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Hero Thriller 160R User Review by – Ruman

Hello, I'm Md. Rokon Uz Zaman (Ruman). I am a user of the Hero Thriller 160R. When the bike was introduced to the market, we r...

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Hero Ignitor Techno User Review by – Sujon Kumar

Within 125 cc, I needed a bike, so I kept searching in the market for bikes available in different brands. After searching, I ...

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Those who like a premium bike should ride the Yamaha R15M at least once – Asif Ul Bashar

I like the premium segment bikes of the Yamaha brand because this company provides more features with their premium segment bi...

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Hero Passion Xpro Drum Brake user review by Nur Islam

Hero Passion Xpro Drum bike has been on my favorite list for a long time. When this bike was available on the market then I had ...

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Hero Passion X Pro Drum User Review 3500km by Erman Ali

10 month passed away after I started using Hero Passion X Pro Drum. I have achieved this bike from my office and the moment I got ...

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Bajaj Discover 125 Drum User Review 100000km by Hakim Sarkar

My name is Hakim Sarkar, a common man living in the root level of upazila and I needed a motorcycle to make a living. It's not w...

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Bajaj Discover 110 Drum 19000km riding experiences by Sumon Biswash

A motorcycle was very much needed for my general needs because my responsibilities increased with time and I have my own job. Ke...

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Bajaj Discover 125 Drum 6000km riding experiences by Bulbul Ahmed Konok

I have been interested in bikes for a long time but I can't decide to buy a bike just by focusing on my hobbies and interests wi...

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Bajaj Discover 125 Drum 13400km riding experiences by Rashel Ahmed Polok

Motorcycles are very necessary for the various needs of life, but I think it is best to limit the need because I think it is a w...

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Yamaha FZS Fi Rear Disc 27000km Riding experiences by Humayon

After riding my friendsFZS version 2 bikeI like the braking and controlling. A bike needs braking and balance for a safe ride on...

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Bike Tips

What can happen if there is water in the bike silencer or engine?

Currently, due to rain and flooding in different cities of the country, many people are facing problems in traveling with bike...

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Riding tips in summer season

Currently, the country is experiencing summer, but because of that, bikers will not stop, we have to use bikes for our daily w...

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Things to look after Eid journey on bike

The month of Ramadan is almost at the end and after a few days the holy Eid-ul-Fitr, many of us are preparing to return home b...

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Reason behind low mileage

Bike mileage becomes a very important factor while buying a bike, because nowadays the price of fuel has increased more than b...

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Positive and negative side of installing wider tire

Bike manufacturer spend a lot of time for the research and development, because they use the best parts and accessories accord...

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Tasslock user review by Rimon Mahmud

Assalamualikum, I am Rimon Mahmud, I have to use bike for daily routine work and I have installed Tasslock security system on ...

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How to get lose tax token back

Tax token is an important and necessary document for a biker, but we get worried if it had lose, because most of us didn’t k...

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Riding Tips in Rainy Season

The rainy season has already started after the summer heat. The monsoon rains the most among the 6 seasons of Bangladesh, Ride...

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Taking Special Care of your Bike on Rainy Season

Taking special care of your bike during the rainy season is essential to prevent rust and maintain its performance. Here are s...

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Keep Your Bike Safe this Summer

Extra heat can be harmful to your bike's lifespan, as well as the additional pressure from vehicles and the emitted gases in o...

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Bike News

Eid Khushi with TVS will be maximum Tk. 18000 discount this time

TVS, a famous Indian motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, has given a great discount on some of their popular models on the occasio...

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TVS Offering Maxium Taka 8,000 Discount

TVS offers up to ৳8,000 discount this month. The popular bike brand TVS celebrates the spirit of independence by offering di...

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Yamaha motorcycle registration number in just one day

Yamaha took itself a step further as a premium motorcycle brand. Basically, a premium brand or product is said to have little ...

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Showrooms of Victor R in Dhaka

Victor R is the only brand in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh dealing with a single bike model whose classic look will mak...

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Yamaha's New Autumn Gear Up Campaign

Yamaha never forgets about serving their old customers and the best example of this is that there are various discounts on pro...

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Vespa showrooms in Dhaka

Since the arrival of scooters in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh, the scooter that has gained the most recognition is the ...

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Taro showrooms in Dhaka

Taro is one of the few motorcycle brands in Bangladesh that deals in pure sports bikes with every bike having a clear impressi...

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Suzuki showrooms in Dhaka in one list

Suzuki is one of the best and oldest motorcycle brands among the Japanese motorcycle brands that are doing business in Banglad...

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Speeder showrooms in Dhaka at a glance

Although the Speeder motorcycle brand is not that well known in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh, some models of Speeder ar...

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Runner showrooms in Dhaka

Runner Automobiles Ltd. is one of the best known Bangladeshi brands in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh. Runner is very wel...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
Sumaiya motorsYamahaDetails
Premium MotorsHondaDetails
Suzuki PremiumSuzukiDetails
Sumaiya MotorsBajajDetails
Sumaiya BajajBajajDetails
Honda MuseumHondaDetails
Cumilla Motorcycle GalleryHeroDetails
Jhuma BajajBajajDetails
Kaiyum MotorsPHPDetails
Sumi Motorcycle GardenBenelli, KeewayDetails
Rumpa Moni MotorsYamahaDetails
Unique MotorsportsLifanDetails
Royal ConsortiumSuzukiDetails
Masum MotorsYamahaDetails
Bike MuseumHeroDetails
BYK MuseumSYMDetails
Motorcycle MuseumLifan, Victor-R, MotocrossDetails
Aarham Motors MuseumHeroDetails
Shah Darbeshia AtumobilesHeroDetails
Sumon MotorsJamunaDetails
Mumu MotorsBennettDetails
Umran Chowdhury MotorsPowerDetails
Moummer AutomobilesMahindraDetails
Sumon AutoH PowerDetails