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Yamaha FZS V3 User Review by – Mizanur Rahman

The Yamaha FZS V3 bike seems much better to me in each and every aspect including Comfort and Design. When this bike was first...

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Yamaha FZS V2 User Experience by – Arif

If someone asks me why I chose the Yamaha FZS V2? Then I replay in a word that “it’s my crush bike”. Because I have fou...

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Yamaha FZS V2 User Review by – Noyon

I have always had a strong liking for the Yamaha FZS V2 bike from the very beginning. This is because I really love everything...

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Yamaha MT15 user review by Shahriar Akash

MT means Master of Torque and another is the dark side of Japan. Today I am going to share with you my user experience with th...

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Yamaha R15M User review by –Akash

Yamaha has some wonderful bikes in the premium segment and In this segment, by adding new features they have been able to prov...

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Yamaha FZS V3 User Review by –Abdur-Rahman

Yamaha is my favorite brand since my childhood and I feel a different feeling about this brand of bike. When this Yamaha FZS V...

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Yamaha FZS V3 User Review by – Shakti

Yamaha is a trusted name in the market of Bangladesh and this brand is my favorite. When I started riding bikes I had an attra...

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Those who like a premium bike should ride the Yamaha R15M at least once – Asif Ul Bashar

I like the premium segment bikes of the Yamaha brand because this company provides more features with their premium segment bi...

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Yamaha MT15 V2.0 Feature Review

MT 15 V2 Overview: Yet another surprise for the Naked Sports Lovers is now available in town, the second generation of the Da...

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Yamaha R15M User Review by Mahadi Hasan

Yamaha R15 M is a very popular sports bike in this segment. When I saw this bike for the first time, I had just fallen in love...

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Bike Tips

Important tips for bike riding at highway

I know that most of the bikers ride their bike for a long time being but my bike riding carrier has started only one year and ...

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What mileage which motorcycle provides?

Not only in Bangladesh but also in almost every south Asian country motorcycles are getting popularity in terms of vehicle w...

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History of motorcycle suspensions

Two wheeler start with bicycle and only through the curiosity people set engines to it and the time was “Internal combustion...

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Pros and cons of cruiser motorcycle

Hands in the high handle bar, legs spread in the front and kept in the comfortable footrest. Cap in the head or open face helm...

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Motorcycle gear shift patterns

Gear is one of the most important things during motorcycle riding. To maintain the speed limitation besides the throttle gear le...

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Motorcycle Braking Tips

In the recent days, motorbike is one of the favorite media for road transport for the general people for its easy to ride system a...

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Basic ways to learn motorcycle riding

Motor bikes are almost become an essential part of our day to day life for road transport. This is very much important to know...

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Choose your favorite motorcycle

Generally we all face a common question during the time of purchasing our first bike. The question is that, which bike is perfect ...

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Bike News

350cc Bike of Yamaha in Bangladesh if High cc Bike got Approved

From bike lovers to ordinary people, everyone suffers from some kind of unspoken fantasy about this matter that if one day hig...

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Yamaha Bike Price in Bangladesh September 2023

From 125cc commuter bike to 150cc sports commuter and sports Yamaha bikes, the demand for Yamaha bikes in the Bangladeshi mark...

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REV Motors Authorized Dealer of Yamaha Motorcycle

ACI Motors - Yamaha's authorized dealer in Bangladesh has a point of presence named REV Motors located near Baneshwar Point, o...

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Yamaha's New Autumn Gear Up Campaign

Yamaha never forgets about serving their old customers and the best example of this is that there are various discounts on pro...

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Yamaha comes with September to Remember offer

Yamaha comes with great offers at the beginning of the new month, see if your favorite bike is listed or not in this month's o...

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Yamaha giving special discount on bike exchange Once again

If we are to judge the accessory facilities including discounts, the comparison of Yamaha in the Bangladesh market is Yamaha i...

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Yamaha is looking for a Dealer

Popular bike brand Yamaha is looking for dealers to spread their business more in the market of Bangladesh. To make Yamaha bik...

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Prebook of Yamaha R15M is on

One of the best premium sports bikes in Bangladesh motorcycle market is Yamaha R15M which has always been at the top of the li...

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Yamaha Presents Monsoon Service Camp

Popular motorcycle brand Yamaha has brought an offer which is Monsoon Service Camp. In this service camp offer, you will get...

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Win a MotoGp Ticket with Yamaha

Write your passion story about your favorite YAMAHA motorcycle with YAMAHA and share it in the comment section of the Facebook...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
Medha MotorsYamahaDetails
SR MotorsYamahaDetails
Yamaha Flagship CentreYamahaDetails
Deluxe MotorsYamahaDetails
Rangamati MotorsYamahaDetails
Sarkar MotorsYamahaDetails
Bike CenterYamahaDetails
Sumaiya motorsYamahaDetails
Bikers GalleryYamahaDetails
Jaki MotorsYamahaDetails
Ogroo MotorsYamahaDetails
Jaber MotorsYamahaDetails
Ikra MotorsYamahaDetails
Milon MotorsYamahaDetails
Mollik MotorsYamahaDetails
Shadin MotorsYamahaDetails
Arish MotorsYamahaDetails
A.R MotorsYamahaDetails
Disha EnterpriseYamahaDetails
A.S MotorsYamahaDetails
Tamim AutosYamahaDetails
NS Bike ParkYamahaDetails
Taha MotorsYamahaDetails
Riders ZoneYamahaDetails
Ariba MotorsYamahaDetails
Alyaanah MotorsYamahaDetails
Talukder MotorsYamahaDetails
P. K MotorsYamahaDetails
Al-Arafa MotorsYamahaDetails
Muskan MotorsYamahaDetails
Maa MotorsYamahaDetails
Sakib EnterpriseYamahaDetails
Hazi Nazir MotorsYamahaDetails
S A MotorsYamahaDetails
Parvaj MotorsYamahaDetails
Bengal MotorsYamahaDetails
Bike CityYamahaDetails
Green MotorsYamahaDetails
Motorcycle GardenYamahaDetails
Classic MotorsYamahaDetails
Miyazi MotorsYamahaDetails
REV MotorsYamahaDetails
North Bike StationYamahaDetails
Jesmin MotorsYamahaDetails
Shatata MotorsYamahaDetails
Royal MotorsYamahaDetails
Fabia Bike PointYamahaDetails
Minco Automotive CenterYamahaDetails
S.M. MotorsYamahaDetails
SR Orion MotorsYamahaDetails