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Keeway RKR 165 motorcycle review by Mahmudul Hasan Shawon

My name is Shawon, I am 30 years old and I live on Mymensingh Sadar upazila. Why I love biking: First thing is I can familia...

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Keeway RKR 165 3000km riding experiences by Fahad Akid Rehman

Bike riding is my hobby and I love to ride bike. I’m a doctor and because of my profession I remain busy most of the time. W...

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Keeway RKR 165 3500km riding experiences by Shamim Arafat Rocky

Assalamualaikum! Myself Shamim Arafat Rocky. I am a college lecturer (ICT), web developer and publisher by the profession. Als...

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Keeway K Light 7000km riding experiences by Tarik Al Nehal

I am Tarikul Islam and now I’m using one of the most stylish and attractive cruiser Keeway K-Light 150. Till now I have ride...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by Abid Hossain

In 100cc segment I think Keeway Rks 100 V3 is the most stylish and attractive bike because its design and features are totally...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 First Ride Review by Jahid Hasan

Design is the major attractive part of a bike. Every bike lover attracts towards an attractive designed bike. I like the desig...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by MD Rasel

I am getting 150cc bikes feelings from my Keeway RKS 100 V3. When I have decided to purchase a bike I start looking for bike a...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by Showrov Khan

I am Showrov Khan and now I’m using Keeway RKS 100 V3. I like this bike very much especially its design and latest features....

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Keeway RKR 165 user review by Shamim Arafat Rocky

I am Shamim Arafat and now I’m using one of the famous bikes in Bangladesh called Keeway RKR 165. Few days ago I have purcha...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by Saiful Islam

The name of my motorcycle is Keeway RKS 100 V3. The outlook of this motorcycle is excellent and because of that it is very att...

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Bike Tips

Keeway RKS 100 v3 or RKS 125. Which one should buy?

As a vehicle motorcycles are getting popular in our country. Not only the young age riders but also the people of every age ...

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What mileage which motorcycle provides?

Not only in Bangladesh but also in almost every south Asian country motorcycles are getting popularity in terms of vehicle w...

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Pros and cons of cruiser motorcycle

Hands in the high handle bar, legs spread in the front and kept in the comfortable footrest. Cap in the head or open face helm...

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Motorcycle Vs Scooter: which is right for you?

As a mostly common vehicle of the road Motorcycle merely have any competitor wherever you go and there is nothing new to say about...

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Bike News

KEEWAY and Benelli has started their journey again in Bangladesh

These two brands KEEWAY and Benelli were present in the market of Bangladesh and their very beautiful bikes with modern designs an...

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Benelli Keeway at Dhaka Motor Fest 2020

In the upcoming Dhaka Motor Fest you are going to have a chance grab Registration Fee Free Offer up to 13084/- and this offer ...

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Hot offer from Benelli Keeway in this winter!!

Keeway and Benelli famous brands of Bangladesh has giving two years of registration fee on every models because of New Year 20...

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Bajaj, Honda, TVS, Mahindra and Keeway brand motorcycles will be produced in the country

Very recent these 5 brands are to open their workshop in our country. Upcoming December or January would have been the ope...

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Discount up to Tk 13000 at Keeway motorcycles

Enjoy this Eid with Keeway. Keeway brings attractive offers to increase your joy in EID. Upto Tk 13000 off in this Ramadan ...

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Free Registration with Keeway Motorcycles

Many automobile company can communicate with the general people by different types of bike show and customers can earn maximum...

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Golden Opportunity to buy Keeway Motorcycles in installment

Those who are interested to share riding or looking for to purchase bike in installment, here is a good news for them. ...

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Tour to Birishiri by Keeway RKS 100 - Al Amin Khan Prince

At first I load the fuel tank by the fuel of 1000 taka and it is better to mention that the tank was totally empty and I jus...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 or v2. Which one should buy?

Keeway is one of the emerging motorcycle brand of this time and they serving their customer in a large number. From the star...

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Keeway Exchange Offer

Keeway Bangladesh is delighted to offer "Exchange Offer" for selected Keeway Models with "Brand New RKS 150 CBS" version.The first...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
Benelli Keeway Main ShowroomBenelli, KeewayDetails
Chand AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
S.K. TardersBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bike BazarBenelli, KeewayDetails
Oyshi EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Omor MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Sumi Motorcycle GardenBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bhai Bhai TradersBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mahbub TradersBenelli, KeewayDetails
Haider & CoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Abir MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Kazi MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Abdullah MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Shiraz MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Jessore AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mridula InternationalBenelli, KeewayDetails
Sadhin AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Meghna MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mizan MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Tafsi EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Asia MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Talukdar MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Al Borak MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Tamim MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Madina AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Zaman MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Saptadinga SarborahoBenelli, KeewayDetails
ASB MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
S A MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mojibor AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Tithi EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Samit MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Wafika AutomobilesBenelli, KeewayDetails
Madina MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Adarsha EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Green AutomobileBenelli, KeewayDetails
Chairman AtomobilesBenelli, KeewayDetails
Sonath MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Nayem Bike PointBenelli, KeewayDetails
Master MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Janvi MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bike GardenBenelli, KeewayDetails
Kohinur MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bikerz ParadiseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Tashiz EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Arju MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Akbar MotorsKeeway, BenelliDetails
Motia MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Real MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Golden MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails