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  • Yamaha showroom inauguration ceremony at Rajshahi
    In Rajshahi, Yamaha has inaugurated main dealership showroom at May 12, 2017. It is situated, Ranibazar, in the heart of Rajshahi City. In this ceremony, top management team of ACI Yamaha leading by Md. Azam Ali (Director Sales), Md. Robiul Islam (Marketing Manager), Md. Shamim Ahmed (North Sales Manager), Md. Shamim Hossain (Regional Sales Manager), Md. Zahid Akter (Customer Network Development Executive) successfully opening the showrooms... English Bangla
  • Khardungla Summit by Abdul Momen Rohit
    We all are surrounded by air but we never feel its importance until we can’t breathe properly. Just like that sitting at our own country we won’t feel the real meaning of our national flag that much unless we see our flag is floating at other country soil. That red and green flag will make us feel like we got water at the desert and our eyes will stand still. Two of our Bangladeshi youngster Abdul Momen Rohit and Abu Saeed have taken o... English Bangla
  • Reasons of motorcycle wreckering
    Mr. Badrul always park his personal vehicle in front of Motijheel Ideal school and college to drop her daughter for school. One day returning after dropping her child he was wrecker is attached with his car and it is done by the police. When he asked for an answers, police said, - for illegal parking wreckering is be done with his car. Suddenly he saw huge road jam had been occurred at the back side of his vehicle. He made request to th... English Bangla
  • Is AHO (Automatic Headlamp On) effective for Bangladesh?
    Technology has now become blessings for our mankind and with the flow of time technology is developing. For example we all are familiar with the headlights of two wheelers and three wheelers but modern technology has discovered one kind of technology or system for the headlights, which can ensure a great safety. That system is the headlamp will not be shut down until the engine does. That’s what we are calling Automatic Headlamp ON (AHO) fe... English Bangla
  • Tourism for all- Bangladesh to West Bengal
    “Tourism for all” that’s the slogan of a bike lover couple. To widen this slogan and for the passion of bike riding both husband and wife already traveled many places in our country with motorcycle and now they are yet to start their journey outside of our country again with motorcycle as their vehicle. They are motorcycle lovers, riding is their passion and they are Alamgir Ahamed Chowdhury and Chowdhurani Depali Ahamed. They hav... English Bangla
Bike Reviews
  • Yamaha Fazer 2014 user review by Sohag Hossain
    My name is MD. Anayem Hossain Shohag and I am a regular motorcycle user. In my life I have purchased two motorbikes for my own and they are Walton Fusion 110 CC and now at present my Yamaha Fazer 2014 model. This bike is like my heart beat. From my childhood I was passionate about motorcycles, but because of my family restrictions I have to purchase my first bike without informing my family... English Bangla
  • H Power Dark user review by Hasin Hayder
    I am a regular motorcycle user and riding bikes is one of the most loveable things to me. Few days past I have purchased a 150cc bike named Dark 150 and this bike belongs to H power brand. Today I am giving my own review about this bike. Good sides 1. Outstanding exhilaration, and for this the sped is pleasant but I just loved the quick exhilaration of this bike. 2. Riding with this... English Bangla
  • ZNEN DBR 150 User Review by Mostafiz Rubel
    As a personal vehicle there is nothing to say special about the facilities motorcycles. Nowadays I am using ZNEN DBR 150, before this bike I have used Runner Turbo 150. Both front and rear tire of Runner Turbo 150 was thinner and for this reason for two time my bike skids and was fallen from the bike. After that lesson I made my mind and decide from now on I will buy bikes giving special fo... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Saluto Features Review
    Yamaha motorcycle is one of the most trustworthy names in motorcycle market all over the world. This motorcycle company provides their outstanding motorcycles to several countries and the responses they get are satisfying. In Bangladesh numerous motorcycles of Yamaha are being used since their arrival and still now they are standing tall at the local market with their motorcycle quantity and... English Bangla
  • Runner Turbo 125cc Review by Mujibur Rahman
    In the year 1990, I was a school going boy with my friends. One of my close friends father had Suzuki 80 cc motorcycle. He used to ride sometimes. One day I asked my friend that could you help to ride motorcycle. He agreed to teach and first time I got chance to ride motorcycle. Since that I have used several bike models of several brands. Now I am using Runner turbo 125 motorbikes. Today I wi... English Bangla
Bike Tips
  • What to do if motorcycle registration paper is lost?
    Riding motorcycle is very enjoyable to all and especially for the young age riders. For our daily needs we use motorcycles and it is very comfortable and affordable to almost everyone. But we must keep in mind that every motor vehicle must have registration number because of the rules and laws of the government system. That’s why motorcycle registration certificate is very important docume... English Bangla
  • Attitude of a real biker
    In the 19th century revolutionary change took place in transportation. That invention has become one of the main medium of transport in recent time. Yes dear friends I am talking about Motorcycle, two wheelers vehicles, is popular all around the world due to have stylish look, easy mobility as well as also carry the symbol of freedom. To a group of people motorcycle has become necessity at ... English Bangla
  • Advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle chain cover
    Motorcycle is now become one of the most important vehicle for transportation among all. We have been introduced with motorcycles many years back. We are also familiar with different parts of motorcycles. Motorcycle chain is one of the most important pieces among all. Chain connects the engine and the rear tire of a motorcycle for speed and to run the bike. We all use motorcycles for better ... English Bangla
  • Motorcycle Servicing Guidelines
    Which things must be fixed at motorcycle servicing, what should I tell, to whom will I fixe my bike, which will be better etc questions are very common before we service our motorcycles at the servicing center. Today this article is written to answer all these questions which make the users confused. A motorcycle user must bear almost 22 things during motorcycle servicing. It doesn’t m... English Bangla
  • Motorcycle ownership transfer process
    Purchasing range of motorcycles is rising day after day in our country. It is very important to have the legal ownership of any kind of vehicle whether it is motorcycle or other transport. These days we often buy used motorcycles from others but we frequently make a mistake of not to change the ownership. It is very important to have the ownership papers of your motorcycle on your own name. ... English Bangla
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