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Bajaj Platina 100 user review by Sattar Ali


Why because Motorcycle is now one of the most common vehicles of this time and for this reason me too flowing with the flow of time. Welcome viewers to see my bike with my eyes. My name is MD. Satter Ali and Business is my profession. Currently my location is in Bashbaria, Bagatipara Upazila of Natore district. From the last 8 months I have been using “Bajaj Platina 100cc” and it is better to mention in the same time that this one is the first bike of my life. With the service of this bike, I mainly manage my business and family tasks in a short time which were tough for me before having this bike. Now I can save my time a lot. As I am here today to serve the actual information in front of you guy's and I hope this will be helpful enough for you all to make your decision about “Bajaj Platina 100cc” by considering its quality performance and features by in the shadow of my experience.

Lets take a look on the Design and outlook of this one as maximum of the bikers consider the outlook above all later the performance mileage and others matter. First of all, let me confess one thing about my bike, anything I am going to mention here, just will be from my view and you don't better count me as a bike expert rather I am just an ordinary biker.

Design of this bike is just excellent from my view. This will be clear for you somehow that, its Design has the shape that this is not going to wrong to mention this one as a classy one. No one have to think about his age to ride this one. It has nice color combination with praiseworthy graphics design. Build quality is strong in the level by which I gain the extra confident to ride this one according to my wish.

It serves the well enough comfort as because its seating position is pretty nice and same time, its handlebar also good to hold from the seating position and both the seating position and the handlebar has an outstanding combination which serve the pleasure of bike riding. Switches are good enough so far. I don't feel anything negative in those till now. Headlamps light is good to say but it would have been better then as it is.

Control is another important and mostly asked question by the bikers. Well, in my one, I hardly feel any difficulty to control. In the last period of time, I have been using this one, I have noticed light vibration from this one in the high speed. Brakes are really good whatever the speed or situation of my bike. Suspensions are fine to serve the exact comfort of riding a bike. Tyres grip is so good why because till now, I merely feel any skidding in those.

Now the matter is about the performance of the Engine and the mileage. This part is often become the key fact to made the decision of customer. Specially, when the fact is based on Indian sub-continent where mileage is the main fact of purchasing a bike. Performance of the Engine is nicely good so far. I can't sense anything negative in the Engine so far. Meanwhile, on the matter of mileage, I am glad to say that it is can't be good than currently it is. As a 100cc bike this one is serving me the mileage of 70 kilometer per liter which is just good enough not only for me but also for a root user as well. This performance of the Engine is pretty well expected from the brand like Bajaj.

I have been to their servicing center and I found them sincere enough to all their customer and their working capability is praiseworthy from my view.

Good sides:
- Mileage is just over excellent
- Engine sound is very smooth
- Outlook is pretty amazing which can be compared with classic design

Negative sides:
- Problem in the chain and its system which emerge an irritating noise.

As to compare its price with the quality, performance and features of this bike, its price is ok and fine from my view. If you are thinking to have this one or a bike the same category then you can put this one on the top of your choice list. As I am enjoying this one, I can say with my confident that you are going to have the same fun from this one.

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