Lifan KPR 150 user review by Rafi Ahmed
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Lifan KPR 150 user review by Rafi Ahmed


My name is Rafi ahmed Shiblu and I am a student. As I am a student and I am at my young age so I like motorcycles. I think a bike is a part of a human in countries like ours and we need it daily. Places where big vehicles cannot enter, their bikes can easily pass through. But for better and fast movement we have to ensure better controlled, well performing engine and comfortable bike at least. At present I am using Lifan KPR 150 Version 2. Before this bike I have used Bajaj Pulsar 150, Hero passion Plus, Dayang and many more. Mainly I bought this bike after watching the performance of its. Nine months are passed away and I am using this bike and within these nine months the meter is showing more than 10000 kilometers. I have found few bad and good sides and along with that few things make pleased and dishearten as well. Today I am here to share all those findings of mine with you all.

Within reasonable price this bike has one of the best racing type looks. Overall body kit, front headlamp, alloy wheels, fuel tanker everything makes this bike charming and the design looks attractive because of them but if the rear side was higher than the looks might be more racing type. So I think if the rear suspensions were more highly placed than this might happen. But on the whole this bike is premium type bike within reasonable price.

Build quality
According me the body parts of this bike are strong enough. I really don’t think the body kits or the pother plastics will broke down that much easily if any incidents occurs. One thing I have to confess and that is the build quality is durable but not like the premium bikes.

As a 150cc bike the engine performance is excellent I must say. Engine doesn’t make bad sound and offer e smooth performance. At the beginning the engine was getting over heated but every single day that problem is reducing and it is getting smoother. So I am pleased with the engine performance, no doubt.

Not only the engine performance can make you feel happy but also you need to ride that bike with comfort. I personally feel good comfort while riding Lifan KPR 150.

Both the riding seat and the pillion seat are perfect to hop on. Seat height is perfect so no big problems were seen at the traffic or other tough conditions of the roads. Handle bar of this bike is little bit curved and for that the combination of handle and the riding seat makes sporty posture for the riders.

Admirable controlling I have to say. As this bike is heavy in weight and for that I can have excellent controlling at the highways. Even at the city roads I never feel uncomfortable with the controlling of this bike.

Top speed
I personally accelerated this bike up to 107 KM/H speed. I cannot check the real top speed of this bike because of the shortage of road and I never prefer this thing personally, I wasn’t prepared and not now and never will. I prefer riding my bike with great feeling not like a racer or something like that.

Because of both side Disc brakes braking is truly outstanding. I can easily control my bike using the brakes in any situation and in any types of roads conditions. And it is known to all, if an accident is in the fate so no one can prohibit that, so I ride slowly and steady.

Front telescopic suspension offers me good performance but the rear Mono shock suspension is not that much effective and I am not getting expected performance. When I have pillion in my back it touches with the rear tyre.

Though the tyres are not that much wider but they are performing well. One problem occurs with the tyres and that is if I hit the single brakes than the tyres skids but if I hit both brakes than no skidding.

Talking about my 10000 kilometers experience I am getting 38-40 KM/L mileage. I am happy with this kind of mileage range because this bike is offering me excellent engine performance and it has heavy height though but the mileage is sufficient. So thinking of other bikes like this one all must admire that the mileage is enough.

Service center
Behavior, environment and the work ability of the servicing center is pleasing to me. Though they have no servicing center in all the selling cities but they are capable and sincere about their customer’s problems. But they might solve this shortage because to fix my bike I have to travel a lot of path which is bothering for me.

From the very beginning I am saying the price of this bike is so perfect. In our country no other bikes has these kinds of modern features within this price range. So I am putting Lifan KPR 150 at the top based on the price.

Few good sides
- Speedy like a Beast
- Satisfactory mileage
- Projection Headlamp

Few bad sides
- Hard gear shifting
- Disc plates need to be improved.

Finally I would like to say something for the bike lovers and those, whom are thinking to have a bike for them, please don’t listen to what the others are saying chose your thing by testing and based on your own choice. And if possible before making the decision test Lifan KPR at least for once. Hope you will not get disappointed.
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