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TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Tipu
2018-06-18 Views: 1359
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Tipu


To complete our daily transportation need and also for fast traveling motorcycle is one of the reasonable vehicles. It is very easier to move with motorcycles and it can carry you out within very less time as well. Because of all these reason this vehicle has become popular in our country these days. Many people ride bikes for many days but I am a new rid I must say because I am using a bikes for three months. I have used to ride friends motorcycles but I always have a dream to have my own bike. One day I visited the Khan Motors showroom placed at Puthia all of a sudden and liked TVS Apache RTR 160. After watching the design I truly like this bike and after watching it I realized that maybe my dream is about to come true. Before this bike I have watched many motorcycles at different showrooms but I didn’t like any one of those. So I made my mind to have this bike as early as possible. The very next day I bought TVS Apache RTR 160 and take this home. Another big reason to buy this bike was the price, because it was really cheaper at the 160cc segment. So both the budget and choice combines together and I choose this bike.

After purchasing the all new Apache RTR 160 I was really happy but after 5-6 days my happiness were about to fade away, because when I speed up this bike for the first time I faced a bad problem. That problem was when this bike was at the top speed the head portion of it was vibrating and started to make a worst noise. I cannot forget that noise till now, because even riding at the average speed that sound is heard. It is really bothering for me.


After buying this bike at the fifteenth day I took it to the servicing center (khan Motors) for fixing this problem. They were very cordial with me and their behavior was really pleasing. When I let them know about my bikes problem they started to fix my bike stopping the other works. After fixing that problem I was happy because that noise was gone. But after two days it appears again. Again I visited the showroom and fix that problem but the matter of sorrow is that noise is still bothering me. Like this way I have completed three months and made 3000 kilometers ride with my bike without any accidents or other problems.

Design of this motorcycle is truly good and the build quality is also perfect. Without that the engine is so powerful and performance level is satisfactory.

While riding I like the engine sound, it is uncommon though. After watching the excellent engine performance my friends summon also bought this bike. Because of the powerful engine I can have fast acceleration and take this bike for long journeys. I never calculated the mileage because whenever I saw the tanker is yet to be empty I fill it up and ride again. So I have no complains with the mileage or demands because I am happy. In one day I have made 100 kilometer ride with my bike and it was from Natore, Puthia, Etc places surrounding the Rajshahi City. I never feel any problems riding his bike for long time but the sound which I have talked about hassles me a lot after crossing the speed of 90 KM/H and a bad vibration is also felt.

I have personally raised this bikes speed up to 104 KM/H. at the starting though the seating position was hard to seat on but now it is getting softer and I can ride the bike for long time sating on it. Grabbing the handle bar also offers good feeling and I am comfortable with it. Even using the switches placed over the handle bar are very easy to use. For many days I have made night journeys and I have got excellent light from the headlamp and I am happy because it is now connected with the throttle. Because I have seen other headlamps stay still and they didn’t have any options to high low the power which I don’t like. Talking about the control I like it, because the brakes are perfect and especially the front disc brakes are very effective. But because the tyre griping is not that much good so they skids, on the muddy or slippery roads they skids a lot. Suspensions of this bike are really very effective that I must say even at the broken roads I never feel shaking because of them. Self starting option is also perfect and it just needs one pres to start up.
All of sudden I will get this kind of engine performance from a bike I have never thought and, I truly never though I will get it in this kind of price range, so based on the performance I think the price is perfect.

Good sides of this bike:
1. Design is perfect
2. Better mileage
3. Excellent engine performance
4. Good seating position
5. Excellent suspension and brakes
6. Powerful headlight
7. Comfortable
8. Perfect price.

Bad sides of this bike:
1. Front portion makes bothering noise while high speed riding.
2. Poor tyre gripping and quality.
3. Vibration at top speed.

Finally I will request the manufacturing company make sure the problem I am facing don’t happen to others and fix this problem and then provide bikes at the local market. It is also a matter of reputation because for fast traveling and excellent engine performance this bike is popular enough.

Thank you.

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