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Benelli TnT 150 user review by Mohammod Rahat
2018-07-09 Views: 2822
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Benelli TnT 150 user review by Mohammod Rahat


As to say about my learning of riding a bike? One day just in with the term of fun, I uphold my wish to my friend to ride his Apache RTR in just 1 gear and next I purchase an old Honda CD 100cc and make me perfect rider. As because the bike with which I learned to riding bike, that is still on my home and I never tried to ride that one on the highway and from this point of view, “Benelli TNT 150cc” is the first bike of my life. I have been using this one from the last 7 days and ridden it near around 150 kilometers.

Reasons of purchasing Benelli TNT
I have been following this bike almost from a year ago by viewing a video on the youtube. I saw its main look just a few days ago in the Dhaka Bike Fair and I determined to have it. Same time, I was prepared to have Suzuki or Benelli just considering my budget level but this one arrives just before Eid and I was just amazed by the first sight over its look. Meanwhile, I felt an extra ordinary pleasure when I sit over its seating position. By considering these all, I didn't take any time to put a pre book on this one.

Engine performance
Engine 150cc. I am satisfied with the Engine performance. Its has an amazing pick up. My friends opinion over this one is, its initial pick up is no way less then his Apache RTR. In the time of this break in period, Engine is becoming seriously hot in just 15 – 20 kilometers. But those who had changed the Engine oil once in 500 kilometers, they are enjoying their bike a lot just because of the coolness of the engine. So far I am having the performance, the Engine serving me nicely and its sound is very much smooth and clean till now. As because, I just have used my bike just only 150 kilometers and it is pretty hard to describe its details from this range of using. Although, I never piked up the speed over 40 kilometers per hour but I can sense its power. 2 gear is enough to pick up the speed of 40 kilometers per hour but the sound is more smooth when gear is shifted on number 3. As because my bike is still on break in period and for this reason I never cross the speed of 40 – 50 kilometer per hour. It is good to mention that, just after purchasing my bike, one of my friends easily picked up the speed of 100 kilometer per hour before fill up the tank.

Design and Build quality
to be frank about this part I have to say that, this bike is equal or better then FZS or Gixxer on the matter of build quality. I am satisfied on this matter then the others well known brands. Its build quality is really praiseworthy. But its seating position would have been better. Although, I don't yet sense anything negative in that. I am looking for your good wish that my bike may keep serving me in the same way.

Seating position
As the seating positions height is just 770mm and for this reason, I can touch the ground easily without any problem. Seating position make me feel like I am sitting on the chair but I am not going to mention this one as good one or the best one. I am going to keep FZ in the front on the matter of seating position but my one is better then the Gixxer. My height is 5'7” and I can feel the freeness whenever I am on the seating position of my bike. In my opinion, I think tall people are going to feel uneasy on the seating position but the low height riders are going to enjoy this one a lot. Acceleration is pretty enjoyable when my bike ridden for a lot of time and I don't yet sense any vibration or back pain.

Switches are pretty nice on its positions. Headlamps light is pretty good enough to say why because the headlight is not directly for the highway road and it does not spread a lot as it should be. But when riding on the city then the headlamps light is like a torch as like Gorgeous inside the simpleness.

Breaking functions
I am just completely happy with the breaking system. To be clear on this matter, I am just super happy with the breaking system.

Tyres have over excellent grip in which I never feel any skidding so far.

This part is pretty good even the sports bike. These hardly let me feel any shake when I am on the rough road.

When I am to purchase this one, showroom technicians and salesman informs me that this bike will serve me the mileage of 35 in the period of break in and I am having the mileage of 40 kilometers or little more less probably. I never scale the mileage actually but I hope when the break in period is over, I am going to have the mileage of more then 40 kilometers. I am happy with the fuel expense.
As because I just have started to ride this one and for this reason I don't have to take it on the servicing center. The bike in which I started to riding, I used to serve that one from the local technicians of my area.

Price is just fine and clean and it is better to mention that there is nothing more to expect like this one in this short of price range.

Good and bad sides of my bike at a glance-

Good sides
- Excellent pick up
- Extra ordinary look
- Mind blowing performance
- Price is 179900 BDT along with papers
- Paint quality is 10 on 10
- Low seat height with good ground clearance
- Over excellent breaking system
- Stability is just awesome (both in high and low speed)
- Weight is 144kg
- Split seat
- Mind blowing exhaust sound
- Full digital meter which has 2 trip meter and gear indicator as well
- Build quality is worth to have 10 on 10

Negative sides
- No kick
- No reserve
- No watch on the digital meter
- Engine is becoming over heat in the break in period in just inside of 15 – 20 kilometer running.
- As a new brand, I don't found the leg guard meanwhile, the others accessories of my bike currently.
- Seating position is uncomfortable to those whose height is over 5'7”.

My advice to the company
So many people told me that, whatever the quality the bike but I have to suffer on the servicing center. From this point of view, I want equal my voice with others on the matter of up gradation of the servicing center. Parts availability is very much necessary in the same time.

As because its origin in Italy. This type of low branding and for manufacturing China make the sense something else of the bikers and for this reason I wish the company should be serious on the matter of branding.

Note: I am a new biker. I have no experience of riding others heavy quality bikes and for this point of view, it is pretty normal to found contrast with your opinion. But at the last, I urge you all to trust me on the matter of its quality. It is really a fantastic bike. This bike bike just took my sleep away just in few days. I expecting your pardon eyes if you found any mistake on info.

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