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Yamaha FZS Fi v2 user review by Abdur Rahman
2018-07-15 Views: 484
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Yamaha FZS Fi v2 user review by Abdur Rahman


I always have a dream to buy a bike which will be fast and it can take to my destination with in no time. For this reason I have love one of the best 150cc bike named Yamaha FZ-S and I bought this bike for me as well. For two years I am using this motorcycle and within these two years I have crossed 24000 kilometers run with my bike. I am Abdur rahman and I am a businessman. This is the third motorcycle of my life which I own. Before this motorcycle I have used Bajaj Discover 135 and TVS Metro 100. Those bikes were good but not for fast riding. For my business purpose I have to travel on daily basis. And for that reason I bought this bike which will make my ways easier. Today I am going to share my two years bike riding experiences with this motorcycle and I am thanking team motorcycle valley for creating me this opportunity. I think after reading my opinion not only the users as well as the manufacturing company will find out what are the remaining problem of this bike and they will try to fix those as early as possible. But before I start I want to ask for mercy if any mistakes are seen in my sayings because it is my first review. So let us not waste time and begin.

Before purchasing a motorcycle we must check out the looks and design, because not everyone has the same choice. Based on the design I truly like this bike the most. According to me the build quality is also very perfect. Overall design and graphics will be liked by all I guess so. Body plastics and every body parts are very durable and no complaints with the design so overall it comes with amazing outlook that I must say.

Now I will say something about the engine. As the engine is consider as the heart of a vehicle and my bike holds a good heart. This motorcycle comes with powerful engine and it is offering great performance too. It has fast acceleration and I am happy with this thing. Not only that no extra bad noise and overheating is also not found from this engine. I truly like the engine sound which is really good.

I haven’t faced any big problems with my bike and it is one of the best for fast communication and smooth riding. But the fuel consumption of this engine is really high, according to the other performance the mileage of this bike is not that much satisfactory. Talking about the mileage I must say it really an important thing for a biker. When I bought this bike from the showroom they claimed that I will get 50 KM/L mileage but now I am getting 40 KM/L. at the off types of road the mileage reduces more. Though I enjoy everything of my bike but as a 150cc bike the mileage should be more, I am not totally pleased with the mileage.

Talking about the enjoyment I forget to say about the comfort so now I am going to say about it. Seating position of this motorcycle is not that much good because not more than two peoples can ride at this bike. But the riding seat is softer and very comfortable to seat on it. Seat height is good and I face no problems to touch my both feet on the ground perfectly. Even at the night journey I am comfortable with this bike because I get good light from the headlamp and I can see everything clear. I want to talk about the top speed which I have got 110 KM/H from this bike. This bike didn’t vibrate at top speed like the other ones. I don’t prefer high speed riding so if it contains the vibrate problem I have no problem with it. In one day I have ride 150 kilometers with this bike and actually I was comfortable with this bike on that time. Suspension of this bike are beyond doubt effective and even at the rough roads I never feel that much shaking which other bikes cannot give. Tyres of this bike are very wider and for the disc brakes I can control it at any conditions. No skidding problem because the tyres have excellent grip. Looking glasses also placed perfectly and they support me a lot for watching my back.

After two months of purchasing the chain set started to trouble me a lot. After I service this problem from the servicing center this problem was gone away. Without that I haven’t faced nay bigger problems like this. I clean the plug nearby my house. But I must say the servicing quality; environment of the authorized servicing center of Yamaha is good. Even their behavior was also very pleasing to me.

Based on the performance and the quality of this bike the price tag it holds is way higher to me. If it gets lessen than the customer will pay more interest in this bike. So I would like to request the company for reducing the price of this bike. I guess doing that will increase the demand of this bike and as well as the sell.

Good sides:
- Excellent engine performance
- Perfect design.
- Good controlling and comfort.
- Effective suspension.
- Fast acceleration.
- Durable body parts and good after sells service.
Bad sides:
- Bad seating position.
- High fuel Cost.
- Based on the performance higher price.

Finally I would like to say if anyone is interested about this bike you can go for it undoubtedly. For fast and better traveling this bike is perfect. It also offers excellent controlling and engine performance.
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