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Lifan KPR 165R 3000km ridden user review by Abu Sufian
2018-08-20 Views: 495
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 0-1000km

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Lifan KPR 165R 3000km ridden user review by Abu Sufian


Hello! Guys I am Abu Sufian and before this review I already posted one with the help of motorcycle valley. That was my first ride review about my motorcycle and today after riding 3000+ kilometers I am here again. Now I am going to share my recent experiences with all of you and hope it will be at help for you sp please stay till the last.

I was tensed at the beginning about the engine performance but with the flow of time the engine is getting better and better. Nowadays the engine is performing far better than before and it is now way smoother. Overheating problems is almost gone. So I must admire now I am having pleasing performance from the engine.

I have already said about the design of this bike and now I will gain say the design is perfect but the body colors are fading away. I am really worried about this matter. But the body materials are strong enough though they didn’t get hurts till now.

Controlling is excellent and the braking system is very effective. Especially for the both side disc brakes I can have good control over the bike. Because of the brake pad the Discs are wiping out but changing those will solve this problem. Tyre quality is better but they do skid sometimes but I have no complains with controlling of this bike, I am pleased.

I am having the same comfort like before, no complaints at all. Riding seat of this bike is really better in quality, it is very softer and comfortable to seat on it. I often travel Rajshahi to chapai and I never feel discomfort or back pains because of the seating position or the seat. Rear suspensions are little bit harder and for that reason sometimes I face problem at the village roads or broken roads but overall this bike offers good comfort.

I am getting 40-42 KM/L mileage at present which I expected to be 30-35 so I am really pleased. Though the big reason of getting this kind of mileage range is the EFI engine technology and I think for that the overall performance is also pleasing.

Though Lifan has no authorized service center but they do have capable technicians.

And for that reason they can easily and perfectly solve my bikes problem.

Price and overall
Based on the performance I am pleased with the price and I am hopping this bike will offer me better in future like this.

Good sides
- Outstanding Mileage.
- Excellent controlling

Bad sides
- Disc Pad
- Body colors are fading.
Thanks for reading, be safe ride safe.

Story of migration from KPR150 to KPR165R – Abu Sufian Bangla Version
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