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TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Shamim Hossain
2018-09-14 Views: 331
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TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Shamim Hossain


It was a long cherished dream to me to have a bike of heavy specification. As we all know that motorcycle is one of the best personal vehicle to run fast on the road and this matter there is nothing to compare with this vehicle. Even this one often help most in danger situation. I always prefer motorcycle to all short of ride where I go. My name is MD. Shamim Hossain and professionally I am a businessman. My motorcycles name is “TVS Apache RTR 160cc” and this one is the 2nd bike of my life. As others bikers do, I did the same use of this bike that means I mainly use this bike to have the proper control on my business and same time, to manage my personal works in time. Before I purchased this one, I was used to with a 100cc bike but that one never make me satisfied anyhow. There is an important reason behind this dissatisfaction. I always wished for a heavy specification bike which will serve a fast speed on the road as my wish. Same time, I used to check the market to look out new models of bikes. The bike I am talking about right now, is the new one of 2018 but I can’t afford that one in the beginning of the year due to lack of money.

I have purchased this one from “Khan Motors” of Puthia bazar just before 14 days and in this period of time I have ridden my bike around 800 kilometers without any accident. But so far I have understood my bike with this short time, I am to uphold the whole in front of you to give you a perfect image of this bike. I hope my details in the light of my experience will be helpful enough for you to choose the best one if you are thinking to purchase a bike of the same segment.

At first I want to start with the Engine of my bike. It is good to mention that, I chosen this one only by my wish and I select it as my personal ride just by a look at this one. Plastics over its body are so strong in my view and I think those are not going to broke so easily. Same are the parts of this bike. Graphics over this one is really good to see even better from a far away. I think there is hardly any person to find out who is not familiar with Apache RTR so I think I already have mentioned so many part on matter of look of this bike.


Its Engine performance is up to the mark and I have checked its performance even in the high speed where it serve me so nicely and comfortably. Same time, its engines sound is pretty nice and I don’t sense any overheat in the engine so far. I hope, my bike will serve in the same way in the near future as well. On the other hand, II felt a problem in my bike while on the high speed, vibration in the front part while on the high speed same time, I felt irritation in my hand as well.

Lets move to the matter of comfort and control why because this is one of the major issue when it is Apache RTR. Its seating position is quite nice and comfortable. Why because it is pretty soft to sit on by which I can ride this bike without any uneasy feeling. Its seating positions height is little high but I never feel any problem while riding. Design os the handlebar is pretty nice in the same time but I feel some problem to hold it properly while on the high speed.

I have picked up the top speed of 110 kilometers per hour and I have ridden 90 kilometers a day. I didn’t felt any major problem in the long journey over this one. Same time, I think that this one is the perfect one for the long journey. Its breaking system is far better then others bikes of the same segment why because I can control this bike ignoring the matter situation of the road and traffic. Its disc break is just amazing in its performance. Same time, the tyres are wide which is another reason to have exact control over this bike and I hardly feel any skidding due to the tyres.

Its suspensions are pretty good in those performance why because those hardly let me feel the condition os the road wherever I am. I have to ride my bike in the night very recent and I have checked the headlight that it has the good quantity of light to have the exact view of the front like day light.

Switches on the handlebar are not only good to look at even I don’t feel anything negative to use those so far. Its looking glasses are so nice by which I always have the clear view of my back. Battery performance is up to the mark till now, no problem I can sense. By considering its overall features and performance I have to mention this one as a comfortable one.

When I was on the showroom to purchase this one they told me that this bike will serve me the mileage of 50 kilometers per liter but what mileage I am having right now I can’t mention why because I always keep my tank fully loaded whenever I feel an empty side in the tanker. I really not tensed on the matter of mileage of my bike.

As a bike of 160cc, I think its price is little high in the compare with the others bike of the same segment. I think company going to have an excellent selling rate if the reduce the price a little.

I have been to the servicing center just for once and I liked the environment same time, their behavior is really praiseworthy. Meanwhile, I am really happy to be their guest. My problem was not a major problem rather I was there to make a regular check up of my bike.

At the last, i want to say that if you are looking for a bike of 160cc or same segment then you can be serious about TVS Apache RTR 160cc why because this one is just perfect for fast ride. I don’t know what you feel while running fast on the road through a bike but I have to due to save my time.

This bike performance is really up to the mark and I think this serve better if quality engine oil used in the engine. My claim to the company is to reduce the price by checking out the market and this will attract the root level bike users.

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