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Hero Glamour user review by Motiur Rahman
2018-06-18 Views: 2128
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Hero Glamour user review by Motiur Rahman


In our country most of the village living peoples face transportation problem and they cannot move from one place to another that easily, I am also a villager and I face this problem too, and to solve this kind of problem I made my mind to have my own motorcycle. I am MD Motiur Rahman and I do business for my livelihood. Nowadays motorcycle is my part and parcel of my daily life. For completing my business works and for traveling with my family I bought this bike. I am thanking team motorcycle valley for giving me a chance to say something about my experiences with my motorcycle. I have forgotten to say the name of my bikes name, the bike I am using now is also my first motorcycle and it is named

Hero Glamour 125cc. I am using this bike for almost eight months and within this time I am connected with my motorcycle by the heart. As I said this is my first very own motorcycle and for that reason this review is also my first one. So please forgive me if any mistakes are seen, so let us not waste time and start the story.

The first thing I care about and I think about a bike is the outlooks and design. I guess not only me other riders also watches the same thing. Luckily this bike comes with wonderful design as a 125c bike which suits with all. Build quality is also good I think. After using this bike I think the body parts are very strong of this bike. I am hoping they will offer me long lasting support. Overall Body plastics design and build quality all is perfect to me. Combination of the fuel tanker and headlamp make the design more charming. Everyone likes the design of this bike.


As a 125cc motorcycle the engine quality of this bike is perfect. No major problems are seen at the engine and no bad sound or extra heating is also noticed till now. Even after riding it for a long time these problems are not seen and mainly I bought this bike for long riding. Not only that this engine is offering me excellent mileage and speed.

Now I want to say something about the control and comfort of this motorcycle. This is truly a comfortable motorcycle I have to admit. Combination of the riding seat and the handle bar is perfectly made which offer great comfort. Without the suspensions makes sure that I can have a relaxed ride. Even at the rough road conditions or broken roads I don’t feel that much of shaking. I also get excellent support from this bike at the night journey too; headlamp offers great light for me. Electrical switches placed at the handle bar are also charming and easy for using. This bike not only offers me relaxed ride but also provides good controlling. I am using it for eight months and never felt any kind of vibration. Front and rear both the brakes work perfectly and the tyres are also very well gripped. They don’t skids while hard braking conditions. I can ride this bike with two pillions and the seat is wider and softer so no problems. I have speeded up this bike up to 100 KM/H but never feel short of controlling or lack of comfort. Once I made 300 Kilometers ride with my bike and I feel back pain after I finished. These problems occurs in every motorcycle after riding over it for a long time so I didn’t bothered that much and I am pleased with the comfort and control of my bike.

One of the major issues of a bike is the mileage and now I am going to say about that matter. While purchasing this bike from the showroom they claimed that this bike will offer me 50-55 KM/L mileage and currently I am having the same mileage. For 125cc bike this type of mileage range is perfect and I am totally satisfied. No complaints and no demands.

According to me if the servicing center quality is not up to the mark than the reputation of that motorcycle or manufacturing company is worthless. But one of the most interesting thing about my bike is the servicing center quality is on top of things, after I visited there I realized they are well behaved and capable for fixing all the required problems. They are full of instruments and quality mechanics as well. I really like the place and their working ability, I am pleased.

After using it for eight months and based on the features performances I think the price is not perfect, it is little bit advanced, so I will request to the company for reducing this bikes price a bit for their betterment and for better sell.

Pleasing mileage, amazing design as 125cc, perfect after sells service, useful for long time use, excellent engine performance and effective braking and suspensions.
Price is higher than the performance and features.

So finally I have come to an end of my story and these all were m very own experiences with my bike. If someone wants to have a well designed and good mileage providing bike than they can definitely go for this bike, you won’t be disappointed I guess.
Be safe, ride safe.

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