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Suzuki Motorcycles

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  • Suzuki service points to go home on bike! Trouble free!
    To ensure that you get the best in class service, Suzuki expert service engineers and technicians will be waiting for you on four different points on different highways! Hatikumrul, Sirajganj Service Engineer: 01787686995 Bhelanagar, Narsingdi Service Engineer: 01704120614 Goaland Mor, Rajbari Service Engineer: 01709632796 Cantonment, Comilla Service Engineer: 01704120606 From the 12th till the 14th June 2018, from 8 am til... English Bangla
  • Suzuki EID Offer, Smartphone with every Gixxer
    In this Eid, Suzuki has come with a lucrative offer for its Gixxer customers, Samsung J1 NXT PRIME Smartphone gift with every Gixxer/Gixxer SF 2017 model. The offer is applicable for limited time at the specified model. Contact Suzuki Showroom for more details. Or call: 01755662288 ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Intruder in Rajshahi
    A long waited and discussed “Suzuki Intruder” has officially opened (08-05-2018) in the local market of Bangladesh which puts an end of a big part of waiting of amateur bikers. On the other hand, this turns a new milestone in the market of Cruiser bikes. “Suzuki Intruder” opened officially for sale in Rajshahi in “KR Bike Center” where was present the Proprietor of KR Bike Center MR. Abu Hossain Siddiki Kowel”, Founder a... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Intruder launched in Bangladesh
    Suzuki, Rancon Motorbikes Ltd. brings the new Suzuki Intruder 150cc for the first time in Bangladesh, which is a mascular looking modern cruiser bikes. On the 8th of May, 2018 the main launching event took place at the Suzuki Flagship Showroom along with nationwide launching events. The new Intruder offers a low riding position to the rider for comfortable riding experience. It is also features modern technologies like Anti-lock Braking Syste... English Bangla
  • Mega Discount Offer by Suzuki at Bijoy Dibosh 2017
    A mega offer is bring in by Suzuki at the month of victory. At present days if we look down at the Bangladeshi motorcycle market we will see many of the motorcycle companies reduced their motorcycle prices to provide motorcycles to every kind of users. Based on that purpose many of the dream bikes are now in hands motorcycle lovers. And now Suzuki has done the same and reduced their motorcycle prices on the eve of victory month of our count... English Bangla
Suzuki motorcycle reviews
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  • Suzuki Gixxer SF user review by Asaduzzaman Hamim
    My name is Asaduzzaman Hamim and I am basically a student. My current location is in Laxmipur area of Rajshahi city. I use my own bike and my current bike is Suzuki Gixxer SF 150cc. It is not so long since I am using this one purchased this one, just 2.5 months. As because I love to ride bike, my bike already traveled near around 2220 kilometers in these 2 months or so. I was used to with 2/3 ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF user review by Zubair Mubin
    As to go with the flow of time, a person need so many thing to complete his basic needs according to the times demand. Motorcycle is something like thing and this is not going to be wrong if we mention motorcycle as a basic need of the modern time. I used to run motorcycle from my childhood. I had a bike then which name was Bajaj Caliber 100cc and learned to ride a bike through this one. I was... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Intruder user review by Fayez Ahammad
    Motorcycle is something like a basic need in the matter of road transport for the common people but there is no well known cruiser bike in and those are available, are not so attractive from both upper and dipper surface. I have seen a cruiser bike Indian which known as the Suzuki Intruder and I just amazed to see thats outlook. Suzuki declaring this one as the Modern Cruiser. Meanwhile, I was... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer user review by Asif Sultan
    Well viewers, my name is Asif Sultan and generally I am a student. I am a local boy of Rajshahi, my location is in Shiroil of Rajshahi city. To be frank on the matter of bikes, it is something like addiction from the childhood. Even I like to watch riding a bike and a hardcore wish come into my mind to have a bike of my own. Although, I didn't have such chance but I never let any chance to go ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF user review Jahid Hasan Joy
    Assalamu Alaikum, I am MD. Jahid Hasan (Joy) and I mainly a student. My location is in Rajpara of Rajshahi City. It was something like a passion for me to the bike from the early of my childhood. When someone ride bike in front of me, I just feel boundless joy and always think to have my own. Same time, I always kept a dream to be a rider from my early age. I learn to ride motorbike through ... English Bangla
As to mention some popular bike brands in Bangladesh, almost in the top of the list Suzuki will make their position in the Bangladeshi market of the bikes. If we take a look on the road, we will find that Suzuki has a huge popularity in the Bangladesh. This brand has a little history of ups and down in Bangladesh.

Suzuki is mainly a Japanese brand which was established/started its journey on the year of 1909. This company was in the duty to produce cars, motorcycles ATVs as well as marine engines. At present they are making their activity around 192 countries.

India/Indian subcontinent is one of the important markets of the Suzuki. India is parting as the agent of the Suzuki Japan. They follow the same way to produce Suzuki bikes. On the question about the Bangladeshi market? Rancon Motors Limited is playing the key role in the market of Bangladesh. They are the sole distributor in Bangladesh. Suzuki brand is imported by the Rancon Motors Limited. This company is a part of the Rangs group. Rangs group is one of the most important in the business of Bangladesh. It is very well known to the people of the Bangladesh. Day by day it is making its business position higher and higher. You can get more information from their website:

Here is the showroom address of the Rancon Motors Limited: 387, Tejgaon I/A 1208 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

About the matter of the Suzuki? It was a popular bike in the time of 1990, after this time it was stopped in the Bangladesh. No one/ no company were importing this brand any more. From the recent time, Rancon Motors Limited that means Rangs group importing this brand and now this bike makes a revolution in the market of the bike by its tremendous look outstanding design and exciting performance also with many more features. Specially, this bike has made a great demand and attraction to the young people. There is no need to introduce the quality of the bikes of the Suzuki we think. You can see often in the road that very old model of Suzuki still running with its proud air. That means this brand had strong back ground and that help it to stand up now in a very easy way. It becomes hard to back the eye from this bike. You know, at this time market become very competitive that no brand can stand in the market if they don’t have any stylish look at the same time; each company has to make the standard bike that makes them grab all the customers to them.

Popular model of Suzuki bikes in Bangladesh are: Suzuki Gixxer SF, Suzuki Gixxer, Suzuki GS150R, Suzuki Slingshot plus and Suzuki Hayate.

There are two more scooters in their product list which are not so popular yet. But these bikes of the Suzuki are very much well known at the root level of Bangladeshi people.
Suzuki Showrooms Bangladesh
Showroom NameLocationDetails
Lahin MotorsNilphamariDetails
Momtaz MotorsRangpurDetails
Khan AutosSylhetDetails
Sahadat AutoJhenaidahDetails
Rasel Motors SuzukiTangailDetails
Bajaj MotorsShariatpurDetails
Apurbo TradersDhakaDetails
Union MotorsDhakaDetails
Sarkar Motors LimitedSirajganjDetails
Progoti MotorsGopalganjDetails
Mridula Trading CorporationChapai NawabganjDetails
Nafi TradersBograDetails
RDR MotorsDhakaDetails
RJ Royal MotorsManikganjDetails
Eastern AutomobilesKhulnaDetails
Rasel MotorsTangailDetails
Ani Bike LtdGazipurDetails
SR Motor CorporationKhulnaDetails
Chaklader MotorsJessoreDetails
Eshan MotorsGazipurDetails
M.H MotorsNarsingdiDetails
Jahangir MotorsDhakaDetails
Auto King Bike PointDhakaDetails
Nahar EnterpriseDhakaDetails
Karim Motor HouseSatkhiraDetails
Najim Uddin MotorsNoakhaliDetails
Alomdanga MotorsChuadangaDetails
Simon MotorsKishoreganjDetails
M/S Taj EnterpriseNetrakonaDetails
M.H MotorsNarsingdiDetails
S S EnterpriseGazipurDetails
Jahangir MotorsDhakaDetails
RS Royal MotorsManikganjDetails
Karnaphuli MotorsDhakaDetails
Kazi MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Nasir AutosDhakaDetails
Karnaphuli MotorsDhakaDetails
Bapari MotorsFaridpurDetails
Munmun MotorsPabnaDetails
Sabbir MotorsBagerhatDetails
Khan MotorsBrahmanbariaDetails
Haydar MotorsPanchagarhDetails
Nafi TradesBograDetails
Shafiq MotorsDhakaDetails
Karnaphuli MotorsDhakaDetails
Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
Akota EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
K R Bike CenterRajshahiDetails

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