TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Dulal Hossain
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TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Dulal Hossain


My identity is, I am a businessperson and my name is MD.Dulal Hossain. I am from a village and most of the village living peoples want to have a fuel efficient motorcycle for them. That means lesser fuel higher mileage. As I said I am a villager but I always prefer bikes performance then its mileage. I think if the engine is consuming more oil then it will offer good performance though. At present I am using TVS Apache RTR 160. For my daily traveling and also for doing some of my business works easily I bought this motorcycle. It bought from Bismillah Motors, Bagha Rajshahi. Three months back I buy this machine and it is the 8th one of my life. Before this one I have used several bikes from different brands and all those were purchased because of my passion and love over biking. After having this bike within these three months I have traveled around 3500 Kilometers path. One day I and my friends were out for a journey with our bikes and our destination was Tongi. On that day I made a ride of 700 kilometers in one day. From my childhood I always loved bike riding and for that wherever I go if possible then I took my bike along with me.


I personally think if a bike is good looking then it doesn’t mean that the performance will also be good indeed. After using this bike for three months I realized that this bike is not only good looking but also offer excellent performance. As new arrived bike in the market I loved it and after checking a lot I made my mind to have it. If I was able to sell my previous bike earlier then I should have this bike much before then I had. Now I realized both the good and bad sides of this bike and for that reason today I am here to express those in front of you all. Hope watching my own opinion buyer will have some benefit and they will know better about this bike. Even the company will also know about their flaws. And it also very important to know about the positive and negative sides of a bike before we have it, doing that reduces the chances to be disappointed.

I truly like the design of this bike. talking about the design I have bring an example, like the al five fingers are not the same we cannot compare people’s choice like that as well. Man to man choices will vary. Because of that reason people chose different design, different colors for their bikes. But everyone wants to have the best design and the best one for them. Like that I have chosen my bike and I like the design no doubt. It is very eye catching. Not only the design but also the build quality is pleasing for me. It is durable and strong enough.


Now the engine side is one of the most important sides of a bike and talking about that thing I have to admire I am getting outstanding performance. During my rides I can accelerate this bike whenever I want and within no time the engine offer speed. No overheating is seen even after long time riding. I like the engine sound personally and never found any bad noises indeed.

I like the seating position of my bike, because I can easily ride with one or two pillion behind me. Traveling with family is very enjoyable at this bike and the seat height is also very perfect. I can have relaxed and smooth riding experience all the time and never feel tired even after riding for 700 kilometers. Riding on high speed I feel pain in the wrist but that is not a big deal at all because i never ride my bike on high speed on regular basis. Switches placed at the handle bar are top in class and I never faced any difficulty using them. Headlamp of this bike offers clear light and for them I can see the roads perfectly at the night journeys.

Braking side of my bike is excellent. I can control my bike at any situation using these brakes and because of having Disc brakes I think that becomes easier. Suspensions are up to the mark and make me feel relaxed during my ride on the broken road conditions. Overall this bike is really a comfortable and good controlling bike definitely.

To fix my bikes problem I visited the servicing center twice and I like that place. The way they behaved with was amazing and the impression of that place was perfect. They have capable workers and they are really good at their works. I went there to change the engine oil and to check up all the body parts. I was very happy how they treated me and solve my problems. No complaints about them.

Last but most importantly I forget to about the mileage, when I buy this bike I was told from the showroom that I will have 50 KM/L mileage but I am not getting the same. Though I have no complaints about the mileage but I have to say their words didn’t match I am getting 43 KM/L mileage now. My bike fuel tanker always remains full.

Based on the features and performance I think the price of my bike I mean the price of Apache RTR 160 is perfect. If you are in need of a fast and well performing bike then you can have this one, because after using this bike for three months I didn’t saw bad side of this bike which can make feel disappointed. If I found some then I will try to let you guys know. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed after buying this bike. Thanks for reading, that’s all for now.

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