120 KM/H.

Znen Falcon-8: Znen Falcon-8 is very suitable scooter for the female riders for its dimension. This scooter will give 120 KM/H.

Znen Zoom: This scooter is also very comfortable for the female riders along with male riders. The approx. top speed of this scooter is 120 KM/H.

Znen Roar: This scooter from Znen can be compared with the commuter motorcycles of our country. Because the engine side of this scooter is really very powerful as a scooter. That's why the top speed of this scooter is at the top of the list which is 140 KM/H.


Mahindra Scooters

Mahindra Gusto: Mahindra Gusto is a 110cc scooters specially made for the female riders, that's why the dimension of this scooter is not the same with the others. The approximate top speed of this scooter is 80 KM/H.

Mahindra Duro DZ: This scooter is also made especially for the ladies and the top speed of this 125cc scooter is about 85 KM/H.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ: At the both side engine and outlooks this scooter is really well made from Mahindra. The approx. top speed of this scooter is 85 KM/H.

So at last for the better information of the viewers it is better to know that the top speed of a vehicle depends on different situation. Such as what type of types of road a rider will ride at, condition of engine, engine oil, how much weight does the motor bike carries on it etc. That's why no vehicle manufacturing company can ensure you about the top speed of a motorcycle. So the top speeds which are given above are not fixed.

Drive safely.

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