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Yamaha FZS Fi v2 user review by Chakma Srabon Bangla Version
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Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Yamaha FZS Fi v2 user review by Chakma Srabon


Hello guys I am Chakma Srabon, for many days I was thinking to write down a review about my bike but for many reasons I cannot. Today I have decided to finish that job, so I beg of Marcy if any mistakes are seen.

It was 9-4-2017 when I purchased this bike named Yamaha FZS-V2 Fi (shark white). Till now I have ridden 7100 Kilometer with this bike and among those roaming I traveled Bandarban Dim Mountain, Nil Giri Mountain side, Marisas Kaptay Panchuri, Feni, Rangamati Hill and many more places. For reaching those places I have to travel onto different categories of roads and I would say I was comfortable enough to make those journeys with my bike. For the comfortable seating position and the handle bar I was relaxed at the riding period and I didn’t face any difficulties because of the wider tires blind cornering at the hills. Most importantly I trust the braking and controlling ability of FZS blind folded and both these didn’t disappointed me.

Until now I haven’t placed my bike for the servicing, reason behind that is people says after servicing bikes performance got reduced. Without cleaning the FI after 2700 Kilometers I haven’t done any kind of bigger servicing, not even change the air filter, engine oil filter etc as well. I am getting satisfactory performance so I didn’t think any kind of servicing is required now. I am getting 45+ mileages at the city roads and I have personally got 52 KM/L mileage at the highways. Along with that at the top speed I got 114 KM/H speed, I am pleased with both.


Everything was perfect, but difficulties didn’t knock the door, it comes all of certain. Once I made a trip for 160 kilometers which was Rangamati- Chittagong, and after I reached my house I saw my bikes chain got loosen and it was striking with the side stand. After seeing this I complained at the ACI motors official page and they gave me their words to change the chain. After that I visited the motorcycle gallery, agrabad placed at Chittagong at 29-6-2017 and because of the excellent working skill of Minhaj Vai I got my bikes chain replaced after only 2734 kilometers run. After that bikes performance enhanced. Later than solving this crucial problem I was really pleased over ACI and motorcycle galleries after sells service.

For better performance and according to the guideline provided by the showroom I first changed the engine oil after 400 kilometers and it was Yamaha Lube 10-40. After that I changed the oil 1200 kilometers and later than at 2000 kilometers. But actually I was not satisfied with that Yamaha lube because engine got overheated very early; within just 20 kilometers I can feel the heat during riding. And the smoothness was not seen of the engine because of that Yamaha lube. Later one of my respectful brother Sobuj vai recommended me Synthetic engine oil named Motul 7100 (10w-40) and I used as well. Engine performance changed in a glance and I started to feel the real impact of FI technology and also the engine heating problem was gone too. After I put this engine oil gear shifting and the engine sound becomes really smooth and I just loved it.

Few peoples says the engine sound of FI series is not that pleasant and many more gossip but if you can maintain your bike I think it will not let you down with its performance and you will be satisfied. Yes this bike do have problems with the chain, it has low ground clearance and for that reason it got stuck at the speed breakers if you carry heavy load at the pillion seat and it has also lack of power than the other 150cc bikes but taking a good care and maintenance will give you satisfactory performance and these minor problems can be ignored and also ACI motors are there to solve your problems. So don’t listen to those who talks about the Fi series without any kind of experience. Firstly ride this bike then talk about the problems.

Finally I would like to say I am totally satisfied with this bike, braking, controlling, mileage, engine sound, looks all are outstanding. And I have decided to change the Air filter, Oil Filter, and Plug so hopefully the performance will improve more. Over all I will rate this bike 8 out of ten.

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