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Lifan KPR 165R Fi user review by Atik Emon
2018-07-17 Views: 1201
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Lifan KPR 165R Fi user review by Atik Emon


I started riding bike with the Honda’s immortal bike CG125 and then I have ridden so many bikes till now including Honda HS, TVS Flame, Honda CB Trigger, Lifan KPR 150 and many more. My last bike was Lifan KPR 150cc and I have used this bike for a long time then I noticed that Rasel Industries introduce the same bike in 165cc format. Just after knowing the fact, I prepared myself to switch in the heavier one same time; I was ready sell the current one to have the latest. Just after arrival of the Lifan KPR 165, I didn’t waste any time to grab it from showroom of Kalshi and the time was 3 days before of Eid-ul-fitre. Till now, I have ridden my bike around 1100 kilometers and by the invitation of MotorcycleValley; I am here to share my experience with you all to make the whole matter easy that will help you made your decision if you are thinking to have this bike.

The main reason to purchase Lifan KPR 165cc is its graphics then its latest powerful engine and I had tested this one by which I found it with good throttle response, Exhaust sound and breaking system is over up to the mark which make me feel positive about this one by which I made my decision.


Firstly, its design is something like pretty special in my view. To mark differently, graphics over this one is really charming to look at from the previous one. Meanwhile, exhaust in the back side is far better as well. When to remark on the matter of build quality of this bike then I must have to say in this way that it is better than from the Indian bikes but not like the premium bikes. It is better to be frank on this matter that, this is not going to be smart to expect so many thing in this price range.

In the first stage I was seriously disturbed with the Engine performance why because its sound never is the same just after a ride. This problem now came to a limited level after riding it 500 kilometers even after 1000 kilometers it’s gone. At the same time, I have to tolerate over heat in a large number in the first stage and I think it is normal problem to all the bikes. It takes time to become normal. Now it can pick up the exact speed in short time as I have mentioned in the top that its throttle response is pretty good and the Engine is pretty smooth.

Seating position
When I was on my KPR 150cc, I felt a lot of tiredness in the first stage but later it came to normal position. When to serve the opinion on my current KPR 165cc, I didn’t feel any tiredness while over its seating position but there is a problem in the adjustment with foot rest and seating position. I think it would have better to set the foot rest in the little more back. I have traveled 450 kilometers a day without any short of tiredness.

Handlebar is good to say but would have been better if this one is little more carved in its size but the electrical switches on the handlebar are pretty nice and the headlamps light is better than my previous KPR 150.

Breaking, Tyres and Suspensions
I would like to say that its breaking system is upgraded from my KPR 150cc and I feel safe in my current one. I can’t mention anything special about the tyres why because those are like my previous one in the both size and gripping. Suspensions are fine enough when riding alone but those often hurt when with pillion.

In average, I am having the mileage of 40 kilometers per liter and by considering Engine performance and throttle response and I am happy with the mileage range of my bike.

Service center
As because their servicing center in Rajshahi that is why, I pay a visit in Dhaka’s servicing center. Their working quality, behavior and others activity are really worth of praising. They serve good quality of service even on a trifling issue. I cannot help but to praise them a lot.

I have to confess on this matter that there is no other bike in the market with such excellent features in this price range. I have to declare Lifan KPR 165 is the best on its price range.

The parts of my bike which should be upgraded I think
-Disc plate
-Break shoe
-Rear suspensions
-Chain set
-Looking glass
-Mud guard is not for Bangladesh, I think its size should be bigger.

The problems I have mentioned in the top, actually these are not so serious problems but I am hopeful to the company that they will upgrade these all in proper quality. these are all from my experience with my Lifan KPR 165cc. if you notice any mistake above then I expecting your pardon eyes.

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