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Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 150cc 5900km riding experiences by MD Ariful Islam

I personally like Yamaha as a brand and the best pick from their lineup is R15. However, after riding Hero Ignitor for 2 years w...

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Lifan KPR 150cc 6200km riding experiences by Abu Musa

When it comes to buying a motorcycle, whenever I think of my own bike, I never think of a normal bike. I have always wanted a mo...

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Yamaha R15 V3 150cc 7000km riding experiences by Aditta

When I first saw Yamaha R15 V3 I just fall in love with it. Yamaha was always my first choice and when I saw this version everyt...

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Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 150cc 9000km riding expeciences by MD Akhtaruzzaman

Yamaha! a name of trust and love. I have used several bikes of Yamaha and always have an intention to use the latest editions. F...

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Suzuki Bandit 150cc First Impression Review by Farhan Tanvir Sahil

My name is Farhan TanvirSahil and I’m a student. From my school life I like bike. At that time when any new bike arrived in th...

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Bajaj Pulsar 150cc user review by Bilash Kumar

I have recently completed my study and just have entered on the professional life so my work has enlarged a lot. There is a lo...

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Bajaj Pulsar 150cc user review by Ibrahim Hossain

I have just completed my study and started job recently but I am feeling the need of a motorcycle since my student life. Just ...

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Bajaj Pulsar 150cc user review by Sazal Ali

Hello you all, my name is MD. Sazal Ali and I am a Motorcycle mechanic, my current location is in Jholmolia of Natore sadar up...

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Bajaj Pulsar 150cc user review by Israfil

I, Md.Israfil welcome you all. Today I am going to share the good and bad sides of Bajaj pulsar 150 in front of you all. Hope...

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Bajaj Pulsar 150cc user review by Roki

Motorcycles are always a useful vehicle for those who has to travel a lot in the city roads and specially at the village roads...

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Bike Tips

Which one is better, 2 valves engine or 4 valves

Engine can be considered as the main part, or the heart of a motorcycle. If the engine of a motorcycle is of low quality then it...

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What mileage which motorcycle provides?

Not only in Bangladesh but also in almost every south Asian country motorcycles are getting popularity in terms of vehicle w...

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Motorcycle Registration in Bangladesh

At the present time we all need better transportation system for our own need. We use different types of vehicles for our tran...

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Meanings of Road Surface Lines

On our way to different destinations we often see yellow or white lines divide the black street. You must observed that, sometim...

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Motorcycle Vs Scooter: which is right for you?

As a mostly common vehicle of the road Motorcycle merely have any competitor wherever you go and there is nothing new to say about...

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Motorcycle riding in bad weather

Bangladesh has six seasons and motorcycle riding is one of the most enjoyable things in all these seasons. But sometimes one diffi...

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Clothing for motorcycle riders

Motorbike has become a fashion that helps any of us to go with the flow of present time. People of every age and almost every comm...

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Why you should purchase Chinese bike?

There is a believe/proverb in our community that Chinese products are not so durable or quality-less. Is it really true? Lets take...

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Choose your favorite motorcycle

Generally we all face a common question during the time of purchasing our first bike. The question is that, which bike is perfect ...

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Bike News

Fuel Efficient 150cc Bikes in Bangladesh 2024

150cc segment is the most used motorcycle in Bangladesh for long distance and comfortable bike riding. Moreover, as an experie...

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Yamaha is the market leader in 150cc

Bangladesh motorcycle market continues to grow at an average rate of 30% from 2015 to 2019. The progress of the motorcycle mar...

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Fuel Efficient 150cc Bikes in Bangladesh on 2023

150cc segment is the most used motorcycle in Bangladesh for long distance and comfortable bike riding. Moreover, as an experie...

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Fuel efficient 150cc bikes in Bangladesh August 2022

150cc segment is the most used motorcycle in Bangladesh for long distance and comfortable bike riding. Moreover, as an experienc...

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Meiduo Offering Special Discount for Upcoming Eid

Meiduo is one of the well-known scooter brands in Bangladesh, is giving an attractive cashback on the occasion of the upcoming Qur...

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Why Yamaha FZS V2 Best in 150cc Segment

We all know that Yamaha is a famous motorcycle brand worldwide. They have a 150cc bike in Bangladesh which achieved huge popularit...

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Why Pulsar is the Best in Price on 150cc Bikes?

Among the 150cc bikes in Bangladesh, Uttara Motors' imported Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most popular and best selling motorcycles....

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Best 150cc Bikes of Runner

Runner's position among the indigenous brands is at a very good level. Runner Automobiles is trying to create a competitive market...

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Best 150cc Bikes of Hero

Indian motorcycle brand Hero offers bikes with good features at very low prices so their popularity and demand for bikes is much h...

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Hero is Bringing a New 150cc Surprise to the Market.

Hero Moto Cop’s new 150cc bike is coming to the Bangladesh market very soon. In the 150cc segment, Hero is coming up with a more...

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