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Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Yamaha FZS Fi user review by Ayon Rahman


Assalamu Alaikum,

Hope you all are doing well. Very often I saw people want to know about Yamaha FI bikes, good sides or bad sides, they should take it or not etc and I think this post will help those peoples today. My bike has already run 5600 Kilometers so you guys can also take this post as review.

I purchased this bike 1st January 2017 and it was 2016 model FZ alligator green color. Till now I have faced very few problems, so firstly let’s talk about the good sides.

Good sides:

1. I think the best side of this bike is its controlling. If you are not an expert rider it is not a matter of fact. New riders can also control this bike very easily. Excellent controlling with great cornering movement will give you advanced confidence surly.

2. Alhamdulillah I am satisfied with the brakes of this bike, it will provide as much support you need.

3. Talking about the acceleration I would say it varies, because I love it but it isn’t necessary that you will also do. It is true that this bike didn’t have instant pickup like Gixxer or Apache but those who want to ride their bikes on average speed it is more than perfect. This bike speed up very smoothly and the acceleration is leaner. I have got 112 KM/H top speed with this bike.

4. Pillion seat of this bike is really comfortable; pillion doesn’t face any difficulties to seat behind the rider.

5. Better quality suspension and absorbs almost very shaking of different roads.

6. For city riding headlamp is perfect but need to add some extra light for the highways.

7. This bike is really fuel efficient, no matters how you ride your bike you will get 40-45 KM/L mileage for sure and some people gets more than this.

8. Overall the FI engine and Blue core technology will provide you comfortable and vibration less engine performance.

Now let us talk about the bad sides of this bike.

Bad sides:

1. Worst build quality though I didn’t face any problem because of that. Many complain are heard about the build quality, low quality plastic, chassis, and other body parts. Side and rear plastics brooked down very early, even the rim got curved very early, this type of complains are also seen. This type of situation is unexpected from Yamaha.

2. Chain issue: Most interesting thing is everyone criticizes about the chain. Few people said they didn’t have any space left to loosen the chain of their bike. This thing gets more amusing when we see the ACI policy.

3. Engine of this bike is weaker than other 150cc bikes. To make this bike fuel efficient engine output of this bike got reduced. It was not necessary. V1 provided 35 KM/L mileage and this bike was sold rapidly so this type of power reduction was not needed.

4. People say engine sound of this bike changed after sometime and it is true. I am not concern about the sound so I didn’t noticed. But after 2500 kilometers I faced this problem.

5. If the meter holds few more features than it would be perfect such as gear indicator and time.

6. Few people complained that the color of their bikes body and engine gone away which is really disappointing. By the grace of Allah still now I didn’t faced this unwanted problem.


I maintain 1500 kilometers as the break-in period for this bike. I have ridden the first 500 kilometers less than at 4.5 RMP, then the next 500 at 6.5 RMP and the last 500 kilometers 7.5 RMP. I changed the engine oil after 600 kilometers for the first time and then 1300 kilometers and then 1900. Every time I changed the engine oil I changed the filter.

I installed the V1 model chain at my bike after 1900 kilometer and after 1400 kilometers I changed my bike into dual pickup. I use Motul 7100 engine oil at present. Engine is still untouched. Alhamdulillah I am satisfied. If Allah wants so I want to ride this bike for 50000 kilometers.

So these were my own sayings s about FZ-S FI

Stay safe.

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