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KPR to KPR – Lifan KPR 165R user Mehedi Hasan
2018-06-11 Views: 3504
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KPR to KPR – Lifan KPR 165R user Mehedi Hasan


Seventeen years back my bike riding story was started with Yamaha 50cc motorcycle and I learned bike riding using that motorcycle. With flow of time my attraction and passion over motorcycle increased and in one stage I have used many motorcycles to complete this passion of mine. Among them top listed bikes were Bajaj Pulsar 150, Hero Honda Hunk, Honda HS 100 and few more. After using all these I started to think about sports category motorcycle and started dreaming to have one. After searching a lot finally I found one sport category motorcycle and that is named Lifan KPR.

Story of purchasing Lifan:
I live in Chapainawabganj, Rajshahi.

For my personal works I have to visit Dhaka and before visiting Dhaka Lifan KPR was in my mind. After completing my works I visited Lifan showroom. I have a habit and that is without testing the throttle response and hearing the engine sound I never buy a bike. So after I arrived at the showroom I requested them to start up the engine but unfortunately they don’t have fuel in the fuel tanker so they cannot. After I get out from the showroom I saw a Lifan KPR and I requested the owner to start up the engine and he does so for me. After moving the throttle I satisfied and realized that this bike is perfect for me and I asked for money from my house over phone and buy Lifan KPR 150. After that I use that bike for 21000 kilometers and after that Lifan KPR 165 arrived in Bangladesh. Because I started to love Lifan bike so I was thinking to buy 165 as well.

Story of purchasing Lifan KPR 165:
After its arrival I was thinking to have this bike. I visited the test ride program of Lifan KPR 165 and I sold my old 150 KPR and bought this bike from Nahar Machineries. New Lifan KPR 165 has better graphics and few new features than the old model. Today I am going to share my very own riding experiences about this bike.

Though the look remains almost the same as 150 model but slight changes are there at the graphics and color combination of this bike. That means with this bike we can have almost 80% feeling of the premium category motorcycles.


Engine is obviously better than before because 165cc FI engine is placed and the engine sound is also better than the past model. Engine is getting over heated at present but this is a common thing about new bikes and I trust Lifan bikes so it will be okay after few days that are for sure.

Throttle response:
After using the throttle for a while I realized that this bike holds better throttle response than the 150cc model, which will support me at the long journeys.

Gear shifting:
Previous model I mean 150 models gear box was little bit harder till 5000 kilometer but at Lifan KPR 165 bike I am having smooth gear shifting at present.

Build quality:
Build quality of the previous model was also very good but the nut bolts get loosen very early, which I fixed by my own imitative and that problem was gone away. Till now this problem is not seen at this new model. If anyone thinks that it is a big problem than they must avoid purchasing this bike because it is offering us premium bikes feeling in low price so few things we have to admit.

Handle bar:
For me sports handle bar is perfect. Up right handle bar is not for me and I feel good comfort holding this kind of handle bar.

I truly like all the electrical features of this bike and especially the projection headlamp.

Brakes and suspensions:
Braking is well upgraded than before because on the previous model I didn’t get that much support from the brakes while sudden braking conditions but now I think I will. Suspensions are lot smoother than before especially the rear Mono Suspension.

Tyre size and gripping both are perfect.

As this bike holds FI technology so I can expect a good mileage from this new model of KPR. Till now I haven’t measure that personally but the showroom owners claimed it will offer me at least 40-42 KM/L mileage.

Servicing center:
Though they don’t have any servicing center in Rajshahi but for the difficult problems authority sends their technician from Dhaka or other offices. I really like this cordiality.

City rides:
During traffic signal or road jam standing with this bike is painful sometimes because I feel pain in my hands, but at the high ways no problem at all with KPR.

Talking about the price this bike has a fantastic price range. Within this price range this kind of sport type bike is really amazing and fortunate thing.

On the whole I will say within budget friendly price this LIFAN KPR 165 is one of the best and if someone likes this bike than definitely buy this bike. Trust me you will not be disappointed.
Thanks to all.

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