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Lifan K19 User Review 2600km by Khondokar Mohsin Apu

2021-09-30 Views: 90
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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This bike purchased from Rasel Industries Ltd, Dhaka

Lifan K19 User Review 2600km by Khondokar Mohsin Apu

Today I will try to highlight my first 2500 km riding experience with Lifan K19.

I am Apu Khandaker, a heavyweight amateur motorcycle rider of 120 kg. My hobby is to ride around with different motorcycles at different times.

This time I will write about my new Lifan K19 bike, it is a cruiser bike and quite a thing to see, I named it Mufasazar means Rajamsai.

Many people have requested or encouraged me to write about this bike as it is new and there are not many user reviews.

Thank you for making me feel worthy of it.

I rode the bike 2500 km, of which 1100 km is in Dhaka and the remaining 1400 km is on highways and hilly roads. I started running as my wish after the 1800 km breaking period.

Come to the real thing about the experience with my Lifan K19.

My likes or positive sides of this bike are:

1 - It is so beautiful to look at that it attracts all the people very much.

2 - Lifan K19 is currently the most powerful and reliable cruiser bike in Bangladesh

3 - Mileage I average 35+ km per liter.

4 - A bike with a very comfortable and regal feel when ridden in relax mood

5 - The braking system is very good, especially the foot drum brakes which will also rated high than many good quality disc brakes.

6 - Able to produce fast speed and the maximum speed I got is 116 km per hour.

7 - Pillion seat provides a little more comfort as it has a back rest with a lot of comfort.

8 - Since the KPTNBF2 engine has been running for many years, there is no doubt about its capability, performance is just Masallah, did not disappoint me at all.

9 - The headlight is able to give enough light, the rest is up to your need.

10 - Build quality seems to me much better than other Lifan bikes.

11 - Ground clearance is very good, I still do not feel any tiredness.

12 - The sound of this bike is very beautiful for which many people have liked the bike.

13 - Clutch and gear are very soft which is completely opposite to the experience of Lifan's other bikes.

Now let's talk about some of my dislikes or negative aspects of Lifan K19:

1-Sometimes engine is shutdown without any reason which is the old fault of Lifan.

2-High RPM such as 7 or 8 thousand, the bike vibrates which may be a bit slow in the beginning but now is very annoying for a long drive.

3-At high RPM, the handle is slightly moved due to which the looking glass can be seen deem and all is like mystery. One brother's comment "Brother looks at the looking glass is like addicted to drugs".

4-It takes more space to rotate the bike and weight is Mashallah a little more comparatively.

5-Vibration makes the hands, waist and legs tingle, sometimes the bolts don’t hear at all.

6-The clutch is little far away so on a busy road the hand hurts when the clutch and horn are pressed together.

7-The rear suspension is very strong due to which if you suddenly cross the hole or speed bump, you get a lot of shock which is the main cause of back pain.

8-The chain loses too fast and doesn't seem that this problem is going to make me feel free specially on the long tour.

Here are some tips to get rid of these problems or my attempt:

1 - Go to Lifan Service Center and tell them everything, they will solve something, like now the bike does not stop.

2 - Talking to some big brothers to reduce the vibration, I put a rubber bush under the handle, tank and seat and got some solution, Techno Service Center has given me this job.

3 - I have changed the stock looking glass and installed the looking glass of Avenger 220. Now it is less deem and it is clear what distance the vehicle is behind and how far it is.

4 - The bike has become much smoother to change the front sprocket and put the 16 steps of KPT. You can also install a single radium plug if you want to get better performance.

5 - I have used Motul 20w40 so far but I want to give 10w40 synthetic in future.

6 - There is a desire to install a gear XA chain or a premium chain.

For now, I have done this, before I want to change the front and rear suspension, let's see which one will be better for it.

All of the above is my personal opinion or experience, the rest is up to his his whose whose.

In a word, in my opinion, it is now one of the most powerful and attractive cruiser bikes in Bangladesh.

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