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Suzuki Bike Price in BD 2021

This is Suzuki bike brand over view page decorated with Suzuki bike price in bd, all available model of Suzuki , Suzuki bd showrooms as well as Suzuki bike user reviews and video reviews.


Suzuki Bike Price in BD 2021

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Suzuki Bike price in BD 2021

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S.N. Bike Name Engine CC Price in Bangladesh
1 New Suzuki Gixxer SF Carburetor 155cc Tk. 271950 Details
2 New Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS 155cc Tk. 291950 Details
3 New Suzuki Gixxer SF Special Edition 155cc Tk. 291950 Details
4 Suzuki Access 125 Disc 124cc Tk. 145000 Details
5 Suzuki Access 125 Drum 124cc Tk. 140000 Details
6 Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition 124cc Tk. 164950 Details
7 Suzuki Bandit 150 147.3cc Tk. 319950 Details
8 Suzuki Bandit Dual Channel ABS 147.3cc Tk. 349950 Details
9 Suzuki Burgman Street 124cc Tk. 249000 Details
10 Suzuki Gixxer 154.9cc Tk. 174950 Details
11 Suzuki Gixxer 155 2019 155cc Tk. 224950 Details
12 Suzuki Gixxer 155 Fi ABS 155cc Tk. 244950 Details
13 Suzuki Gixxer ABS 155cc Tk. 244950 Details
14 Suzuki Gixxer Carburetor 155cc Tk. 224950 Details
15 Suzuki Gixxer SF Carburetor 155cc Tk. 259950 Details
16 Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS 155cc Tk. 279950 Details
17 Suzuki GSX 125 125cc Tk. 124950 Details
18 Suzuki GSX R 150 149cc Tk. 350000 Details
19 Suzuki GSX R Dual ABS 149cc Tk. 379950 Details
20 Suzuki GSX R Special Edition 149cc Tk. 395000 Details
21 Suzuki Hayate 112.8cc Tk. 94950 Details
22 Suzuki Hayate EP 113cc Tk. 99950 Details
23 Suzuki Hayate Special Edition 112.8cc Tk. 94950 Details
24 Suzuki Intruder ABS 154.9cc Tk. 275000 Details
25 Suzuki Intruder Fi ABS 154.9cc Tk. 299000 Details
26 Suzuki Lets 112.8cc Tk. 136917 Details
27 Suzuki Samurai 149.5cc Tk. 139950 Details

Why Suzuki?

Motorcycle Valley's Choice
Features of Suzuki
1. Japanese Brand
2.Attractive Design
3. Dedicated Service Line up
4. Spare Parts Availability
5. Good Resale Value

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Suzuki News

Suzuki Bike Bangladesh Price of October 2021
Suzuki Bike Bangladesh Price of October 2021
MotorcycleValley 2021-10-10
Suzukistrives to make their bike available in every sector. Generally, the young generation has more craze for Suzuki motorcycles ...
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Suzuki's Commuter Fest now is in Autumn
Suzuki's Commuter Fest now is in Autumn
MotorcycleValley 2021-10-04
Suzuki Commuter Fest offers attractive cashback. This offer includes Suzuki Hayate EP, Suzuki GSX 125 and Suzuki Samuraibikes with...
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Suzuki Bike Reviews

New Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS User Review by Jafour Islam

Suzuki Gixxer has always been one of my favorite. Ever since this bike first came on the market, I had a wish to buy this bike for...

English Bangla
Suzuki Gixxer SF Carburetor User Review by Hridoy

I have loved riding bikes for a long ago. Going to a stage while riding a bike, the love for bikes grows even more and the desire ...

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Latest Video of Suzuki

বাংলাদেশে সদ্য লঞ্চ হওয়া সুজুকি সামুরাই সুজুকির একটি ঐতিহ্যবাহী বাইক। পুরাতন বাইকটিকে নতুনরূপে নিয়ে এলো সুজুকি। ১৫০সিসি কমিউটার বাইক হিসেবে বাইকটি সকলের আস্থা অর্জন করবে বলে আশা করা যায়।
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Suzuki Showrooms Bangladesh

About Suzuki
As to mention some popular bike brands in Bangladesh, almost in the top of the list Suzuki will make their position in the Bangladeshi market of the bikes. If we take a look on the road, we will find that Suzuki has a huge popularity in the Bangladesh. This brand has a little history of ups and down in Bangladesh.

Suzuki is mainly a Japanese brand which was established/started its journey on the year of 1909. This company was in the duty to produce cars, motorcycles ATVs as well as marine engines. At present they are making their activity around 192 countries.

India/Indian subcontinent is one of the important markets of the Suzuki. India is parting as the agent of the Suzuki Japan. They follow the same way to produce Suzuki bikes. On the question about the Bangladeshi market? Rancon Motors Limited is playing the key role in the market of Bangladesh. Rancon Motors Limited is the sole distributor in Bangladesh. Suzuki brand is imported by the Rancon Motors Limited. This company is a part of the Rangs group. Rangs group is one of the most important in the business of Bangladesh. It is very well known to the people of the Bangladesh. Day by day it is making its business position higher and higher.

Here is the showroom address of the Rancon Motors Limited: 387, Tejgaon I/A 1208 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

About the matter of the Suzuki? It was a popular bike in the time of 1990, after this time it was stopped in the Bangladesh. No one/ no company were importing this brand any more. From the recent time, Rancon Motors Limited that means Rangs group importing this brand and now this bike makes a revolution in the market of the bike by its tremendous look outstanding design and exciting performance also with many more features. Specially, this bike has made a great demand and attraction to the young people. There is no need to introduce the quality of the bikes of the Suzuki we think. You can see often in the road that very old model of Suzuki still running with its proud air. That means this brand had strong back ground and that help it to stand up now in a very easy way. It becomes hard to back the eye from this bike. You know, at this time market become very competitive that no brand can stand in the market if they don’t have any stylish look at the same time; each company has to make the standard bike that makes them grab all the customers to them.

Popular model of Suzuki bikes in Bangladesh are:
Suzuki Gixxer SF
Suzuki Gixxer
Suzuki GSX R 150 ,
Suzuki Lets
Suzuki Access
Suzuki Hayate.

There are two more scooters in their product list which are not so popular yet. But these bikes of the Suzuki are very much well known at the root level of Bangladeshi people.
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Best of Suzuki

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