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Top Speed of Popular Indian Commuter Bike in Bangladesh
2016-01-05 Views: 2077

Top Speed of Popular Indian Commuter Bike in Bangladesh

TVS MotorcycleThere are two major important sides of motorcycles which a rider always wants vary badly before purchasing a motorbike, and they are top speed and mileage. There are two categories of motorcycles which are available in our country and they are sports and commuter category motorcycles. Between these two categories commuter motorcycles are very user friendly from both side. These motorbikes will give you good mileage and you will not be disappointed with the top speed according to our country roads. Different companies of different countries are introducing this motorcycles to our country such as Japanese, Chinese, Indian etc. among them Indian commuter motorcycles are very popular in our country. Now we will see the top speeds of the popular Indian commuter motorbikes. Before we start it is better to know that top speed of a motorcycle varies on different situations and conditions, such as how much weight the bike will carry on it, condition of the engine, condition of roads, which engine oil a rider will use and many more things. So bellow top speeds of the motorcycles are approximate.

Bajaj Motorcycles:

Bajaj CT-100: As a 100cc commuter motorcycle the features of this bike are really well made by Bajaj. This motorcycle will give a top speed of 90 KM/H speed to the riders.

Bajaj Discover 100: This bike is one of the one of the great creation from Bajaj and for this its popularity is really good. Top speed of this motorcycle is about 95 KM/H.

Bajaj Discover 125 ST: Bajaj Discover 125 ST is one of the newest and stylish commuter category motorcycle. The approximate top speed of this motorcycle is 100 KM/H.

Bajaj Platina 100: Bajaj Platina 100 is one of the longest commuter bike from Bajaj. This bike will give around 90 KM/H top speed.

TVS Motorcycles:

TVS Phoenix 125: This newest motorcycle from TVS is made with the great combination of good quality engine and great outlooks. This stylish commuter bike will give a top speed of 100 KM/H.

TVS Metro Plus: as 110cc motorcycle TVS Metro Plus is one of the best commuter bike. This motorcycle can give a top speed of 90 KM/H speed for the riders.

TVS Sport ES: This small size good looking motorcycle from TVS can give a rider around 85 KM/H top speed.

TVS Metro: Approximate top speed of this motorcycle is around 80KM/H.

Hero Motorcycles:

Hero HF Dawn: If we talk about the top speed of this motorcycle it will give around 85 KM/H speed.

Hero HF Deluxe: Top speed of Hero HF Deluxe is near by 88- 90 KM/H.

Hero Splendor Plus:

Hero Splendor Plus is one of the demandable bike in our country. The approximate top speed of this motorcycle is 90 KM/H.

Hero Splendor Pro:

This motorcycle from Hero will also give around 85-90 KH/H top speed like splendor plus.

Hero Passion Pro:

At the 100cc segment Hero Passion Pro is the best creation of Hero. At the top speed this motorcycle is also very good. Approximate top speed of this bike is about 90-95 KM/H.

Mahindara Motorcycles:

Mahindra Arro: This is one of the great 110 cc motorcycle from Mahindra Company. This motorcycle will give around 95KM/H top speed.

Mahindra Centuro: This motorcycle is one of the latest creation of Mahindra. This 110cc motorbike can give a top speed of 100 KM/H.

Mahindra Pantero: top speed of Mahindra Pantero is near by 90-95 KM/H.

Be happy and drive safe.

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