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Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki Motorcycles

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Suzuki News
  • Suzuki Introduces All New Gixxer Series: Born of Greatness!
    Born of greatness! With this tagline Suzuki launches all new series of Gixxer models. After a long awaited time period they are introducing the all new Gixxer SF and Gixxer! Claim the Born of Greatness Now, as of yours! Since the arrival of Suzuki Gixxer series, these bikes are not only popular in India, but also they have large number of users in Bangladesh. For the last few years Gixxer series reached a milestone for being one of the best ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer is coming in new way
    Suzuki Bangladesh is going to launch all the new Gixxer series in Bangladesh. Over the past 2 days they have been teasing us with some pictures on their Facebook Page which suggest to us that they will launch the new Suzuki Gixxer series early next month. Suzuki Gixxer is one of the best selling 150-160 cc segmented motorcycle in Bangladesh. Rancon Motorbikes Ltd launched the Gixxer in Bangladesh back in 2015. Over the years Gixxer went t... English Bangla
  • Suzuki bikes at an unbelievable price
    Suzuki! A name of trust and popularity. If we talk about Bangladeshi market Suzuki Gixxer is one of the popular model, which why Suzuki just set an unbelievable price for GIXXER DOUBLE DISC. Now it is available at TK 179950 only, it was previously priced TK 199950. Suzuki always tries to bring happiness for their customers; even we are in a pandemic situation they are trying to make sure that Suzuki lovers get the best deal for their safe ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Eid Offer 2020
    May every life be safe, may the future path become easy with Suzuki's Eid offer, with this expectation Suzuki came up with a huge discount offer. Now you can get the Suzuki biked of your choice at more affordable price. All the motorcycle companies are trying to bring some assistance to all the bikers when everyone is frustrated because of the corona situation. No matter what is happening, regarding the enjoyment of EidSuzuki also brings i... English Bangla
  • Suzuki offer for the Corona (COVID-19) Fighters
    Another special offer from one of the trusted motorcycle brand Suzuki! Suzuki is giving special offers to all those Covid-19 fighters who are playing a leading role in fighting with Corona. For last few months the whole world is facing a disaster, because of COVID-19. Everything is lockdown and everyone including the industries and other renowned organizations are trying to help humanity. Bangladesh is also affected and everything has stop... English Bangla
Suzuki motorcycle reviews
    10 Reviews found
  • Suzuki GSX 125 Feature Review
    If we mention the popular bike brand surrounding the world we have to bring in Suzuki. They are one of the leading motorcycle manufacturer from Japan. No doubt, they introduced classy bikes over the year and they are still doing. They are mostly known for sports category bikes, like Suzuki GSX series. But countries like Bangladesh requires commuter segment bikes as well. So, they are offering a ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS First Impression Review by Rashed
    Suzuki is a famous motorcycle brand of Bangladesh. The Gixxer series of Suzuki is very popular in the market and the demand of this bike I also very high. According to the time and because of the demand of their customer they have brought some new bike of Gixxer series. Now I’m using one of that bike called Suzuki Gixxer ST FI ABS. I’m a businessman and because of my business I need to vi... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS Feature Review
    Ever since the gixxer series has launched, it created a new craze among the 150cc segment. A new fan base was made by Suzuki. In Bangladeshi market we were hearing a news that new edition of Gixxer series is about to arrive, which was launched earlier in India. Therefore, all the Gixxer and Suzuki lovers were waiting for the new era and finally the much awaited all new Gixxer series arrived in o... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer DD 17000km riding experiences by Babu
    Suzuki Gixxer is one of the famous motorcycles of Suzuki brand. I have noticed Suzuki bikes on the road of Bangladesh from my childhood. At that time the engine of those bikes were two stock and there design were also not become attractive but their performance and build quality was great. From that time I love this brand and now according to time and customers choice they are launching their ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Hayate 54000km riding experiences by Tanmoy Bhadra
    I am riding bike from 2010 and it is a subject of pleasure to me. With bike I can go anywhere easily and it is also time consuming too. From 2010 to 2020 I have a lot of experience about bike, I’m riding bike for almost 10 years and I always ride low CC bike. That’s why during this 10 years I have used a lot of low cc bikes. 3 years ago I have decided to purchase another bike and one of my... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF 29000km riding experiences by Aminul Islam Najib
    I desperately feel the necessity of a bike for my personal use. If we have a bike then we can visit any place with freedom on the other hand in order to refresh our mind there is no substitute of bike. I have noticed that many friends of mile go for bike tour and refresh their mind. I have decided to purchase a bike and that bike must have to be good. In the motorcycle market my eyes stuck on ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer 2000km riding experiences by Mahbubur Rahman Mithun
    After using my Bajaj Pulsar 150cc I start liking another bike and the name of that bike is Suzuki Gixxer. I have used by Bajaj Pulsar 150cc for four years and after using that bike for four year I wanted to change my bike. Over all I have decided to purchase Suzuki Gixxer. Whenever I get time I go for long tour and I have heard that Gixxed give good support on long journey. Till now I have rid... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Hayate user review by Sohag Ali
    I was always thinking to learn riding motorcycle only through my own bike but Japanese brands always in my heart whenever I think to have a motorcycle of my own. That is why when I am to purchase my personal one, I have chosen Suzuki Hayate 110cc as because I have listened a mind blowing praise about Suzuki Hayate 110cc. So I didn’t hesitate to purchase this one while I am on the showroom.... English Bangla
  • Suzuki GSX-R 6500km riding experiences by Kazi Zamal Hossain Jhon
    I love bike from my childhood. Whenever I saw that my brothers ride bike I also hoped that one day I will also purchase a bike and by the grace of my almighty till now I have used a lot of bikes. I can proudly said that I’m the only person in Rajshahi who has purchased every new bike which has arrived in Rajshahi. Just like that now I have purchased Suzuki GSXR 150. This bike first came in A... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF 7400km riding experiences by Atikur Rahman
    In student life ,everyone has a dream to purchase a bike and in this case i am not exceptional .Indeed i love bike riding .When i had not own bike i used my friend bike and seated him on my back for riding.One of my friend had a Gixxer DD bike; which i also used for riding,a number of days.After few days of riding it’s become my favorite one.On this purpose , I deside myself to purchase a Gi... English Bangla
As to mention some popular bike brands in Bangladesh, almost in the top of the list Suzuki will make their position in the Bangladeshi market of the bikes. If we take a look on the road, we will find that Suzuki has a huge popularity in the Bangladesh. This brand has a little history of ups and down in Bangladesh.

Suzuki is mainly a Japanese brand which was established/started its journey on the year of 1909. This company was in the duty to produce cars, motorcycles ATVs as well as marine engines. At present they are making their activity around 192 countries.

India/Indian subcontinent is one of the important markets of the Suzuki. India is parting as the agent of the Suzuki Japan. They follow the same way to produce Suzuki bikes. On the question about the Bangladeshi market? Rancon Motors Limited is playing the key role in the market of Bangladesh. They are the sole distributor in Bangladesh. Suzuki brand is imported by the Rancon Motors Limited. This company is a part of the Rangs group. Rangs group is one of the most important in the business of Bangladesh. It is very well known to the people of the Bangladesh. Day by day it is making its business position higher and higher. You can get more information from their website: http://www.suzuki.com.bd

Here is the showroom address of the Rancon Motors Limited: 387, Tejgaon I/A 1208 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

About the matter of the Suzuki? It was a popular bike in the time of 1990, after this time it was stopped in the Bangladesh. No one/ no company were importing this brand any more. From the recent time, Rancon Motors Limited that means Rangs group importing this brand and now this bike makes a revolution in the market of the bike by its tremendous look outstanding design and exciting performance also with many more features. Specially, this bike has made a great demand and attraction to the young people. There is no need to introduce the quality of the bikes of the Suzuki we think. You can see often in the road that very old model of Suzuki still running with its proud air. That means this brand had strong back ground and that help it to stand up now in a very easy way. It becomes hard to back the eye from this bike. You know, at this time market become very competitive that no brand can stand in the market if they don’t have any stylish look at the same time; each company has to make the standard bike that makes them grab all the customers to them.

Popular model of Suzuki bikes in Bangladesh are: Suzuki Gixxer SF, Suzuki Gixxer, Suzuki GS150R, Suzuki Slingshot plus and Suzuki Hayate.

There are two more scooters in their product list which are not so popular yet. But these bikes of the Suzuki are very much well known at the root level of Bangladeshi people.
Suzuki Showrooms Bangladesh

Suzuki Showrooms/dealers list in Bangladesh

109 showrooms
Showroom NameLocationDetails
Akota EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Runa EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Mridula Trading CorporationChapai NawabganjDetails
Bikerz ParadiseDhakaDetails
Jahangir MotorsDhakaDetails
Japan Bike CityDhakaDetails
Lucky MotorsDhakaDetails
MABS Union MotorsDhakaDetails
Moto SolutionDhakaDetails
Moto ZoneDhakaDetails
Motorcycle BitanDhakaDetails
Nahar EnterpriseDhakaDetails
New Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
Omega MotorsDhakaDetails
Rancon Motorbikes LtdDhakaDetails
Smart MotorsDhakaDetails
Sonargaon MotorsDhakaDetails
Timi EnterpriseDhakaDetails
Bismillah MotorsKhulnaDetails
SR Motor CorporationKhulnaDetails
Suzuki CornerKhulnaDetails
New Jessore TradingJessoreDetails
Modina MotorsGazipurDetails
Salma AutomobilesGazipurDetails
AJ Chowdhury & CoChittagongDetails
Al Arafah MotorsChittagongDetails
Hathazari MotorsChittagongDetails
KDA MotorsChittagongDetails
New Janata MotorsChittagongDetails
Rancon Motorbikes LtdChittagongDetails
SM MotorsChittagongDetails
Wafasaa AssociateChittagongDetails
Al Aksha MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Jony EnterpriseKishoreganjDetails
Jony MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Harun MotorsPabnaDetails
Khan AutosSylhetDetails
Kushiara AutosSylhetDetails
Kushiara MotorsSylhetDetails
Bike CornerBograDetails
Karma UnnayanBarisalDetails
SDL MotorsBarisalDetails
Fatema MotorsRajbariDetails
Nipa Motors & ElectronicsRajbariDetails
S.S. EnterpriseJamalpurDetails
Amena MotorsManikganjDetails
Sumon EnterpriseManikganjDetails
AM MotorsMymensinghDetails
Zam Zam MotorsMymensinghDetails
Rasel MotorsTangailDetails
Royal ConsortiumTangailDetails
Al Amin MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
LTM TradersCoxs BazarDetails
Labbaik MotorsBholaDetails
Nilkoamal MotorsBholaDetails
Khan SonsBrahmanbariaDetails
Chand AutoChandpurDetails
Mobarok MotorsChandpurDetails
SS MotorsComillaDetails
Jemi AutomobileFeniDetails
Sargam MotorsKhagrachhariDetails
Japan GalleryLakshmipurDetails
Noakhali MotorsNoakhaliDetails
Bapari MotorsFaridpurDetails
Golden MotorsFaridpurDetails
Jafor EnterpriseFaridpurDetails
Mizan EnterpriseMadaripurDetails
Biker BrothersNarayanganjDetails
Holy MotorsNarayanganjDetails
MH MotorsNarsingdiDetails
Taj EnterpriseNetrakonaDetails
Gold Star MotorsShariatpurDetails
Oshin MotorsSherpurDetails
Hoque EnterpriseBagerhatDetails
Saudi AutoChuadangaDetails
Nasir BrothersJhenaidahDetails
Shahadat AutoJhenaidahDetails
Royal AutoKushtiaDetails
Golden AutoMaguraDetails
Biswas Motors MeherpurDetails
Sabib Auto GalleryNarailDetails
New SR Motor CorporationSatkhiraDetails
Rasel TradingJoypurhatDetails
Bismillah MotorsNaogaonDetails
Haque MotorsNaogaonDetails
Mondol EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Zahid EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Ela Autos & ElectronicsNatoreDetails
One MotorsSirajganjDetails
AJ MotorsDinajpurDetails
Maisha EnterpriseDinajpurDetails
Nur Motors & ElectronicsDinajpurDetails
Affan EnterpriseGaibandhaDetails
Sonali Honda CenterGaibandhaDetails
Atoshi MotorsLalmonirhatDetails
Lahin MotorsNilphamariDetails
Sharif MotorsNilphamariDetails
Nahid & BrothersPanchagarhDetails
Momotaz MotorsRangpurDetails
Momtaz MotorsRangpurDetails
Shammi EnterpriseRangpurDetails
Mahadi MotorsThakurgaonDetails
K.R MotorsHabiganjDetails
KR MotorsHabiganjDetails
The Habiganj MotorsHabiganjDetails
Atlas AutoMaulvibazarDetails
Fariha CorporationSunamganjDetails
Monika Motorcycle GardenSunamganjDetails
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