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Service center is not up to the mark – Monirujjaman | Bajaj Discover 100 user


Well, its really nice to be here to introduce my bike for the shake of betterment of those who are thinking about “Bajaj Discover 100cc”. This will be a good news for those people that, I have been using this bike “Bajaj Discover 100cc” from the last 4 years or even. My name is MD. Monirujjaman and I am a Teacher and Principle of Jamnagar Degree College and at the same time, I am the Chairman of Nimpara Union, Bagha Upazila of Rajshahi district. I was used to with so many bikes before this one including Yamaha. Now the time to take a close look to my bike and this will be helpful enough for the new people I hope.

First of all lets talk about the Engine performance of this bike when the Engine is something like the heart of a bike. As I have mentioned in the upper part of this article that I have been using this bike from the last 4 years and I am happy to mention that I don't sense anything negative in the Engine so far. On the other hand, its design is like a classy design by which anyone can sit on it without thinking about his age. Meanwhile, its build quality is strong enough which give me the extra confident to ride this one whatever the road condition is.

On the matter of comfort of this bike? It is pretty amazing from this matter as its seating position is nicely comfortable and handlebar is finely combined with the seating position which allow me to ride this one with my confident. Switches on the handlebar is nice but the Self switch is not so good as it should be. Headlamps light would be better then as it is.

Control is good enough from my view so far as I never ride my bike in heavy speed but so far I piked up the speed I can't sense any vibration till then. Brakes are fine to have an excellent control over this bike same time, suspensions are also very fine to serve a comfortable ride ignoring the matter of road condition. When we are talking about the control of this one, then tyres are also an important part of control and the tyres of this bike has the grip enough to have a perfect control.

Now one of the most important part of the bike and it is about its mileage. In the current consequences of the mentality of the riders of Indian sub-continent, mileage is one of the most important question of any bike. Well, the mileage I am having from my “Bajaj Discover 100cc” is 60 kilometer per liter.

The next matter is about the service of the servicing center and I have uphold this matter with a great sorrow that I am totally upset with the system of the servicing center as they are not even willing to move without money.

Good sides:
- Less fuel consumption
- Have a nice and cool look
- Outstanding color and graphics design

Negative sides:
- Problem in the chain and its system which emerge an irritating noise

According to the quality, performance and service of this bike, its price is fine and clean from my view as a 100cc bike. When the matter to advice others who are serious to have this bike? I will advice you to have it with smile and without any major thinking as Bajaj is a world class and its service is really world why because you are not going to have bike which don't have any trifling problem in it.
Thanks to all.

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