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Honda Livo user review by Shanto
2018-11-05 Views: 1107
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 5000-10000km

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Honda Livo user review by Shanto


I am MD.Shanto, I am a student and along with my study I help my father with his business as well. The name of my motorcycle which I am using these days is Honda Livo 110. Mainly this bike was bought for traveling with family and for my father’s business work purpose. So I and my father both use this bike whenever we need.

This is the first motorcycle of my life and I am using it for the last ten months. Within these ten months I have used this bike for seven thousand kilometers though my father also uses this bike sometimes. So overall the meter is showing 7000 kilometers. I really like the design of Honda Livo 110. When I ride this bike people watches me and I realize that this bike has something to attract people. Especially the design of the fuel tanker made this bike very especial. Sometimes this bike seems like a 150cc bike from a far distance. Not only the design t also the body kits and plastics are very durable and I realized that after I started using it.

Engine performance is pleasing and there is no doubt about that. Whenever I ride this bike on high speed I observed carefully that the engine sound remains smoother and no changes. Even after long time riding no overheating problem is seen with this bike and it offer good power as 110cc bike. There were two big reasons behind having this bike and those are good mileage and better engine performance because this is from HONDA. After using it for ten months I have regretless indeed, I am enjoying my rides. At the highways I am getting 56-58 KM/L mileage and at the city roads I am having 52-55 KM/L mileage and I have already told you all about the engine performance and power. So what more do I need from a 110cc motorcycle. I am totally pleased with the engine performance. At the beginning I got 45-50 KM/L mileage which has turned out to almost 60.

I like to ride bike and for that for every family work or my personal reason I went out from my house with this bike. Even when my father needs to go somewhere I drive. This bike comes with a wider and comfortable seating position. Seating on this kind of seat is not a problem and when the handle bar combination is so perfect then what more we need. I never feel tired holding the handle bar for long time and I can easily make long journeys with this hike. In one day I traveled around almost 100 kilometers with this bike. I never like high speed riding but once I test out the speed and mine was 85 KM/H. I was very comfortable on that time and the control was good enough to handle so no complaints. Operating switches placed at the handlebar for the electrical are very easy to use and also good looking. Even the electrical side helps me to have relaxed riding at the nigh journeys. Headlamp offers excellent light and the battery is very powerful. Because of the powerful battery every single electrical feature works perfectly and the self start never bothered me ill now.

Suspensions are effective and they make sure our rides comfortable not only at the city roads but also at the broken kind of roads as well. Though I have learned bike riding using Discover 100 but after that I am using this bike and I think it is way comfortable than that.

Chain set of this bike bothers me very often and for that I visit the servicing center every month. But I have visited the authorized servicing center only for once, I do all the works from one of my nearest and closest mechanic. On that day when I visited the service center I changed the engine oil and wash the bike and after doing that I like their working place and their cordiality. But that place is so far from my house and that is why I never go there on regular basis.

Finally after watching all the features and their performance I think the price of this bike is ideal. I want to say something for the readers, if you want to have good engine performance than you guys can chose HONDA Livo 110. This bike will not only offer you good engine performance, you will also have good mileage and comfortable riding experience. So you will not regret after buying this bike.

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