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Hero Glamour user review by Mahbubur Rahman
2018-07-02 Views: 3391
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Hero Glamour user review by Mahbubur Rahman


It is good to introduce myself at first. My name is MD. Mahbubur Rahman and professionally I am a businessman. I have a weakness through the motorbikes from my childhood even I feel a zeroness inside me when bike is not with me. I mainly purchase my bike to made my way easy and this Hero Glamor 125cc is the 4th bike of my life. Before this one, I was used to with Dayang 100cc, Honda 80cc, Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and so on. Those were good in their performance. Before choosing this one, I think a lot and mainly consider its Design, Engine performance and many others. I purchased this one from “Jahin Enterprise” of Taherpur, Bagmara, Rajshahi. Its been 3 years since I am using this one same time, I have ridden it 27,000 kilometers. This bike really made me feel good when I am first on the road with it. This one save me a lot both the labor and money. Meanwhile, I found this one pretty comfortable both in Cities and Rural places. My bike has such a design that will match with all short of rider of any age. As I am using this one from the last 3 years and by this I had measured its both good and bad sides and I am here to mention those for the readers of MotorcycleValley. I hope this going to help a lot to made your decision about this bike.

I would like to confess that, I purchase this bike to made myself free from some negative thinking. I am just happy with this 125cc bike better than the 150cc. From this point of view, I hardly any comment on the matter of Engine of my bike. As I have mentioned in the top that this one is the 4th bike of my life and its Engine quality is far better than my previous bikes. Why because, its been 3 years and in this period of time, I don't even feel any problem in the Engine. Ignoring the Engine, some trifling problem I have faced and those were solved by the nearby technicians of my area. To me, Motorcycle cannot be enjoyed if the Engine performance is not up to the mark and I am really happy with the Engine performance of my bike. The reason already I have mentioned just in top. Same time, my bikes Engine is pretty powerful in my view. I never feel any problem to ride this one even with 2/3 persons. I can pick up high speed any time I want which I never found in any of my bike before this one. Its sound is different from the others which seems like touches my heart.

Its Design is just exciting to me. But plastics over its body is o weak that those broke even in normal fall. One more thing made me feel bad, it is the side cover just in side of the fuel tank by which dust and pollution have the chance to enter in a large number. For this reason Engine and its side become dusty in a very short time.

I already have mentioned the showroom name and when I am to purchase this one, they told me this bike will serve the mileage of 50 kilometer or more per liter. I don't measure the mileage yet. Whenever fuel come to an end I refill the tank with the fuel of 500 taka but I have noticed that my bike serve 300 kilometer by one refill. I am happy enough with the mileage range of my bike.

Whoever use this bike, is going to enjoy a lot why because this one is a comfortable bike. Its seating position is long enough from the others and comfortable in the same time. Very easy to ride even with 3 persons at a time. Its handlebar is very much comfortable which serve me nice feelings when I am on the long tour. Its suspension is really nice by which I don't feel any shake even on the rough and tough road condition. Switches on the handlebar are really nice to look at, I never feel any negative feelings to use those. Headlamp serve me good enough quantity of light by which I can ride my bike without any irritation while night.

Same time, when to talk about the control of my bike? Its breaking system is very charming and this is one of the exciting features in my that make me amazed. As because this one has the disk break in the front wheel by which I never feel any problem to control it even in the high speed. I have picked up the top speed of 90 kilometer per hour and I have sensed that my bike vibrates when I am just over the speed of 80 kilometer per hour. Same time, I have traveled Puthia, Rajshahi, Chapai and many others places and ridden maximum 230 kilometer a day. I felt irritation in my hands in the long ride.

I just have served my bike once from the servicing center but no major servicing. Just change the Mobil, tightening nut and bolts etc. So far I can measure the service of the servicing center, they are good at their working. I am just charmed with behavior and service. They are really in my view. As because the servicing enter is so far way and for this reason, I never been to the servicing center again. When I can sense anything wrong, I took my bike to the local mechanic near by in my area.

When I purchase my bike, its price was very high from the current price and I think the recent price is ok and fine according to the performance.

To advice the new people who are thinking to have a bike of 125cc bike, you can keep this one on the top of your choice list and purchase it without any hesitation. Why because its overall performance is really remarkable.

Good side of my bike in my view:
1. Seating position is good, 2. Engine is pretty powerful, 3. First running ability, 4. Design is charming enough, 5. Engine performance is over up to the mark, 6. Service of the servicing center is good enough, 7. Breaking system is remarkable, 8. Mileage is fine enough, 9. Headlamps light is powerful enough, 10. Current price is very much less than the previous one.
Negative sides from my view:
1. Irritation in the hands while riding it for a long time, 2. Plastics over its body is not so good, 3. Vibrates in the high speed.

Thanks to all for staying with me for this long time.

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