Benelli TnT 150 user review by Mahmudul Hasan Shawun Bangla Version
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Benelli TnT 150 user review by Mahmudul Hasan Shawun


Welcoming you all. My name is Shawun and I am an employee by profession. I kept a long desire to write down a review of my “Benelli TNT 150cc 2018 Version” and from that point view, I have written down this short review just after ridden my bike 1000 kilometer I hope this will be positively help for you if you are thinking about this bike seriously.


Before purchasing my “Benelli TNT 150cc 2018 Version” I was used to with “Honda MTX 50cc”, “Honda xl 185cc”, “Hero Honda Hunk 150cc”, “Yamaha R15 v1”, “Pulsar 150cc”, “Yamaha Fzs v1” & “Freedom Voyger 125cc”.

I had purchased my current bike on 26th of June of 2018. This was a bike of first term on Bangladesh when very few people knows about this one. Before purchasing this one I checked its specification in the Internet and took a test drive which inspire me a lot to have this one.
I have to pay only 1,79,000 BDT and registration was free of cost.
Its Engine is Air Cooled Vertical Arrangement SOHC 2 Valves Engine.
Its Engine can produce 14 BHP and 13 torque. I didn't sense any vibration in the Engine so far and my bikes weight is 144kg and fuel tank can reserve 13.5 liters of fuel at a time.
Its front tyre has the size of 100/80/17 and rear tyre has the size of 130/70/17.
Benelli TNT 150 2018 Version

Special features of this bike:
1. Headlight has the whole new shape on its design
2. Dual frame.
3. Pass light switch
4. Gear indicator meter
5. Trip A,B & Total Count
6. Telescopic USD Suspension Front
7. Mono Suspension Rear
8. Brake Front Disc
9. Brake Rear Disc With CBS
10. LED indicator light
11. Pretty soft self start switch
12. Silencer has the whole new design which has the color like aluminum.

Benelli TNT 150 2018 Version

Exciting parts:
Breaking: As the breaking system has the ultra modern technology which known as the CBS by which I can notice its extra ordinary performance.
Whenever I pull the break rear wheel got the pressure of 60% and front wheel gather 40% of the break and no skidding yet.

Seating position: I didn't feel any pain in my back or waist even after riding this one for a long time. I have ridden my bike 350 kilometers a day and I was pretty fresh as like I just have started my riding.

Acceleration and top speed: As because its throttle response is quite good and for this reason my bike can pick up the speed of 0 – 100 kilometer in just 10 seconds. I have picked up the top speed of 116 kilometer per hour on the 4th gear only.

Suspensions: My bikes suspensions hardly let me feel any shake even when I am on rough road and for this reason, there is merely any chance for waist pain.
Mileage: Currently my bike serving me the mileage of 40 – 45 kilometer per liter and in the highway, 50 kilometers per liter.

Benelli TNT 150 2018 Version
Negative sides of my bike:
1. No crush guard
2. Single horn
3. No kicker
4. Viscous Air Cleaner

# Break in period and Engine

Changing fuel:
I always follow the break in rules of my bike and for this reason I never cross the RPM over 5000 and this way, I ridden my bike 1000 kilometers.
In the first stage I used PTT10W40 Challenger Synthetic Technology 4t.
Change it in every 400 kilometers just before 1000 kilometers.

At the last, I am happy with my bike. It is just like my daily companion to made my journey whenever I am. It was something like my dream to have a Naked Sports Bike from my childhood.

Next this Benelli TNT 150 2018 Version made my dream come true. There are lot more to go in future and I hope, this bike is going to serve me more than my expectation same time, you are going to be benefited positively from my review I hope.
Thanks to all.

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