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I will encourage to buy - Bajaj Discover 100cc user Mozid Uddin


Hello everyone this is MD.Mozid Uddin and I do business for my livelihood, I am from Natore, Rajshahi. For my own traveling and business purpose I always need a vehicle of my own and a bike is the best option for me I thought. So without wasting any time I bought a bike named Bajaj Discover 100. Luckily I had chosen one of the best 100cc commuters in our country I guess and I am really happy with the performance. I have been using this bike for few years and before that I had no bike of my own. Today i have got a chance to share my experiences with my bike because of motorcycle valley and really want to thank them for giving me this opportunity. As I already expressed that I am a business person and I really need a bike for my better transportation so I bought this bike as in this price range this is a very good and fuel economic bike I guess. I heard a lot about this bike and for better mileage this is the best option, the lovely design attracted me a lot and the comfort is more than enough in budget. So I grabbed this bike. Now I will share those things which I liked or disliked about this bike so far.

First things first I want to talk about the engine side. The engine performance is very good. I have faced a problem with the engine and it requires after fixing till now. That problem was the timing chain of the engine. Without that it provides good power and that is why no problem with the acceleration, mileage is one of the best parts and the smooth sound of this engine is also very satisfactory. Talking about the mileage I am getting 60 KM/L mileage from this bike at present. I think the mileage is very good as a 100cc motorcycle and I am glad to have it.

Undoubtedly Bajaj Discover 100 bike is a well designed commuter bike. Decent looks with charming color combination I just loved the design. The graphics on the fuel tank is really impressive. Over all the design is so much beautiful. There is no doubt about the build quality of this bike. Its parts are always available. In a word I would like to say it is a long lasting bike.

According to my opinion this is a very comfortable bike in such low price. The sitting passion and the handle bar give me better comfort for riding so that I can enjoy my rides. I never had any back pain for the sitting passion. The switches are good enough for using and the electrical are very supportive at the night condition, so nothing to worry about the comfort. Let us talk about the head lamp performance. The head lamp lights are enough for me to ride my way safe at the dark conditions. In very often I have ridden my bike in night and never feel any problems. So overall I am comfortable with my bike at any kind of roads and situations.

The controlling is very good but at top speed this bike vibrates a lot and that’s why I face problems. But I can control this bike because of the braking system; it is really good I think. It gets harder really early but I am okay with it. I have experienced very smooth rides on rough roads because the suspensions are very effective and perform nicely. The tyres are very well gripped and till now I haven’t experienced any skidding problem. Not only that with this bike I do not have to worry about the cornering or speedy riding with this bike.

As I said I have faced few problems with my bike and need to fix it so I visited the servicing center for few times and I didn’t like their service quality at all. I think Bajaj should improve their servicing quality and behavior as well.

Good sides:
- Very good mileage.
- Comfortable motorcycle.
- Good looking.

Bad sides:
- Timing chain problem of the engine.
- Chain set is not good at all.

Finally I will the price is perfect as the motorcycle is well featured, and the performance is satisfactory. If anyone wants to buy this motorcycle then he will not regret I think.
Thank you all,
Be safe, ride safe.

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