Suzuki Gixxer 150 Motorcycle Review by Mahmudur Rahman
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Suzuki Gixxer 150 Motorcycle Review by Mahmudur Rahman

Suzuki Gixxer ReviewI am Mahmudur Rahman and I live in a small city named Rajshahi. From the very start of my childhood I was attracted to different kinds of vehicles like the other kids. Day by day when my age was increasing my attraction was diverted to only one vehicle which is motorcycle. When my age was fourteen I learned to ride motorcycle from my uncle. Since then I used to ride my father’s motorcycle whenever got chance. After I passed my higher secondary exams my father bought me a bike named Suzuki Gixxer 150 which I always wanted. Since the arrival of this bike at the local market I wanted to buy this bike. For many reasons I want to buy this bike major of them is its superior outlooks and extraordinary design with color combination. Features of this bike are also very attractive overall it was my dream bike in our country perception. From bellow the lines I will split my own experience about this motorcycle which will be helpful to other users.

Riding experience with my motorbike:

If I have to say about the riding experience of mine I have to say it is very enjoyable. I have enjoyed a lot with my bike in different journeys at different roads. I generally use my bike for city traveling and I get good controlling and riding experience without any hesitation. I have travelled few long journeys and all of them were very good I mean to say I didn’t face any kind of difficulty. I travelled around 160 KM in one day. At long journeys this bike can provide comfortness but not for very long this is one of the major problem and this thing causes because of its sitting position. So I will suggest that very long journeys will not be so much comfortable with this type of bike in my opinion.

Performance of the engine:

In my personal view with engine performance of my bike it can be said that I am totally satisfied. My bike is giving me good support after two year with its engine. With Single Cylinder, Air cooling Four Strokes SOHC engine this bike can produce 14.8ps@8000 rpm max power and 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm max torque. Because of this reason my bike provides me higher quality performance without any improbability. For past two years I am using this bike and I haven’t faced any big problem with the engine.

Speed and mileage:

I think we all know that top speed is one of the great issues for the sports category motorcycles and mileage is the second attention. I am pleased with both sides with my bike. From the very beginning this bike is always best at its top speed. I have exit the speed of 125 KM/H with this bike and I was very comfortable at that situation. This bike doesn’t disappoint me at all the mileage performance. I have got 40 plus KM/L mileage from the beginning to at present. But in total I am satisfied with my bikes mileage and speed there is no doubt about it.

Braking side of my bike:

My bike gives very effective braking and for the comfort it has good suspensions. At the brakes it has Disc brakes at the front side and Drum Brakes at the rear side. This type of braking is really very effective at different types of situation. This bike also contains good suspensions I have experienced by my own. So in my judgment this bike contains good brakes and suspension which are helpful to different situations. No riders will disappoint with its performance.

The way I take care of my bike:

This bike is my dream bike and I take great care of my bike because I just love it. I wash my bike with water, others instruments and shining creams at least twice in a month and regular cleaning is a daily part of my life. After running 1000 KM I always change the engine oil for the better performance of my bike. And I use my bike very carefully at the busy roads.


-0-60 KM speed at 8/10 sec
- Durable and parts are long lasting.
- Strong and durable enough as sports category bike.

-Sitting position is not so comfortable - Only one rider pillion can be carried.

So at last I can say I am totally satisfied with the performance of this bike and others riders can use this bike without facing any bigger problems at all.

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