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Honda Hornet user review by Morsalat Amit
2018-10-18 Views: 685
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Honda Hornet user review by Morsalat Amit


My name is Morsalat Amit. I live in Terokhada of Rajshahi city and currently I am a student of Honors part – 3. The reason I am here today, I am a Honda Hornet 160cc bike user. I passed most of the time of my day to day life in my university campus by which I hardly have any time to ride my bike.

I have an acute attraction to the bikes since my early childhood. I always love to ride bikes whatever the time is. But I always wish to have my own bike and few days ago my wish come true and I am really grateful to my parents, they are the only persons by whom my bikes dream come true.

There was a time when I always ride the bikes of my fathers, uncles and others persons without let then know. But when I want any from them, they never let me ride their bike by mentioning that I am not yet perfect with the bikes. I told them that I never face any accident even then but they never listen to me. When I grown up, gained a lot of information about the bikes and now I have experienced so many bikes including the names of Apache 10, Dayang 100, Hero Honda Splendor, Pulsar 150 and so many others. There is nothing to mention new about the name of Honda brand. When I am to purchase my own bike, Honda Hornet 160 is just on the market and as I am a fan of this brand, I didn't take any time to have this one.

If I have to talk about the matter of design of this bike then I must have to say that this one really have an impressive and best design among the bikes of same segment in the market. Body parts over this bike are very much strong in my view. Although most of the parts over this one are made with plastics but in my view, those are very much upgraded. The look this bike has is just good enough to impress anyway through its muscular body same time, build quality is made by Honda so it must excellent and my bike is.

Its Engine performance is up to the mark in my view. It is very much powerful. In the same time, its control is very charming as a bike of 160cc. So far, I can't sense any negative sound in the engine even no over heating problem. For me, there is no problem in the Engine.

Seating position of my bike is comfortable enough same time, the handlebar is nicely combined with the seating position by which its really feeling good while riding. Meanwhile, seating position is not so hard, no problem to touch the ground from the seating position. I don't even feel any irritation sitting over the seating position for a long time. Many of the biker often tell that they don't feel any irritation in hands while riding their motorcycle for a long time. Many of the biker feel pain in the back and in the shoulder but I only feel irritation in my hands. Switches are serving me perfectly and those are just fine enough to look at. I personally think that its headlight would have been better then it is so, the company should take serious steps on this matter.

I have picked up the top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and I have ridden around 222 kilometers day at a stretch. My bike can pick up speed very fast which is one of the favorite side to me of my bike. So far I have ridden 5300 kilometers.

Breaking system of my bike is mentionable and I am having quality service from the hydraulic and I never feel any skidding like others bike which is a positive sign of having good tyres. I always feel safe as because the controlling system is perfect of my so far.

I am not satisfied with the mileage range of my bike even the mileage range informed me from the show room, I am not having so. Showroom told me that this bike will serve me the mileage of 50 kilometers per liter or near around so. At first stage I had 42 – 45 kilometers mileage but now the range has decrease in 40 kilometers per liter which is absolutely irritating.

I have been to the servicing center and they behave me so nicely and the working environment is praiseworthy. I had excellent service from them.

I think its price is ok and fine by considering its features and quality. It is hard to have such bike in this price range. Price is perfect.

There is hardly anything of this bike which make me feel negative from the core of my heart.
I hope you are already have all those information which you are looking for. These are all about my bike which I gathered till now. Now the decision up to you if you are looking for a bike of 160cc segment.

I will choose Yamaha R15 V3 if I change my bike in future.

Thats all from me today. Thanks to all.

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