Bajaj Pulsar NS160 first ride review – Ashikur Rahman Tuhin
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Bajaj Pulsar NS160 first ride review – Ashikur Rahman Tuhin

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Bajaj Pulsar NS160. Just after I have heard the news of arrival of this model of Pulsar, I was in positive mood to purchase this one but few reasons were snatching me back to do so. As there is rumor that the bikers of Bangladesh haven't excepted in the positive way for the reasons like thing tyres and many more by which Pulsar NS150 couldn't gain the attractions of the bikers. Meanwhile, I have the news of Pulsar NS160 in which tyres are thin and the features are given in this one is slightly different from NS150. By considering all, I keep waiting for the arrival of Bajaj Pulsar NS160. When this one imported by Uttara Motors Limited and just after few days, I purchase the Black color of Pulsar NS160. When I am on the seating position my expected one and just after moving the throttle, I have felt that I don't made any mistake by took this one with the exchange of money. As I was afraid with some matter, this bike erase those all just only with a ride. Today I am here to share my experience with you guy's and I hope this not going to helpful for you but mostly helpful to make your decision with it. Hope you are going to stay with me.


Lets talk about the performance of the Engine
Bajaj has used the Engine of ultra modern features in this bike and I have measured it after riding this one that its Engine is really good. There is no bad sound, over heating problem or any short of vibration in the engine. I have felt a smooth Engine performance in my riding. On the other hand, its throttle response is just up to the mark. I can pick up speed very fast and often don't know when I have reached in the high speed. By considering all, this Oil cool engine serving a much better performance that is really noticeable.


Design of Bajaj Pulsar NS160
As to say about the Design of this bike, I would like to say at first that this one is really has an outstanding Design. Its graphics design in each part and the color combination is really praiseworthy. Along with the beautiful body kit, there is a nice noticeable 160cc sticker which feel my mind up with joy. To sum up, its design has make me great fun of this bike.


Build quality and structure
Only with a touch on the plastics on the body, I felt those strong quality. Its all part of its body is pretty hard and I hope there is going to hardly any damage if it fall. Meanwhile, most of the people known with the fact that Perimeter body frame is used in this bike and for this reason I feel the stability from this one. I never feel any problem to ride this one for its structure.


Seating position and Handlebar
Seating position is pretty soft and because of its two step seating position I am quite easy to ride this one with pillion on my back. When I hold the handlebar from the seating position I got the feelings which often let me think never to go from the bike. Seating position and its combination with handlebar is really good.

When to talk about the control of this bike then at first I have to uphold the fact that its control amaze me in a large number. I can control this one by ignoring the fact wherever I am.


I have noticed that there are large number of comments surrounding in the facebook groups often negative. I will advice them to take ride with this one at first then to comment. Although the wheel is thin to see but I never feel anything negative by riding this one or thin wheel put any effect in my riding same time, I don't sense any skidding even in the rough and tough situation. I have tested the tyres grip and I have found those positive in their performance. On the other hand, I have the perfect balance from this bike as well.


One of the exciting features of Bajaj's is, Pulsar series's each bike has light with the switches and this part amaze nicely. Same time, I have sensed that switches are matched with the color of body kit. Headlamps light is perfect as it should be. High beam or low beam, it is ok and fine from each side and I have clear view of the front. Meter is a combination of both Analog and Digital and this one snatch the riders eyes specially. Bajaj's blue logo is really good to see.


Breaking and suspension
I think that Bajaj never let any less in the braking system of this bike. Although, there is no disk brake in the rear wheel but I can't sense anything less in the braking. Suspensions are soft and serve a comfortable ride. I have felt a comfortable ride without any shaking even in the rough road condition and for this reason, I have no negative comment about the Braking and Suspensions.

Service center
I serve my bike from Sarkar Enterprise of Rajshahi. I like them for their service why because they are pretty well sincere to solve the problem of customers.

Good sides
- Attractive design
- Strong structure
- Nice graphics
- Excellent throttle response
- Comfortable seat
- Modern features
- Powerful and Ultra modern Engine

Negative sides
- AHO technology is not expected.
- Silencer pipe would enhance its beauty

I have no advice to the company for the matter of this bike. It is really good to have a bike like this in this price range and this is really amazing for me. I am quite happy with this bike so far. Those who are commenting negative about this bike, I would like to suggest them to have ride on this one then talk.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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