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Hero Glamour user review by Anik
2018-08-18 Views: 370
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Hero Glamour user review by Anik


After getting the invitation of team motorcycle valley I am here today to express my bike riding experiences. In our country there are different brands available for motorcycles. Every brand has different segments based on the CC limitations. Based on that cc mileage and the overall performance also differs. In our country the popularity of motorcycles are getting higher every day. To cope up with the trend and time new bikes are arriving on regular basis. Among them people are choosing their own motorcycles. I personally think that this vehicle not only makes us happy with the pleasurable riding but also it helps us at different situations. Because of that reason I cannot pass a single day without my motorcycle. I always keep the thing with me. For this vehicle I can save my important time as well.

Before I start about my bike riding experience let me introduce myself first, I am MD. Anik Ali. I am a service holder by the profession and for that reason I have to travel travel a lot because I am a sells man of my company. The name of my motorcycle Hero Glamour 125 cc. five months back my company has provided this motorcycle for me. I use this motorcycle for my personal use as well. For fast communication this motorcycle is well to go with. Within this five months I have crossed 8500 kilometers. So I am hopping after reading this review of mine you guys will know better than before about Hero Glamour 125.

Firstly I must say the design of my motorcycle is fantastic. Watching this bike from a good distance may feel confused you whether its 125cc or not, it looks like 150cc. According to me and my use the build quality is very strong and durable. Body parts and used plastics are durable enough to support the user for long term. Fuel tanker is also larger enough to make the body design attractive and for that it looks like a 150cc bike as well.

I am getting excellent engine performance from Hero glamour 125. The engine is very powerful. I never feel any obstacles with the engine. Even when I ride with a pillion or more I never feel short of power indeed. Engine sound is also perfect to me and I never found over heating problem. So luckily in a word I can say the engine performance is just awesome.

Now let’s talk about the mileage of my bike. I didn’t know the exact mileage claimed by the company because I was not their when this bike was purchased. As I said this bike is provided by the company I work for. I am getting 55 KM/L mileage at this moment and I think as a 125cc bike I am getting excellent mileage. I am happy with the mileage range of my bike.

Now one thing I have to say about and that is the comfort. The seat height of this motorcycle is little bit higher than the others and for that small height peoples may face problems while riding this bike but I never felt this as a problem at all. At the starting the seating position of this bike I mean the seat was harder to seat on but currently it is softer enough. I can easily and comfortably ride on it for long time. It has a long seat and for that two pillions can easily hop on. Handle bar is perfectly combined with the set of this bike and for that I never feel short of comfort while my riding. This bike holds disc brakes at the front and for that the controlling is also very perfect for me. Tires are also very good looking and they offers excellent gripping as well. And for that reason when I ride my bike at good speed I can easily hit the brakes without facing any skidding. I have to ride at the off kind of roads sometimes along with city roads and I never feel that much of vibration or shaking because it has excellent suspensions as well. In one day I have travel 200 kilometers and I have got 90 KM/H top speed from this motorcycle. I was really comfortable during at the top speed riding. I never feel tired riding this bike for long time. With this motorcycle I traveled Puthia, Rajshahi, Charghat, Arani, Taherpur and many more places and all those were in one day. Headlamp offers great light for night time riding and the other electrical features along with their operating switches are good looking and user friendly.

I have serviced my motorcycle at the Taherpur servicing center and I really like the environment they have. My bikes chain get lose very early and I fix this problem from them. Without that I never faced any bigger problems till now. Changing the engine oil, and regular checking part are also done on that servicing center. So I must say they are well capable for solving the problems of my motorcycle.

At present the price of Hero Glamour 125cc is lower than before. And for that reason I think the demand of this bike is getting higher and people are getting interested for that. So finally I would like to say if someone is searching and want to have a mileage friendly and well performing motorcycle for them they can go for this one. Hopefully you will not be disappointed at all because this motorcycle truly offers excellent overall performance which I am getting.
Thank you all.

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